If you want children to develop their brains and thinking, they should not depend on calculation tools. The famous Japanese mental training method using the Soroban abacus is the most recommended method. Let’s learn about the method of mental calculation using the Soroban abacus!

What is Soroban abacus

?Currently, electronic calculation tools are becoming more and more dominant, sometimes just a phone, handheld computer or laptop is possible. quick and easy calculation already. But then what will children learn when the calculator is out, that’s why the soroban abacus was born

The structure of the abacus is a wooden rectangular frame, with a horizontal bar in the middle dividing the abacus into 2 parts. The bar in the middle of the upper and lower parts is a horizontal bar called the middle bar. In the vertical columns on the Soroban keyboard are particles that can be moved up and down on it.

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Soroban’s mental calculation method helps children to calculate faster, can develop better thinking. Soroban mental competitions are certified in the world and are also recorded in the Guinness Book of Records.

How to use the Soroban abacus

As we mentioned above, with such a special use, not everyone knows how to use the Soroban abacus properly to teach children. Therefore, parents who want to let their children learn abacus by themselves should look for professional and appropriate materials for their children.

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Currently, there are many online Soroban abacus courses, when registering, there will be smart materials and the right learning method for children. At that time, parents do not need to take their children to the centers, but just need to open an ipad or a phone to teach their children to learn.

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Usually the lessons are very detailed and focus more on practice without too many cumbersome theories to help create excitement for children and make them remember longer. Alternatively, it is also possible to purchase abacus learning materials separately without registering for the course.

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The above article is the information that we have collected about the Soroban abacus. Hopefully the above information will help you better understand this learning method. If you are interested in teaching methods there are