What is UI UX? – UX Design is a new but very important and potential industry. But really a UX Designer should have what personality or qualities? How will UX Designers coordinate with other functions? This article will answer those questions.

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What is UI UX? – You should read more about What is UX Design? How to become a UX/UI designer is shared by Mr. Le Anh Quang – A long-term UX design with a lot of real-world experience in big IT companies in Vietnam.

The work of UX Designer in a product development team In a product development team, the UX designer has a very important position. UX Designer is the bridge between customers and programmers, who decodes customer insights, reconciles with business goals and turns it into features, interactions, and interfaces for products.

– Communication skills: UX Designer must communicate with many different departments with different specialties, effectively communicating information, whether it is from customers to technical or marketing and sales departments. business.

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Understanding Psychology: Almost all UX Designers, at various times in their careers, explore and delve into psychological theories and elements.

Persuasion skills: UX Designers must convince not only themselves but also other team members, technicians and product managers to follow their design philosophy and apply their results.

– Problem understanding skills: they can see past the surface manifestations of the problem and identify the right core problem that needs to be solved.

– Design and prototype skills: you need to be able to create a prototype in a short time so that you can quickly test and improve it. Besides, in most cases you have to finish a finished product yourself. Therefore, equipping expertise in graphic design, interface, product is necessary.

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Basic technical knowledge: a little technical knowledge is very helpful. If you have a technical background is also very good. This is also an advantage when you understand the possibilities and limitations of technology to build good solutions.

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Data analysis skills combined with creative thinking: data analysis is necessary when you have to work on large or stable projects. Creative thinking, on the contrary, is a joy of the profession. You can stay up to date with trends, have fun with small interactions, and create interesting things for your products.