If a couple commits one of the 4 signs of Hoa Har, Five Demons, Luc Sat, and Absolute Destiny, it is very bad. It is easy to encounter risks and bad luck in family life. Health, career, money are all adversely affected. Therefore, the solution is very necessary and important. This article will provide about what Luc Sat sign is and how to neutralize the age of the husband and wife of the Luc Sat palace.

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Concept of Luc Sac sign

According to feng shui, it is divided into Cat and Hung directions. Sand direction includes Upper sand, Middle sand and Little sand. The evil direction includes Hoa Hao, Luc Sat, Ngu Quy and Tuyet Menh. Luc Sat is created by the combination of the monster destiny and the mismatched azimuth.

In the Sino-Vietnamese sense, “Sat” means the state of carving, inhibiting development. Creates many risks and bad luck in terms of family life, health, and fame. The word “Green” can be related to the color blue, or the number 6. It is understood as the six-body relationship in the family.

Thus, “Luc Sat” is a concept that refers to conflict, incompatibility, or dispute in the family or in society. With the nature of Mercury, the family religion is easy to create many negative stories, wasting money. Brings bad omens to married life as well as other relationships.

Dissolve the couple who committed the crime of Luc Sat palace

How to determine Luc Sat’s fierce sand

Here is how to determine how to violate the bow or the direction of Luc Sat.

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In feng shui home direction

Consider the combination of destiny and azimuth in space. It is divided into Dong Tu par with the East Tu azimuth and West Tu par with the West Tu azimuth. The following cases are violations of Luc Sat:

The par Can (Western Tu par) meets the North (Kam – Dong Tu direction). Chan – Dong Tu direction). Quai par Doai (Western Tu par) meets the Southeast direction (Ton – Dong Tu direction). (Dong Tu par) meets the Northwest (Chan – West of the Four directions). – West of the Four Directions).

If the direction of the house meets the above cases, it is very bad. In a location where there is a Luc close star in feng shui such as a bathroom, a warehouse, etc., you can choose this direction. Avoid to avoid the living room, entrance, bedroom, kitchen, in this bad star Luc Sat position.

In love marriage

If the male monster’s destiny combined with the female’s destiny monster, it creates a bad Luc Sat sign. Then people must feel worried and afraid if they get married. That is why it is very necessary to find a way to neutralize the husband and wife of Luc Sat. To reduce discord in married life. As well as avoiding unexpected risks in business and health. However, the viewing of the Bat Trach palace needs to be carefully and carefully considered when choosing the age of marriage or fortune telling.

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How to neutralize the Luc Sat couple

Couples who marry under the Luc Sat sign will easily encounter many unlucky things in terms of health, money, love, etc. Even leading to separation and affecting lives. Therefore, it is necessary to resolve conflicts by choosing the year of birth in the sign of Dien Nien. Because this is the owner of the favorable, lucky, fortune. The birth of a child will bring many good things to parents and the whole family.

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Hopefully, the above solution to the Luc Sat sign in marriage will help you feel more secure if you commit this sign. From there, know how to neutralize to avoid bad omens happening to your family.