What is Grayscale? For many people, this is a strange phrase, but for those in the textile industry, it is all too familiar. To help you answer questions related to Grayscale, we have compiled the necessary information in the article below. Let’s find out now.

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What is Grayscale?

What is Grayscale?

– Grayscale or gray scale is a tool used to evaluate the dyeing fastness of fabrics as well as other dyed products. Thanks to this test, the manufacturer knows whether the dye being used is effective and fades quickly under the influence of natural factors or not.

– Color fastness of dyed products is usually evaluated according to 2 standards:

+ Change the color of the samples before and after the test and it is also known as color change.

+ Color staining on other materials must not be stained and come into contact with the specimens during the test and it is also known as color staining.

Gray scale classification

Grayscale is produced according to standards such as AATCC (for the US market), ISO (for the European market and many other countries), JIS (for the Japanese market), GB (for the Chinese market), SDC (for the European market)…and it is divided into 2 main categories:

– Grayscale for color change.

– Grayscale for staining.

Gray ruler is divided into 2 types

1. Grayscale changes with color

The color scale of the gray scale varies by color consisting of five gray indices numbered 1 to 5 and divided into 10 pairs.

+ Level 1: The contrast between the two largest color cells allows the user to know that the color fastness is very poor.

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+ Levels 4, 3, 2: The two gray cells are different in intensity, the contrast is average and the color fastness decreases.

+ Level 5: No. 5 has the same two gray colors, which means the best color fastness.

– After undergoing appropriate treatment, the specimen is compared with the starting material and referenced with a gray scale. Based on the color change of the test sample with the original sample when referring to the Grayscale gray scale to evaluate the color fastness.

+ If the color of the sample does not change, it has an index of 5 and color fastness is the best.

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+ If there is a change, it will be classified by levels and level 1 is the worst.

2. Gray scale measure color wire

The gray scale of the color thickness gauge consists of five indicators numbered from 1 to 5 and divided into 10 pairs of white and gray.

+ Level 1: The contrast of the two largest gray and white colors means that the color band phenomenon is very large, and the color fastness is poor.

+ Levels 4, 3, 2: The contrast of the 2 white and gray cells is average and the white/gray contrast level increases, the color fastness also decreases.

+ Level 5: Having the same two white colors shows that there is no color banding phenomenon, the color fastness of the sample is the most optimal.

– An untreated fabric sample will be compared with the treated, dyed sample and referenced with a gray scale to measure color staining.

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+ If it reaches level 5, it means there is no difference between dyed and undyed fabrics.

+ If the result is in the middle of two contrasting points on the gray scale of the color scale, it can be evaluated according to the ratio 2 – 3, 3 – 4…

Limitations when using grayscale

The Grayscale grayscale compares only one color type, grayscale, and displays only 5 gray indices. Therefore, to be able to check other colors such as blue, red, yellow, etc., people often use colorimetric cabinets or handheld colorimeters.

1. Color Matching Cabinet

As a device to help compare the color difference of fabrics, dyed products effectively and give results with absolute color accuracy.

Color matching cabinet

2. Handheld Colorimeter

It is a compact colorimetric device that can be moved to many places to check and compare colors and is commonly used in the paint, textile, food industry… Brands like Xrite, 3NH, etc. are brands. The most popular brand today.

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Portable colorimeter is a portable device

Above is the information about what is Grayscale? Gray scale classification that LabVIETCHEM wants to share with readers. Hope it has helped you to have more useful insights.