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9 months ago

What is Enneagram? The 9-character map is also known as the study of human personality from the combined perspective of Science – Astrology – Mysticism. The Enneagram test is considered a comprehensive assessment of human nature and external influences through assessing each individual’s thinking habits, emotions and behaviors.

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What is Enneagram Quiz or Enneagram Concept? Many people are interested in because of the novel and objective assessment when evaluating the two internal dimensions of inherent personality and external influencing factors. The Enneagram test is often used to give people an overview of themselves, thereby adjusting themselves to adapt to the working environment.

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People in group 1 of the Enneagram test results stand out for their integrity and reasoned reasoning. People in group 1 always uphold the principle, right – wrong is clear. They are well-organized, orderly and a perfectionist. The weakness of this group is short-tempered and angry. In addition, their perfectionism and frankness make others feel uncomfortable and prone to conflict.

Group 2 is the people who are tolerant, loving and pleasing to everyone around. They are characterized by being considerate, attentive, and have good relations with people. Group 2 is loved by many people thanks to their sincerity, sympathy and

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