Many customers today who sign up for Inteca fiber for business are equipped with a free static IP by the network operator, but do not know what a static IP is? What is the difference between static IP and dynamic IP, and the importance of IP, etc. Here, FPT TelKhanh Hoa would like to share with you about this issue.

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What is FPT Fiber Optic Static IP?

Normally, customers using Intec fiber home service packages will have a dynamic IP address, each time the modem is turned off, it will switch to a different IP address, this will not affect the equipment in the family. But for server servers with many clients such as Net room, or business office, etc., changing IP addresses continuously with a dynamic IP will make the clients unable to connect to each other. Therefore, static IP is a fixed range of IP addresses so that when there is a problem, the operation of the whole server is still guaranteed to be continuous and normal.

With the use of many computers, fax machines in businesses or server systems and clients in the Net room, the use of static IP is extremely important, this will help you limit a lot of risks and damages. about data loss when there is a problem. At the same time, static IP will help your server system work more stable and smooth.

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For example, I set the static IP address for my company’s server to be, and the internal clients of the company will connect according to the above IP address to perform fax, print, and data transmission jobs. data, but if I set a dynamic IP address for the server, every time I restart the modem or the power goes down, the server IP also changes -> this will lose the connection of the internal machines and have to be reinstalled IP for each machine internally. This will waste time and disrupt work for the organization.

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Mr. Vuong (SDT: shared: “My company just registered to install and install InteFPT Khanh Hoa with 50Mps Fiber Play package and was given a free IP address, so our IT department installed IP for the server. is and the internal clients of the company will access this IP to perform jobs such as printing, faxing, transferring data internally,…. Previously, we installed the network but did not use static IP, causing each resetrouter or losing connection between internal machines and requiring resetting IP for each machine, causing interruptions in the work. And it takes a lot of time.”

The above is the entire application of static IP only for companies, large enterprises, or shops and cafes using camera systems, but for normal customers, having a static IP is not necessary, so FPT TelKhanh Hoa only equipped with Fiber Business packages and above.

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And you, your office or business has been equipped with Enterprise Fiber Optic Cable yet. Please contact us immediately at the Hotline number below to have all questions answered.

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