Dank meme or dark meme is a slang word, a term that is probably not too unfamiliar or new to young people, especially those using the internet. Although it is used a lot, it is not certain that users as well as listeners understand the concept of dank meme. Let’s dive in to find out in detail what the dark meme concept is and the meaning and role of dark memes on social networks today. In addition, marketing at your fingertips also helps you understand why the dank meme is so famous and used by so many people.

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What does Dank mean

Dank is a word used by the worldwide meme community to describe something that has a strong appeal to others. However, in the dictionary sense, dank means sticky, wet, and this is a less widely used meaning.

What is a Dank meme?

If in the most widely used sense, Dank Meme is a term that refers to unique memes and it has a certain appeal to viewers. And the dank meme will represent the most interesting memes that are known to most people.

Dank: Something that appeals to everyone

Meme: A trend on social networks that includes photo manipulation, good sayings

When combining these two words together, we will get the above explanation, sometimes we also see the term dank memes but this also has the same meaning but only in the plural.

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What is the term Dank meme?

The current trend of Dank memes on social networks

Dank meme is a phrase that appears a lot on famous social networks such as Facebook, reddit, etc. In addition, dank meme is also a term used in everyday life, in conversations of young people. Therefore, nowadays, dank meme is something indispensable for everyone. In fact, Dank meme is not harmful, but it also gives people an interesting and colorful life. Usually, dank memes have an entertaining, fun and amusing color for viewers. However, a lot of memes will be exaggerated to make the appearance offensive.

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What are dark memes? What is Dark Joke?

Dark meme is a term for memes that use pitiful images to make jokes. Those jokes would be used to mock the taboo topic of religion, or death. In addition, these jokes are also used to mock gender, sexuality, religion or other serious issues in society such as churches, anti-vaccination groups, etc. If you intend to use dark meme then you need to find out carefully what is taboo in the country or what should be restricted to avoid unnecessary controversies.

The role of dank memes in life and on social networks


Above is marketingtrongtamtay’s share about what a dank meme is and what a dark meme is.

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As can be seen, the nature of the dank meme will always bring laughter to everyone, but if it is used in the wrong way, it can turn into a dark meme that is offensive to everyone. Be careful when you want to use memes in life and on social networks.