With the strong development of technology, the admin profession is a new job field that many candidates find. So what is admin?

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The current popular admin positions

What are the duties of an admin?

What is Admin?

Admin is an abbreviation of the word administrator. Can simply be understood as an administrator of different platforms.

What is Admin?

And in the current job positions, we will meet many admin jobs in different fields such as: design, website administrator, forum administrator…. Or even in the field of sales, there is also a sales admin position to support the daily activities of the business department in the business.

Popular admin positions today

In the labor market, there are many different admin positions. However, depending on the nature of each job, we can see that there are a few common admin positions such as:

Admin website

Website admin is also known as website administrator. These are the people who directly create and build websites and have the highest administrative rights in the website. A website admin account will usually be managed by a manager or a group of common users serving the maintenance and development of the website. These people are called website admins.

The job of today’s website administrators will mainly be to review, coordinate and control the activities of the website. Sometimes they also need to create protective measures; prevent the attacks of hackers on the website to be able to steal the website’s information.

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Therefore, in every website today, there is a need for administrators to orient the website according to the business plan.

Admin is doing?

admin facebook

Just like website administrators, facebook admins are also creators, managers and have full authority to handle the activities of that fanpage.

Forum Admin

These are the forum administrators. They are responsible for moderating all content that forum members post.

There are still other admin positions to support business activities

In addition, there are still other admin positions that support the business activities of the enterprise. It can be mentioned that there is a sales admin position specializing in supporting sales activities of businesses. A normal sales admin will work directly under a department head or business director depending on the size of the business.

What are the duties of an admin?

For website admin

For admins who specialize in taking care of the website, their day job will often have to do tasks like:

What are the duties of an admin?

For facebook admin

Like the new admin of the website array, the facebook administrators are also the ones with the highest authority in creating, censoring as well as developing the fanpage system. Because social networks are a very easy place to communicate information, the most important task that a facebook admin needs to do is to control content to remove as much as possible harmful and illegal content.

Maybe this is a simple job but it needs to be done on a regular basis by the system administrators so that the business facebook fan page does not become a place where everything can be put up.

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An admin often has a very important position not only on technology platforms but sometimes also in business parts of a business. Hope you have had a better view of this industry. Good luck!