When we use the computer, we encounter the Digital tv tuner device registration application without knowing what it is? But why does it take up a lot of computer resources and make your computer run very slow. That’s why today daydorexin shares how to handle this case.

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What is digital tv tuner device registration application ?

Digital tv tuner device registration application is a digital TV tuning application built into Windows Media Center. This application makes it possible for your PC to receive and display digital signals. It helps us to watch digital cable channels right on our computer

Explain why it slows down your computer :

This is a non-system program due to the software installed on your system. If you run any installed software, it will save its data in the system registry. When these applications create invalid entries on your system, the performance of your PC will be slower.

In other words, when you run Windows Media Center, the digital TV Tuner device registration process also runs. It’s an automatic process that starts. To check, if your PC encounters a TV tuner app, you can open Task Manager and see it with your eyes.

So how to fix slow computer errors

?For this error, we have 3 ways to fix it, below daydorexin guide you to do 3 ways.

Option 1: Turn off Digital TV Tuner Device Registration Application through Windows features Turn Off

The first thing we need to do is to turn off these Windows features by:

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Step 1: Press and hold Ctrl + Shift + Esc to open Task Manager.

Step 2: Alternatively, you can press Windows key + R to run the dialog. Then type resmon and press Enter.

Step 3: Click on the Performance tab inside the Task Manager and click on Open Resource Monitor located at the bottom.

Step 4: What you need to do is go through the CPU, Memory and Disk sections

Step 5: In these sections, find the ehprivjob.exe process and stop it.

Step 6: Once you find it, just right-click on it, then select End Process.

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Step 7: Here you can also stop other processes, if you think these are eating your memory.

Method 3: Uninstall this program completely

Step 1: Open the Control Panel.

Step 2: Click Programs and Features inside the control panel.

Step 3: On the list of installed programs, find your digital TV tuner and click on it.

Step 4: In the upper part of the window, click Uninstall.

Step 5: Just follow the uninstall wizard and wait for the process to complete.

Step 6: Then go to your Registry Editor by holding Windows key + R then. Then enter regedit in the Run dialog box.

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Step 7: In the Registry Editor window, navigate to this address (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE Software ) and find the folder containing your digital TV tuner then delete it.

Step 8: Then navigate to this address and delete any entries (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE Software Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Run eg ui)

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