What is the INT function? The INT function in Excel returns the integer part of a decimal number by rounding down.

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This article will show you how to use and apply the INT function in Excel exercises and at work.

The INT command in Excel has the syntax:


Where: Number is the real number you want to get the integer part, or the multiplication and division operation with the decimal part.

Note that the INT function is an integer function that rounds down, so the result of the INT function for negative numbers is even more negative.

For example, while INT(5.6) returns 5, INT(-1.2) returns -2.

The formula for taking the integer part in Excel can be applied to convert time with many units, for example converting 127 minutes to the corresponding number of hours and minutes.

For simple numbers or divisibility, you can do some mental math: the result of the above idea is 2 hours and 7 minutes.

You can also use the INT function in combination with the residual function in Excel – the MOD function to calculate with a sequence of similar arguments to save time.

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This Excel formula can be applied and modified for business requirements: for example determining the length of a guest’s stay at the hotel, or the length of service if the service value is different (in hours more expensive per day if reduced to the same quantity)….

Simple example: calculate the number of days and hours between 2 timestamps.

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First, let’s do the calculation step by step with riclix.com, then put the following shortened formula.

Step 1: calculate the even number of days between 2 times and the even number of hours between these 2 times using the INT function:

Step 2: Take the remainder in Excel by dividing the remainder to determine the number of days and times between two times:

The result of the above example is 121 days and 14 hours.

However, to calculate for a data table consisting of hundreds to thousands of time points, you should use the INT function in combination with the MOD function – the residual function in Excel with the MOD function syntax: =MOD(Division, number share):

In addition to the INT function and the MOD function, the function that takes the odd number after the comma TRUNC is also a common function that is often used when performing division with remainder.

Hope the article of riclix.com has brought you useful information about the INT function in Excel.

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In addition, to effectively apply Excel, you need to make good use of Excel’s functions and tools, let’s read a series of articles on applying Excel functions:

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