Dry cleaning is a relatively new term for many customers. Normally, the verb “washing” can be visualized as the process of soaking clothes in water, using chemicals and mechanical forces to bleach, wash and dislodge all kinds of stains from laundry – Water is a The most important factor in the laundry industry. So, what is dry cleaning?

The dry cleaning process is a process relatively similar to conventional washing, also using chemicals and mechanical impact to bleach and clean clothes. However, the difference is that instead of being washed in water, clothes and fabrics are washed in solvents; and the chemicals used are also different from conventional industrial washing chemicals. The principle seems simple, but the device structure and operation process are complicated. Dry cleaning is an ideal cleaning method for stains such as fat, grease, etc. with high efficiency and does not cause discoloration or loss of wrinkles on fabrics like water washing. Dry cleaning can prevent you from having to repair your washing machine over and over again.

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The most commonly used solvents in dry cleaning equipment today are Perc and Hydrocarbon.

The process of dry cleaning fabrics can be summarized as follows: After preliminary inspection, the laundry will be “spotted” for small stains such as ballpoint pen ink, grease stains, etc. The laundry is put into the machine with a weight just enough for the capacity of the machine. The device will automatically supply solvents and chemicals and proceed to wash like a normal washing machine. Clothes after 2 – 5 washing processes (depending on the washing program for specific fabrics) will be rinsed and wrung thoroughly, then dried to remove all solvents before being ironed and blown to “revive”. “The original standard form of laundry.

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Why dry cleaning?

The dry cleaning machine has long become an alternative to water washing for some types of laundry, there are many reasons for clothes to be dry cleaned, some of which are as follows:

Fabrics sensitive to water:

There are some fabrics that are very sensitive to water meaning that they cannot withstand normal machine wash conditions. With these types of materials, it is necessary to dry clean or not to be gently hand washed with special chemicals that do not contain caustic soda and detergents.

Fading on white is a nightmare when washing, the cause of this fading is that some clothes are colored with water-based dyes that will easily fade in water and stick to fabric surfaces. These dyes are light in color, but these dyes are quite stable when washed in dry cleaning solvents and help dry cleaning clothes less silver.

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Fabric shrinkage problem:

Some materials contain fibers made from fur or animal fibers such as wool, silk, etc., due to the fabric’s structure, it is easy to shrink, shrink, or stretch and wrinkle when washed in water.

Laundry quality:

Dry cleaning brings the fabric to perfection and helps keep the quality and appearance of the laundry as it was. In fact, in order to create the style, hold and firmness of new clothes, people often cover with a special “slaked” layer, but when washing water, these “slakes” are often dissolved in water to make them. lose its original shape and gradually lose its shape. This very rarely happens when dry cleaning. Dry cleaning helps preserve the original clothes and especially keeps the colors longer.

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In addition, for example, when washing a feather coat, water washing easily causes the feathers inside the coat to clump together, over time the shirt gradually loses its porosity, and if it is exposed in humid weather or does not dry thoroughly, after a while. will make the shirt smell bad.

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Working process of dry cleaning equipment

The operation process of the Perc dry cleaning equipment consists of two parts: the path of the laundry and the path of the solvent. Due to the specificity of this type of washing, it is washing in a special solvent that is recoverable, so the solvent in the dry cleaning equipment is always recirculated, on the one hand, saving costs, but on the other hand, protecting the environment.