What is allintitle – In addition to the unique content inside the article, the title (title) must attract curious attention, the new CTR rate will increase. What is the Allintitle search syntax and how to use it to make the title attractive and different on Google?

Fame Media is working on a search optimization service, so will reveal the secret of this syntax to help you home seo learners to break through to the top with just the Allintitle syntax on Google.

What is allintitle?

Allintitle is a Google search syntax to determine how many other websites are also using those keywords. The more websites that use those keywords, the more difficult it will be to rank on page one. Not impossible, but difficult.

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How to use “allintitle”

?Doing a search for “allintitle” is very simple:

In the search box, enter the following syntax correctly: Allintitle:”seo service tphcm”

Google will provide the number of web pages with that term in the title tags. With the word seo service tphcm there are more than 1,930 pages containing the title phrase seo tphcm service, obviously, if you put the title with that word it is still okay but to compete with 1,930 results, what do you think?

Ideally, you should only work with keywords that have less than a thousand results. That is what we would consider “non-competitive”.

However, that is not always possible, especially as more and more people use the internet. General rules for determining the level of competition can be seen below:

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Under 1,000 – Non-competitive1,000 – 4,000 – Mildly competitive4,000 – 6,000 – Competitive6,000+ – Highly Competitive

Why Use Allintitle for Search Optimization

When building your website, SEO should be a central part of your entire process. Build your content around your customers.

Before you start developing content, however, do keyword research with Allintitle so you know which words to focus on in your content.

Once you’ve created your list and selected words that have a high search volume and are directly relevant to your site, you need to determine how competitive that keyword is with allintitle

There are many factors in search engine optimization; it can make it difficult for a smaller or newer site to compete for certain keywords.

So, when choosing keywords for your site, be sure to consider the level of competition, i.e. the number of other pages with similar keywords.

How do I determine competition for my selected keywords with the command allintitle

?For the purposes of this article we are focusing on Google and using tools Google’s free webmaster to determine which keywords to focus your content on.

While Google webmaster tools will have descriptions showing competition, the “allintitle” command will give you a more specific explanation of how many pages are also optimized for the keyword. there.

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Another point to keep in mind when doing this research is that each page of your site will have a different focus, so you’ll want to do this research for each page and come up with 3-5 keywords for each page. each page to focus your content; The more content you have on your pages, the more keywords you can use.

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Take the results of your “allintitle” searches to create groups of words based on competition and then select words from each group that will give you a good balance between non-competitive and competitive words high.

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SEO is a complex and time consuming process. When writing content, you may find that the keywords do not match the purpose of the site and you will have to do some more research.

You can also find other tips to help make your website more successful. Remember, there is no single formula for SEO success.

Keep your content strong and relevant and use only the advice that works for you and your website will become a success.