Normally, to monitor the performance of an employee, businesses will use performance evaluation criteria. So what is productivity? What are the criteria for evaluating employee productivity?

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What is productivity?Criteria to evaluate worker productivity

What is productivity?

English Productivity is called Productivity. This is an outcome that reflects the quantity of a good or service that a worker can produce in a given period of time. And in a few different job positions or occupations, your productivity will have a direct impact on your income for that month.

Productivity determinants

of employees

Factors that determine productivity

To be able to decide the productivity of an employee will have to depend on many factors. However, there are certain factors that can be mentioned such as:

Physical capital: If provided with many working tools, workers will definitely work more productively. Human capital: This factor includes the experience and skills that have been accumulated at each stage. It can be work experience, knowledge that has been accumulated in previous jobs. Natural resources: This is an input to the production process provided by nature. For input natural resources, there are usually two types: renewable and non-renewable.

Criteria for evaluating employee productivity

There are many different criteria to evaluate the productivity of workers. However, some criteria can be mentioned such as:

There are many different criteria to evaluate the productivity of workers

Capability-based assessment

Criteria to evaluate employee productivity based on ability are applied by many businesses.

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The evaluation of employee productivity based on ability will often be based on factors such as:

Employee work level: With this criterion, the manager will evaluate the work according to the indicators set by the employees from the beginning of the business period. Based on KPI numbers, managers can measure the effectiveness of employees’ work.

Depending on the position, there is a way to evaluate what is appropriate. The development of the job position: For many job positions such as consulting, customer care…. The manager will set a few KPIs in that month to help them detect the progress and development of employees during the working process. Job completion results: The ability to complete work is also a factor in evaluating what an employee’s productivity is. Through how far you have completed the work, the leader can give the team the best plan to train, improve the candidate’s capacity to be able to keep up with the planned schedule. work plan.

Evaluate employees according to their goals

For evaluating employee productivity according to goals, leaders; Managers can evaluate in the following ways:

Using KPI is always the most used evaluation method

Evaluation of labor productivity according to administrative goals: Usually, members of a department or team will be evaluated based on a certain KPI system. This grading system will mainly give appropriate reward and promotion policies according to the candidate’s capacity. Check productivity by development goals: Managers will use the KPI system to know the development goals and aspirations of employees so that they can find the best development plans for employees. mine.

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Above are the specific concepts of what productivity is, as well as how to evaluate the productivity of employees. However, this is just one of many ways to measure employee performance. Managers are free to choose the evaluation methods that are most suitable for their work.