What is a satellite site? Is it necessary in SEO? How to build an effective satellite website system? All in the following article, don’t miss it!

1. What is a satellite site

?Satellite site system (satellite website) is a website that has the same topic or is related to the topic, product/service that the main website provides. However, the satellite sites do not have the same subdomain and are not subsites of the main site. This site system operates separately as a normal website.

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The satellite website system was created for the purpose of supporting the SEO process, helping keywords to top quickly and maintaining sustainable and long-term rankings. SEOs often use satellite sites to SEO long-tail keywords to cover the entire market.

You can decentralize the satellite site system as follows:

Level 1: Sites that operate similar to the main site with their own domain, quality investment in design and content.

Level 2: Blogspot, blogWordPress, Tumbrl, Medium,… or services that allow you to create your own free blog.

Level 3: Services are managed by a third party (forums, classifieds blogs, promotions) but allows you to create an account to post news such as Rongbay, Diendantinhoc, Raovat, Tinhte, etc.

2. How does the satellite site system work

?Usually, SEOs will not care much about the ranking of satellite sites on search engines. They build satellite sites for the purpose of helping search engines detect backlinks in these pages and evaluate your main website as reputable and trustworthy.

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3. Why need satellite site in SEO

?Satellite site has the main role to support the SEO process, specifically as follows:

Increase the ranking of the main Website on search engines by placing backlinks pointing to the main page. The ranking of the main site will be improved quickly and significantly when it is linked from a quality satellite site system. With your own satellite site system, you will be free to place backlinks on these satellite subsites without any constraints.

Create multi-channel sales, promote purchases and target specific customers. Each level of satellite site has a different user audience. Therefore, they will help you create new sales channels, target new markets as well as promote purchases. To increase your site’s appeal and attract specific audiences, you need to create content tailored to each satellite site.

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4. How many models are there for building satellite site system

?Link Pyramid: This is considered the safest and most sustainable satellite site creation model today and at the same time requires more investment than other models. As the name of this model, the main site will be at the top, the satellite site system will be located at the pyramid’s floors. Because this model needs a lot of investment in terms of cost, effort and time, it can be Your keywords will rank slowly but steadily and sustainably.

Link Star: This is a fairly simple model in how to place backlinks and is very popular with SEOers. With this model, satellite sites only point direct links to the main site, so the role of backlinks will be discovered most quickly. The only point to note is that you need to choose reputable and quality satellite sites to avoid being badly evaluated by Google or having bad backlinks from competitors affecting keyword rankings.

Link wheel: The link wheel model is a federated link model created by a collection of satellite sites and the main site. In this model, all satellite sites in the system point to the main site. At the same time, these sitecones will also link to each other to form a closed circle with the main website as the center (similar to a wheel). Then, each satellite site will be placed in two forms of backlinks, one to the main site and one to another satellite site.

Link Chain: This is a model built similar to the wheel link model. The satellite sites are linked together from the first site and all point to the main site. The difference here is that the first and last two sites of the model do not put backlinks on top of each other and create a non-closed circle. Therefore, “Chain link” is considered a reasonable name for this model. Web link (Web link): With this model, all satellite sites will be linked to each other and also to the main site. The satellite sites in the system will complement each other. Therefore, when the number of backlinks in the model increases, the keyword rankings will also increase.

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5. How to build an effective and sustainable satellite website

?To build an effective and solid satellite website system, please refer to the following 3 key factors.

Invest in quality and different content for satellite sites: Articles between sites in the satellite site system cannot be exactly the same. Each site can write about a different topic of the field you are SEO. In the first stage, you need to update a lot of content, then it can be gradually reduced, but maintain the articles with a regular frequency so that Google know that the site is still up and running. The content of the article can be short to ensure quality, in accordance with SEO standards. Many people often take advantage of satellite sites for long-tail SEO SEO. You should create useful and attractive content to link back to the homepage to push keywords to the top faster.

Each satellite site needs to be different: Really invest in a satellite site, don’t see this system as just a tool to get backlinks. You should manually perform the steps to build a satellite site system, not using self-made tools. dynamically so that Google doesn’t detect you’re trying to create a satellite site in bulk. It should be noted that, sites with the same IP address will lead to low rankings. Therefore, design different interfaces yourself, register different IP addresses (not the same hosting) for the website and update the content. separate for them. The satellite site system does not need too much, it may be little, but it must be of good quality.

You can refer to VinaHost’s SEO hosting to create a satellite site system with a different IP address here.

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Go natural: Linking satellite sites in the system together at the same time may cause Google to judge that you are intentionally raising the rank of the main website in an unnatural way. This can reduce the power of the satellite site and even this system. may be removed by search engines.

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You should not insert too many backlinks on every page, so put backlinks between posts. Make sure that your linking is natural. Backlinks to the main website from the satellite site should not be formed too quickly and too much at the same time. In addition, you also need to control the amount of backlinks pointing to the main site and distribute the anchor text accordingly. For natural and reasonable. Besides, you should also exchange links between satellite sites with reputable sites, with high rankings in the field you are SEO (not your competitors’ sites). In particular, you should not place links. Links from the main site back to satellite sites (will be counterproductive) and should not be cross-linked between satellite sites.

6. List of the best 2.0 websites to make satellite sites in SEO

What is Web 2.0? These are websites created by satellite site modeling applications in SEO, allowing SEOers to build effective content and backlinks. Website 2.0 usually has the following characteristics:

Gather the wisdom of the community Rich application interfaces Web has a fundamental role, can run many applications Key data Plays a key role Quick and easy application development Software offered as a web service and constantly updated Software can run on many different devices

In fact, there are many web 2.0 websites but only a few systems are commonly used to make satellite sites. Choosing a web 2.0 platform to build a satellite web depends on many factors. However, you should choose web 2.0 platforms with a PR ranking of more than 5, typically the following web 2.0 list:





















In addition, you can refer to the following tips to create attractive web 2.0 sites:

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