“Recruiting janitors” or “finding jobs for housekeepers” are phrases that appear frequently and frequently on job postings of riclix.com. So what is an errand? Where does the magazine work? How does the clerk work? What is the salary?… All these questions will be answered through the article below.

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Do you know what a magazine is? How does the clerk work?

Housekeeping is one of the most popular jobs today, chosen by many women because of its simple job requirements, no need for a degree or experience, a good salary, and a variety of environments. work… So what is an errand?

What is a magazine?

Housekeeping, cleaning staff or cleaning staff is the name for people who are hired to do cleaning work at offices, businesses, organizations or private homes, ensuring cleanliness, orderliness and fragrance for the entire space/area in charge of working.

Depending on the specific working environment, the number of housekeeping staff will be determined, the organizational structure of the department or the corresponding amount of work to be done in the shift. This is an indispensable job position in any organization or household with conditions and needs.

Where do janitors usually work

?Nearly every agency, organization, business or home needs to hire a janitor. The working environment often recruits housekeeping / housekeeping staff such as:

+ Corporate office

+ Restaurants

+ Hotel

+ Cafe / milk tea / snacks

+ Karaoke bar

+ Hospital

+ School

+ Household


The janitor can work hourly or full shift depending on the needs and agreement between the two parties: the employee and the employer.

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Housekeepers have a variety of working environments such as hotels, restaurants, offices, hospitals, private homes, etc.

Club Clerk Job Description

Depending on the regulations, the size and volume of work to be done in each working environment, the duties of the respective service are specified. In general, however, a janitor’s job typically includes:

Main tasks Specific tasks Cleaning assigned area at the beginning of shift – Receive assignment of work area at the beginning of shift from Team Leader/ person in charge/ or owner – Prepare full supplies, equipment, tools for the job and move them to a suitable location for cleaning – Post signs to warn customers and employees or others to be careful when passing through the area – Arrange items use, neat, tidy furniture, in the right place – clean it if it is dirty – Use a broom or specialized machine to sweep / vacuum dust on the surface in the area in charge, usually the floor, lobby area, corridor, stairs or carpet… – Prepare cleaning chemicals in proportion to water and then use a mop to wipe all surfaces that have just been swept / vacuumed – Ensure the space is cleaned clean, dry, airy and tidy, fragrant Clean the toilet area – Collect trash in the bin and around before cleaning the toilet – Use specialized cleaning chemicals to clean h toilet – nozzle – wall – paper holder – door… make sure everything is clean and smelling good – Replace the paper, trash can and put the aroma oil bottle (if any) in the right place specified location – Use specialized chemicals to clean glass, base and faucet – Check and replenish hand soap (if running out), clean hand towels or the performance of hand dryers – Use a broom or a specialized machine to sweep / vacuum and then wipe the floor clean with a mop Check and clean the area in charge – Regularly check to promptly clean the work / guest service / toilet area when needed , ensure the space is always clean and satisfactory – Assist other staff or the owner with related work when required – Conduct floor cleaning and the entire space in charge at the end of the shift – Collect and sort dirty garbage, carry out proper treatment – ​​Clean up working tools, check quality and quantity, and store them in the warehouse or in the right place – Check the condition of cleaning every time End – report the work to the landlord or hand over the shift, report the work to the Team Leader – end the shift. Sanitize and maintain working utensils – Receive and take responsibility for the delivered toiletries in both quantity and quality – Regularly check and clean all items, machinery and equipment , tools to ensure they maximize their use – promptly detect damage or loss to immediately notify relevant people for handling – Arrange utensils neatly, in the right place, properly store them Procure and buy new necessary equipment for the job when needed Other jobs – Periodically conduct cleaning of irregular areas/locations such as cleaning the glass doors on high, handling spider webs on the ceiling house, cleaning leaves/light bulbs… See also: What is Password Hint – How to Install Password Hint – Attend training sessions on new machines, professional training if available – Propose solutions to improve efficiency Job – Perform other tasks as assigned

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The tools and working utensils of Housekeeper

Salary of housekeeping staff

Statistics from the vacancies for valet staff on riclix.com, depending on the working environment, nature of work, size or experience, specific working performance, which determines the corresponding salary for the position. this mind. On average, the salary a housekeeper can receive ranges from 4-8 million VND/month, not including tips, bonuses, allowances, extra allowances (if any).

Candidates applying for housekeeping job need to be in good health, hardworking, honest, careful, clean, skillful and meticulous…