1. Go to the menu group Format -> Paragraph2. In the Link and Page Break tab, remove the check boxes in 3 boxes:– Keep me with next– Keep lines together– Page break before. So the whole table is not broken to the new page.

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In Word 2007 and later as follows:

Step 1. Double click on the upper left corner of the table to select the table.

Step 2. From the Ribbon of Office Word, select the Layout tab – >Properties.

Step 3. In the new form that appears, select the Row tab, check the box for Allow row to break across paper, and finally click OK to complete the setting.

In Word 2003 and earlier, we just need to skip step 2 according to the instructions above:

Go to Menu Table/Table properties.

This will display the menu panel, we choose the Row class;

Click the check mark on the words Allow row to break across paper.

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Then select OK.

Good luck!

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