AutoCAD font error means that some text on the drawing cannot be read. That’s my opinion and most people.

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But only the surface.

There are cad font errors that you cannot detect. That causes unnecessary problems.

Let me list them for you.

AutoCAD font error makes text hidden

The font error is the cause of the text not being displayed on the drawing.

I would like to emphasize, the error text does not appear on the current drawing. But other drawing then it appears normally.

Then, you can easily imagine the problem, right?

If you move, copy the object containing hidden text (hidden text), of course it is not manipulated.

The possibility of your drawing having overlapping text, messed up text position or missing text is inevitable.

So how to avoid this situation. There are 2 ways you can refer.

Cause of AutoCAD font error is hidden text

Note: I have tested on AutoCAD 2013, with SHX font error. Other versions and font formats you should check.

I always confirm, the cause of AutoCAD hiding the error is our own.

Let me be more clear.

Whenever the drawing is missing the font, when opening it, AutoCAD sends a notification.

Accidentally or intentionally, you have omitted AutoCAD Nontifications or options improperly. Causes an error to occur.

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Specifically, if SHX font is missing, cad will tell you that:

Instead choose: Specify a replacement for each SHX file (specify another SHX file to replace the missing font).

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You press the ESC key again to exit or select: Ingrore the missing SHX file and continue (accept the missing font and continue)

Your actions AutoCAD has implicitly: Ignore, do not display faulty SHX fonts on the drawing. (Actually, it’s already explained to you!).

Accomplished! Trouble happened.

Now how to solve this?

Fix AutoCAD font error with hidden text

Almost all of us, after opening the hidden text drawing, do not detect it. Like everything is fine. After opening the drawing again (or someone else), oh, what a mess.

Only then will we find a solution.

My sincere advice: Don’t ignore any of AutoCAD’s error messages. If you do not understand English, please go to Google translate.

And now. Focus on fixing AutoCAD fonts being hidden.

Please update the missing font first

If your computer does not display the AutoCAD message when opening the drawing.

Open the drawing as usual. Then, enter the OP command to call the Options dialog box. Select the Systems tab, in the General Options section, click Hidden Messages Settings. When the dialog box appears, tick the items you want. (Or just tick the missing SHX font if any). Apply custom. Save the drawing.Reopen the drawing to check

Remember not to ESC, or choose to enter!

Next, update the missing font according to the instructions here.

Fix the error of the drawing being hidden font error

After the font error texts show up, their position is not what you want. If the amount of text is small, you can completely edit it manually.

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In case there are too many, apply the suggestions below:

Use the LAYISO command to select an error text layer, or the FI (Objects Selection Filters) command to select them. This is a pretty powerful command in cad.

And move, edit them, let you decide. Reluctantly, go to the backup file to restore the original file and start over.

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Good luck!

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