Surely, one thing, whether you are a technology person or not, the term ICT or ICT Index appears a lot on press information pages that you often encounter. So what is ICT and ICT Index?

ICT is a term often used as a broader synonym for IT, but is often a generic term to emphasize the role of unified communications and the combination of telecommunications (telephone lines and wireless signals). , intelligent building management system and audio-visual system in modern information technology.

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In the field of IT, ICT is an acronym for Information & Communication Technologies which means Information and Communication Technology. ICT includes all technical facilities used to process information and facilitate communications, including computer hardware and networks, intermediate communications as well as necessary software. as well as telephony, media, all kinds of audio and video processing, transport and network-based control and monitoring functions.

From there, we can understand simply: ICT is a combination of information technology and communication technology to create connection and information sharing in many different forms.

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ICT Index – What is the ICT index?

According to the International Postal Union (ITU): ICT Index is a measure of the level of development in ICT.

According to Harvard University (USA): ICT Index is a measure of readiness for development and application of IT and ICT.

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Accordingly, in Vietnam, there are ICT indicators at the following levels:

1. ICT Index of Province – City: Index of readiness for ICT application and development of Province – City. (Including 2 groups of indicators: infrastructure and applications)2. ICT Index of the Ministry – Sector: Index of readiness for ICT application and development of the Ministry of Industry. (Including 2 groups of indicators: infrastructure and applications)3. ICT Index of Enterprises: Index of enterprises’ production and business capacity in the field of ICT. (Including 2 groups of indicators: production results and competitiveness)

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Since we are amateurs, we do not need to understand too much more about this indicator, just the basics are okay, if you want to learn more, please refer to the documents.

So we have just learned what is ICT, what is ICT Index. Thus, it can be seen the importance of combining information and communication technology in all areas of life such as education, health care, state agencies, businesses…