What is sml? What does sml mean? What is sml on facebook

What is sml guys? But why in recent years, all over the major social networking sites like facebook, instagram, … or on voz, games. We often meet a large number of young people using the word SML.

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So what is SML? From where? Why attract young people to use it like that? Almost became the mouth of many young people? In this article, I will explain it to you more clearly.

Find out what sml means

Origin of the word SML

In Vietnam, the word SML is a slang word, sml appears first on page haivl. For many people, it is no longer a stranger to the haivl fan page. A page specializing in funny articles, many interesting and funny things. Thanks to the development of Facebook, this word was spread, becoming a popular word among young people.

what is sml what is sml

In Vietnamese youth, SML is a phrase, when you google translate it won’t get any results because it stands for a word that starts with the letters ‘S’, ‘M’, ‘ L’. It is often used in cases of trolling each other, or in cases of bad luck. So what does SML stand for? Let’s find out together.

First, it means “desert of words”

This word is used when you are talking to the other person but the other person says something that makes you speechless, then you can say “desert of words”.

The second meaning is a bit vulgar, I hope readers can forgive me. But there are too many of you who want to know, so I explain that it means face down l.o.n ???? okay guys. Hihi I’m too shy.

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SM: face down, that is, face down on the ground. For example, falling face down on the ground.

L: means polite or vulgar, it’s up to everyone to use and understand it, like ‘L’ is l**, or always, pig… For example:

It’s raining today. SML: It’s raining heavily today or it’s raining today. – Heavy rain.

What are some meanings of the word sml

I always fell SML: I fell on my face l**. – This means that you are having a very painful or very strong fall without having time to react.

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Do you believe I slap you SML! – Slap you face down or Slap you face down. – Slapping the opponent very hard, not allowing the opponent to react in time.

Or it also means “afraid of you”. For example, SML: I’m afraid of you.

Another meaning is “send my love” – Send my love. The meaning of this word is very little known because it is also rarely used. Many times, some of you will use this word to troll other friends. The most obvious way to tell the difference is that this word often goes alone and does not add meaning to any sentences.

In addition, the Vietnamese language is very diverse and rich like the saying: “The wind three storms are not equal to Vietnamese grammar”, so this word also has many different meanings such as choking on blood, pig-faced wolf, touching hard. … also depending on the user, there are many people who can think of new and different meanings.

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Among them, the word lo* is the most commonly used and widely used.

Where is SML used

When you surf the newsfeed, instagram, zalo, read the comments, you will encounter a lot of SML words, watching videos will also have many translators using this word.

Or in real life, in schools, internet shops, coffee shops, etc., you will also come across a lot of words using SML words.

Due to the development of social networks and youth internet, the word SML is no longer vulgar, it is used as a more humorous word. And it has become a buzzword for many people.

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Above is a summary of my SML word, through this article, you probably already know how to use the SML word properly. However, in formal situations, when talking to your superiors or bosses, you should still keep a polite attitude and should not use the word SML. SML is only more suitable when talking to friends.