When starting to create a new electronic lecture or a presentation with PowerPoint, we open PowerPoint and compose the content and format for each Slide. But with Slide Master we can design content layout quickly or can use the available templates. In this article, I will guide you to use Slide Master to create professional presentations.

Set Slide Size

First you open PowerPoint to create a new page then select Design in this there are available templates you can choose one of these templates to design a quick presentation.

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When preparing for a presentation, we have to determine where to show a regular projector, TV, HD projector, etc.

To reset, click Slide Size, now there are two ways to display the Standard (4:3) presentation, which is a presentation with a normal projector. The second type is Widescreen (16:9), which is used to project on HD TVs or newer projectors with HD standards.

Normally, people now use Widescreen (16:9) because when presenting on current HD devices, there will be no black border on either side to increase the maximum size when presenting. You can try this slideshow by selecting Widescreen (16:9) and then pressing F5 to view.

Set Up Slide Master

Note Slide Master can only be used with PowerPoint 2010 and later.

You also create a new Slide in View -> Slide Master. Now a new slide appears on the top slide which is the main slide, the content in this slide will affect the slides below.

The second slide is the title slide for the lecture or presentation. The slides below are layout slides and we can reset these layout slides.

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To start the design, we recreate the background image on the main slide, right-click and choose Format BackGround -> in the Fill section select Picture or texture fill -> select Insert to upload the image. At this time, the remaining slides will have the background according to the main slide.

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Next you can insert more content into the main Slide by going to Insert -> Shapes -> select the image to insert into the main Slide. Now you can Copy a sticker and hold Shift and drag it to fit.

In the theme slide you will use the Slide Master card in this card you insert text for the theme slide by clicking Insert Placeholder -> choose one of the ways to insert text, images, …. And you can edit text content, color, font style, etc.

In Slide 3 to edit the content for each Slide you select on that Slide, then click the Slide Master tab if you want to insert text, images, charts, etc., then select Insert Placeholder to select a function you want to insert.

In the next slides you do the same and insert all the slides. After adjusting the content for all the slides, now we can hide them by clicking Close Master View.

When we need to edit again, we go to View and select Slide Master, then Slide Master will appear for us to edit.

Use Slide Master

To use the Slide we just designed, right-click on the screen, select Layer and select the Slide we want.

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Each time we choose, we will choose a Slide and then type in the content according to the structure we have adjusted before.

Next, I Enter down, the Slide will follow the structure I have chosen to change that Slide, right-click, select Layout, and select the Slide you want to change. And the slides below will be the same as the nearest slide and if you want to change, just right-click and select Layout and select the appropriate slide.

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To edit the layout of a certain slide, click Slide, select View, select Slide Master, and edit the layout accordingly.