HPV infection is one of the most common sexually transmitted infections. Almost everyone has had this virus at least once in their life.

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In the following article, let’s find out the causes, signs of HPV infection as well as ways to prevent and treat this condition!

What is HPV infection

?HPV is the name of a group of common viruses. Usually, they won’t cause any serious condition, but sometimes, the virus will cause warts (including genital warts, common warts, Plantar warts, flat warts) or cancer.

The HPV virus is usually spread through sexual contact or by skin-to-skin contact of an infected person.

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What are the signs of HPV infection

?The simplest way to prevent infection is to have safe sex by using a condom. In addition, you should also:

Get vaccinated against HPVDo not have sex with multiple partnersDo not have sex with genital warts

Hopefully through the above article you have better understand the status of HPV infection. HPV infection can lead to dangerous diseases, especially in women. Therefore, you need to pay attention to safety issues when having sex and conduct regular cervical cancer screening to have the earliest treatment plan.

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