The most commonly used nouns for deputy (after chief) in English are Vice and Deputy. Although the meaning is the same, it cannot be used in any way. The way to distinguish these two words is as follows:

Distinguishing Vice and Deputy


Used to refer to those who hold the position of “Deputy” but the Vice at a higher level such as Vice President or Deputy Director, can replace the boss who is responsible for running the entire organization when the boss is absent.

Ex: Vice President, Vice Director


Used to refer to those who hold the position of “Deputy” but the deputy is at a low level such as Deputy Head of Department, Vice Department, only in charge of one or a few specialized areas with more limited power.

Ex: Deputy manager

In addition to the Vice # Deputy couple, in translation, there are many pairs that make you wonder, let’s find out more pairs with ERA.

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#CEO (Chief Executive Officer)

A very familiar word in Vietnam, which can be translated as “General Director” or “Executive Director”, who makes decisions for all activities of the company, who steers the company to success or also could be a failure

#COO (Chief Operations Officer)

The position is lower than the CEO, which can be roughly understood as “Deputy General”, is the right-hand man for the CEO, the one who shares less work for the CEO, who works with other levels in the company and directly reports. back to the CEO. For small and medium-sized companies, there is usually no need for a COO, mainly in large companies and corporations and also depends on the governance model of the companies.

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Some other titles in the company’s operating system

#CFO (Chief Financial Officer)

Being the financial manager for the business (CFO), who researches, analyzes and builds financial plans, thereby making predictions about the potential as well as risks for the company. . 4 important tasks that CFOs must perform are: Steward, Operator, Strategy, Catalyst

#CPO (Chief Product Officer)

As a production manager, who is responsible for all production activities to be carried out according to plan, is the manager of direct labor, affiliated departments, related machinery and equipment.

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#CCO (Chief Customer Officer)

As a sales director, the person who controls the consumption of the company’s products and services, helps the company’s resources to increase and develop. This position is extremely important in the company, second only to the CEO.

#CHRO (Chief Human Resources Officer)

As a human resources director, who searches, trains, uses and manages human resources for the company, making them a valuable resource of the business.

#CMO (Chief Marketing Officer)

As a Marketing Director, who builds and develops the image for the company’s products and services. The job of a CMO is very diverse and often has to link many other departments, so the CMO must be a person who is both professional and managerial. CMO is an important position in the company.

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Depending on the company, there will be different ways of using it. You can share more information that you know through the comments section below.

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