What is Ship COD? Recently, the online sales market has become quite exciting along with the COD shipping service. However, for many people this phrase ship COD is still quite strange.

Do you wonder what COD ship is? What is COD? What is COD delivery? When to choose COD shipping service and how does COD ship work? Here are some of our answers.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of COD shipping? What is COD shipping? How does it work?The main units that provide ship cod servicesExperience in shipping cod goods

1. What is COD ship service

?What is COD ship service or what is COD ship service is one of the questions that receive a lot of attention from people.

To better understand what COD ship is? Then you must understand what is ship? What is COD? In the phrase ship COD, ship means shipping and COD stands for cast on delivery.

If understood in a simple way, the COD shipping method is a cash-on-delivery method. Accordingly, the buyer will only make payment at the time of receiving the goods and the payment amount here is cash.

Find out what is COD ship?

As one of the specific service industries, COD ship has many outstanding advantages, that’s why COD shipping facilities appear more and more.

In particular, we can use the COD shipping service of some reputable shipping facilities such as VNPost, Viettel, etc. The COD shipping price list of these facilities is also quite suitable and has many incentives for customers.

2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of COD ship


2.1. What is the advantage of shipping cod

?Ship cod is a form of giving users many benefits, in order to limit the risk of losing personal information or payment cards at websites with bad schemes or poor security.

What are the advantages of ship code?

Ship cod is also a solution that brings certain reliability to consumers. Buyers only pay when they receive the right product.

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2.2. What are the disadvantages of COD shipping?

?One of the great disadvantages of cod shipping is that the seller’s money will be retained by the shipping company for a certain period of time.

COD shipping service is popular in online sales

The courier companies will refund on the specified days, after confirming the cod collection, or in other words, when you have successfully paid the cod.

Another risk of this method is that if the customer does not pay, the goods are returned, the seller will bear the two-way shipping fee.

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3. What is COD shipment? How does it work?

Quick and simple COD shipping instructions After knowing what COD shipping is, we should also learn about the COD shipping process so that we can make sales simple and easy.

3.1 Place an Order

This is the first active step that takes place between the buyer and the seller without any payment being made. The seller will close the order and consolidate the buyer’s order to prepare for packaging.

3.2 Register to ship COD

The seller will contact the shipping facility to send the goods to the buyer and complete the COD shipping service registration form.

3.3 Cash on delivery

The shipping facility will directly deliver the goods to the buyer and receive money from the buyer when the buyer agrees to receive the goods. In case the buyer refuses to receive the goods, the shipping facility will return the goods to the seller.

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3.4 Refund to the seller

After delivering the goods to the buyer and receiving the payment from the buyer, the COD shipper will transfer the amount for collection to the seller’s account as registered.

When using the ship cod service, you can use 5-layer cartons to ship goods efficiently and safely to your customers.

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4. Key units providing ship cod services

Some shipping units, specializing in providing ship cod services, include:

4.1 Nationwide shipping cod service provider

VNPost postal system EMS express delivery company Viettel Post postal and postal company Giaohangnhanh delivery serviceDelivery unit, courier Kerry Express Giaohangtietkiem service

Shipping units and systems provide ship cod services.

4.2 Company, intermediary ship service provider

Quick sales management solution.vnShipping and collecting money for general shippingSapo sales management platform

5. Experience in shipping goods

5.1. Prepare products and services well before shipping code

Before shipping the goods cod, you need to prepare products, good service is always the basic requirement when conducting shipping cod of goods. You need to always track your order, order status and respond to feedback from the postal system

5.2. Check detailed shipping address

In order for the order to be delivered successfully, you need to pay attention to the address. If Unclear, accurate address will make it difficult for shippers to deliver the goods to the correct destination.

Before shipping the code, you need to check the exact address of the order.

An accurate and detailed recipient address needs to have full information such as:

House number – Street name – Commune or ward name – District name – City (Town) – Province name.

5.3. Notes about the consignee

There are cases where the orderer and the consignee are two completely different people. To support successful cod delivery, you need to know the information of the orderer or carefully note the information to avoid confusion for the consignee.

It should be noted about the consignee information for the ship cod unit.

5.4. Choose a professional delivery unit

Choosing a professional shipping cod unit is a fundamental factor in order success. They will take on the job of storing and arranging goods, ensuring that the goods that reach consumers are of the right quality, at the right time and at the right place.

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Choosing a reputable cod shipper is a key factor for successful delivery.

5.6. Manage orders that have not been successfully shipped

If the order has not been successfully shipped, you need to find out the reason, find out the reason for the appropriate handling. Some basic handling tips when shipping goods online are as follows:

When the customer turns off or doesn’t answer: You can call at another time, call outside office hours or call on the following days.

When the customer makes an appointment for another time, it is necessary to notify and remind the customer one day before the delivery. At the same time, make a note of the delivery date information for the delivery party

What is the shipping code?

If the customer does not receive the goods, it is necessary to find out the cause and find a remedy. At the same time, you can use your persuasion to convince them to accept the goods.

If the delivery address is wrong, you need to review the original order information, find a way to contact them again with a humble and gentle attitude.

5.7. Pay attention to attitude, prestige

Always serve, work with prestige, with a dedicated attitude. It will definitely help you attract more new customers and retain old customers.

Learn how to apologize if you have not served customers well. Try to understand your customers better so you can provide the best service and attract them.

Thank you for reading our article what is the ship code

Above is some information about what is COD ship? What is COD? as well as some instructions and notes for our reference about signing up for the delivery service.

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If you are conducting business in the form of online or operating in the field of e-commerce, the above information about COD shipping method will be extremely useful information that we definitely cannot ignore. via.