Fix locked pc and laptop keyboard on win xp, win 7, win 8, win 10 in normal use, error not recognized, keyboard can’t type?

The questions that Vo Minh often encounters when customers come to check the machine:

“My computer is using normally, but suddenly the keyboard is locked and can’t type any more letters?”

“My Dell laptop is in use, the keyboard doesn’t work…”

“Acer keyboard is paralyzed with some spacebars, how to fix it?”

It can be said that this is a common error problem due to accidental or third-party effects that have locked the keyboard of your PC and laptop or worse, the laptop key is really broken. Usually, you will choose to restart the computer, sometimes it works but sometimes it doesn’t.

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Don’t worry! Vo Minh will guide you through some methods to fix the error that the laptop keyboard can’t type or the keyboard can’t type sometimes.

Method 1: change settings in windows system.

This method applies to all laptop and PC keyboards.

In the system Window → Start → Control Panel → Select Ease of Access Center.

Select Make the keyboard easier to use.

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Then we uncheck all the arrows as shown below:

Then click OK -> restart the device and check if the keyboard error is not able to type or the laptop keyboard is still not running, then you move to the 2nd way.

Method 2: clean and clean the contact position of the connection port

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For PC: clean and blow dust on the keyboard and the connector that connects the keyboard to the board, try plugging it into another connection port, if the status is still there, what comes next must you replace the damaged keyboard with a keyboard? new.

Picture: laptop keyboard failed to receive due to spilled coffee from a customer in District 10, HCMC.

For Laptop keyboards: Remove the keyboard, clean the keyboard legs, blow the dust on the keyboard, then reinstall the test.

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After trying all of the above and the keyboard still doesn’t work, the main cause is hardware failure on the keyboard or the ICs on the mainboard. At this point, you need to bring it to a reputable repair center for an experienced technician to completely fix the error, if you are in Ho Chi Minh City you can also bring it to Vo Minh for free inspection support.