Antipsychotic drugs

People with schizophrenia who have delusions often require medication because they often misperceive reality. Initial treatment usually includes antipsychotics. Anti-anxiety medications and mood stabilizers may also be prescribed. Psychotherapy and individual or family counseling can be combined treatments.

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When paranoia is caused by drug abuse, treatment is usually supportive until the effects of the drug wear off. Then, your doctor will likely encourage you to join a drug treatment program.

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8. Conclusion

Hope this article will help you understand what paranoia is. For people with paranoia, seeking treatment and pursuing it, the outlook is often positive. However, treatment can be a slow process that needs to be patiently followed as directed.

People with paranoia often distrust others and consider paranoid thoughts to be real. This makes it difficult to find treatment.

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If someone you know is experiencing symptoms of paranoia, they may not think they need medical attention. However, you should encourage them to see a doctor for a diagnosis as soon as possible.

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