Among the charms, the hole charm is used by very few people. This talisman is cast by the builder to enchant the owner of the house. So what is ban hole? How does it work, but so few people use it. Teacher Pa vi will help you understand better through this article.

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1. What is the hole bang charm

?What is the ban charm and where does it come from, how does it work that so many people learn about. The name “lu ban” or “hole bang” amulet comes from the creator’s name Lu Ban. Initially, the builder supported the house they built, to demand wages that the owner did not pay. After that, they transform and use them to harm each other.

Let’s find out more about how the charms are and whether the bad luck charms are true to the rumors or not.

The ban spell is not a love spell and does not last forever

1.1. What is the effect of amulets

?The origin of amulets is very old, originating from the slave builders. The builders at that time were always treated badly and looked down upon. Many people were bullied by their landlords because of their low status. That’s why they take revenge by casting spells on the house they built. This enchantment they learned from their branch. Therefore, it is also possible to call the hole bang charm as a builder’s charm.

The effect of the banal charm is to harm people

When the house is enchanted, the homeowner may go bankrupt, die a great death or break happiness. According to custom, those who have learned how to make lucky charms must follow the profession for life. For every 10 houses you build, you must enchant at least 1 house. This is the tradition to make offerings to their ancestors. If after 10 houses, if you don’t make a charm for someone, you will have the opposite practice. This can be considered as the harmful effects of the hole charms against the person who made it.

Many people want to learn about amulets but do not know where to find information about it exactly. For a long time, I also struggled to find information without being able to get the desired answer. After that, he asked his master, Pa, to begin to understand this amulet thoroughly. Mr. Pa was a good and prestigious talisman, now deceased and passed on to Master Pa vi. Master Pa vi is very willing to help those who need to use amulets that are benign and do not harm people.

Cao Tay Pa vi amulet only helps in benign charms, not in bad luck charms

1.2. Are the ban charms harmful

?Many of you contact teacher Pa vi to ask for help in making the hole charms, but they don’t understand that the hole charms harm people but have no other effects. The enchantment of the hole ban not only adversely affects the person being charmed, but also has the opposite effect of the master as mentioned above. Bang bang charms are classified as evil charms that harm people and need to be avoided.

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1.3. Love Charms

Love spells don’t really exist, it’s just a rumor, nothing more, nothing less. As the teacher has clearly stated above about the accumulation of amulets, it is only used to harm people, not for love. Therefore, the love charm does not exist, you do not need to look for the love charm to do it for nothing.

A book of charms

1.4. Lucky charm for fortune

Many of you think that if the use of the lucky charm is to lose fortune, then it will surely have the opposite effect to suck fortune when used in the opposite way. That’s why you put in effort to find a good selling charm to do better. But as the teacher said above, the hole spells only have a single effect to harm, not vice versa.

1.5. healing spells

Of all the rumored amulets, the one used to treat illnesses is the most mysterious because almost nothing is known about this ancient amulet. However, the truth will still remain the same, that is, a charm used to harm people, but never has any other effect.

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Many places introduce healing spells, but it doesn’t work at all

1.6. How to practice amulets

This is a Chinese charm made by a man named Lu Ban. Over many generations it was transmitted to many places including Vietnam. The way to practice charms has also had many other variations between regions. However, there is a general way to practice the ban spell as follows:

How to practice a simple hole ban charm with the word “lu ban”

The enchanters will begin to visualize in their heads until the talisman acquires meaning, when the magician sees anything imaginable as a talisman. So they can control it as they want. To reach this level, a fortune teller needs to practice extremely hard to achieve this.

Today, there are amulets that are advertised as: amulets for debt collection, charms for debt collection, etc. But in fact, the way to make amulets is only used to harm each other, not other types.

1.7. Where is the master of the hole ban? Because this is a charm that harms people, he does not want to go into it and also wants you not to learn to learn this charm. Because it can be against the maker it is as mentioned above.

The practice of learning amulets was actually taught only in the construction industry in the past. Today, many addresses of amulets appear, ready to harm anyone on request, this is very necessary to condemn. The books that teach witchcraft are flooded on the internet, causing many people to throw away their consciences, study them, and harm each other. It is much easier and faster to learn bad luck charms than benign charms. Because the principle of nature is that it is always faster to destroy than to build.

Teacher Pa Vi refuses to help harm people

2. How to break the ban spell

As mentioned above, at first this type of charm was only used by builders to collect workers’ wages that the owner did not pay. But today, transforming the form into a very dangerous form of a charm. Often used to harm each other can’t do business, business bankruptcy, shop failure. But unlike the menstrual blood charm, this type of banal charm will disappear after a period of time. Fast or slow depends on the skill level of the person who trained that charm. The way to solve the banal charm is very difficult like the menstrual blood charm, it can be solved soon, it will be almost impossible to solve it for a long time. Therefore, you need to find a skilled talisman like Pá vi to be able to solve the ban.

2.1. How to neutralize the ban’s charm

When the family’s business collapses and is in danger of bankruptcy, and the family suspects that someone has harmed people using a hole charm, you can refer to the following ways to remove the bad luck charm.

Normally, to solve the ban hole charm, you must first prepare a moderate diaphragm. Then secretly write the contents of the talisman on that diaphragm. Take the ramie to a place where no one passes and burn it. Mix with wine and some dog blood. How to solve this ban spell absolutely do not let anyone know. The next step is to wait until the zodiac day of the month to continue.

The ban spell can be solved if you go to see it and ask for the help of a charmer.

On that day, the householder needs to prepare pork, buffalo, and goat meat to sacrifice to the Lo Ban monks and generals. The prepared wine, take 3 cups and sprinkle it continuously on the image of the person who has cast the spell (prepared in advance) to remove the charm. Then all consequences of the charm will transfer from the owner to the person who cast the spell. Therefore, the person who when making a fortune-telling charm will be prone to karmic retribution on himself. That is the simplest way to solve the ban spell that you can refer to. If there is no result, you can ask the skilled magicians to solve it, but it will be difficult for anyone to solve it for a long time.

Today there is a story about amulets in real life that exists. However, some people believe and others do not, depending on the concept of each person. Information about the Garden Plaza building that was enchanted during construction. Therefore, for a long time this building was left unused. It was the construction contractor who cast a spell on the building for a bad purpose.

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A person who wants to harm someone is rejected by teacher Pa Vi

2.2. How to neutralize the enchanted house of Master Pa Vi

Because the ban amulet is a kind of evil charm, so skilled talismans like Pá vi do not practice to help people. But it is completely possible to solve this charm if it is caught. Depending on whether the charm is heavy or light, long or early, the time to solve is fast or slow, often it cannot be resolved overnight.

Because there is no way to get rid of a spell that harms people, unless it is helped by skilled magicians, other methods will be completely useless. Because this is the spiritual realm, not the mundane realm. Although the curse will fade over time, but by the time it wears off, the person under the spell has long since broken up, gone bankrupt, lost his body, lost his name, and is nowhere to be found. Therefore, when you have a problem, you should ask Master Pa vi to solve it as quickly as possible.

The person who was helped by Master Pa Vi to solve the ban and help the business thrive again

Share the story of a person who asked Pa vi to solve the curse of a cursed hole:

“Hello Pa! I run the hotel business, I bought the hotel more than 1 year ago. I was fine at first, but when I saw that I could do business, the old owner’s sister opened a hotel nearby to lure me back. As far as I know, this old sister used a charm to harm talented people, so I was also scared. My business has been declining for a few months now, sir. If I don’t solve it soon, I will go bankrupt. Now that I have met Mr. Pa Vi, I would like to ask him to help me solve the charm and help me to have a solid business. I hope Master Pa Vi can help me, thank you!”