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CD-ROM (Tech) CD with read-only memory

cd-rom read-only memory using compact domain: Math & TinCompact Disk-Read Only Memory Explain VN: CD-ROM is an optical device. A 5.25-inch CD-ROM can store 650 megabytes of data. The ISO 9660 standard defines the format of data stored on a CD-ROM.CD-ROM carrying case CD-ROMCD-ROM controllers CD-ROMCD-ROM drivers densityCD-ROMCD-ROM disk drive CD-ROMCD drives -ROM disk driver CD-ROMCD-ROM drive CD-ROMCD-ROM hard disk drive CD-ROMCD-ROM player CD-ROM camcorder

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Collocation Dictionary

CD-ROM noun

ADJ. multimedia | interactive | educational VERB + CD-ROM burn (sth onto), duplicate Now you can burn your photos onto a CD-ROM. | install CD-ROM + VERB contains sth CD-ROM + NOUN drive | driver | player | burner, burning | title | edition This is the CD-ROM edition of the encyclopedia.

PREP. on ~ This dictionary is also available on CD-ROM. > Special page at COMPUTER

WordNet Dictionary

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Microsoft Computer Dictionary

n. 1. Acronym for compact disc read-only memory. A form of storage used by high capacity (roughly 650 megabytes) and the use of laser optics rather than magnetic means for reading data. Although CD-ROM drives are strictly read-only, they are similar to CD-R drives (write once, read many), optical WORM devices, and optical read-write drives. See also CD-I, CD-R, WORM. 2. An individual CD (compact disc) designed for use with a computer and capable of storing up to 650 megabytes of data. See also CDs, discs.

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