ISO 9001 is a global standard for the quality of products and services applied in all industries, at all sizes. The fact that an enterprise is ISO 9001 certified means that they have effectively implemented a quality management system and met all the requirements of the applicable standard in providing consumers with best products and services.

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ISO 9001 certification brings many benefits to organizations and businesses such as:

– Labor productivity increases. Work efficiency is improved. Reduced costs due to saving unnecessary expenses.

The great benefits that cannot be denied above explain why businesses want to get an “ISO ticket”.

If you are learning about ISO 9001:2015, the following set of documents are essential for you to learn and apply in your business. KNA to you: Here.

The actual implementation of ISO does not require a production process according to modern technology and a highly qualified staff, but the main purpose is to create a system that provides stable and suitable products and services. appropriate to the current situation of the business.

In Vietnam, not all businesses and organizations are successful and qualified to be granted ISO certification.

Why is it difficult to apply ISO 9001 to Vietnamese businesses?

Here are 3 basic reasons why the application of ISO 9001 in domestic enterprises still faces many difficulties.

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The mentality of “afraid” to change to adapt to the new

Before the opportunity to adopt a completely new standard, businesses fear that it will take a lot of time and effort to learn. It is the great psychological “inertia” that has been ingrained in the subconscious that makes businesses “afraid” to change and content with what they have.

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Solution: This can be fixed immediately-and-always by taking quality management courses or hiring professional ISO 9001 consulting firms.

In fact, building the habit of doing things in a planned way, following the regulations required by the ISO standard, and recording what has been done is a laborious, time-consuming task.

For businesses, systematically recording what you are doing is quite complicated and not simple. This makes the comparison and assessment between the current state of the enterprise’s system and the ISO 9001 standards become less objective.

The role of the leader has not been focused on

The process of applying ISO 9001 provides an opportunity for business leaders to review and re-systemat their management work during the past time. For the work that has been completed well, it will be standardized with specific procedures, regulations and guidelines. As for the inefficient or problematic work, the Board of Directors will sit down with relevant departments to review and jointly find a solution to implement more effectively. Therefore, in order to do these jobs, it is required that the leaders of each enterprise need to invest effort and time to clearly assign the responsibilities and powers of each position and the coordination between the departments. for entrusting a certain employee or department.


The above are just 3 of the very typical reasons that show the difficult situation of the application of ISO 9001 in Vietnam.

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To overcome these weaknesses, businesses need to be consulted with ISO to get complete, accurate and objective insights suitable for their units.

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