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audit /”ɔ:dit/ noun audit (book)audit ale: special beer of the day of checking the books of payments (by term) between tenants and foreign landowners check word (book)

testaudit procedure: test procedure test application audit: test applicationaudit area: test audit areaaudit events: events auditaudit list: check listaudit printer: printer testaudit review file: audit file auditaudit review file: audit audit trail file: audit audit roll total: audit trail audit report: audit report audit window: environmental audit audit window management: audit quality audit audit quality audit software audit : audit window energy audit: energy auditaudit certificate job analysis audit work comparison: audit comparison auditaudit firm: audit firmaudit mandate: audit functionaudit notebook: audit handbook : audit opinionaudit period: audit periodaudit procedures: audit processesaudit process report: audit reportaudit report: audit reportaudit risk: audit riskaudit sample: audit sample auditaudit statement: audit trail audit report: audit trail audit ): budget audit business audit: enterprise audit complete audit: total audit complete audit: comprehensive audit Assisted audit: computerized auditcontinuous audit: continuous audit current audit: daily auditexternal audit: external auditexternal audit: external door audit external auditexternal audit: external auditfield audit: field audit. final audit: year-end auditfloor audit: base auditgeneral audit: total auditgeneral audit: comprehensive audit independent auditinternal audit: internal auditjoint audit: joint audit : private audit on-the-spot audit: on-site audit on-the-spot audit: field auditpartial audit: partial auditpayroll audit: salary auditperformance audit: operational audit : audit afterpre audit: audit before (pre-audit)preliminary audit: preliminary auditprivate audit: audit not publicprocedure of audit: audit procedureprogram result audit: audit program results sample audit scope of an audit: scope of an auditshort form audit report: brief audit reportsocial audit: social auditspecial audit: special auditstatutory audit: audit institutional audit supreme audit institution: supreme auditing body system of automatic internal audit: system of automatic internal audit value for money audit: audit for government agenciesyear-end audit: audited publication audit: audit of advertising publications : audit by test: test auditaudit clerk: audit assistant audit committee of payroll: audit of wagesaudit of public properties: audit of revenue audit: energy auditfinancial audit: financial auditfinancial statement audit: audit of financial statementsgreen audit: green audit management audit: check operating status management audit: check marketing management audit: marketing audit retail audit: retail point analysis audit store audit: inventory audit accounting book finalization night audit: private audit

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Terms in the field of Insurance



Checking a business’s payroll to determine premiums on workers’ compensation policies and certain types of business property and liability policies. The premium in workers’ compensation insurance is based on the number of salary units in the payroll.