With large e-commerce sites, there are days when there are millions of visits per second. So what is the solution of architects – architects in the above situations? Let’s talk with Mr. Tran Phong Phu – Solution Architect from Sendo to learn from his experience in giving an overview to have solutions for each problem of the system.

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On the occasion of big promotions (October 10, 11/11, …) the number of visitors increased. So how to prevent the system from slowing down or crashing?

This I think technically almost everyone has an understanding of the system, so dealing with these is the same. For example, Tiki, as you know how the program “Capture her soul”, most of the time in this case we prepare a script, simulate the situation, so we can prepare the infrastructure, All the situations we have to deal with, We build such platforms so that when the traffic comes in, it fits our scenario, not that we’re taken by surprise. Because when the system crashes, for example, when I run the program at 12 o’clock, sometimes it crashes, it takes me half an hour to an hour to fix it, it’s almost past the golden hour frame, so it’s not necessary, basically are the foundations that have to be established to deal with such a thing. Many times we only want 1 but offer up to 5 or 10, we can do that.

What is the risk of collapse when many times I prepare but many situations arise?

Like I said earlier, I want 1 but I can prepare from 5 to 10, so since I joined the company I work for, for example Sendo, I have never witnessed those things, the consequences. that no one thought would happen. Also in terms of the system, there will be times when there are flickers, basically I will design some system, almost the user experience at that time is simply when I see something very hot, their users go to it and they buy it, the experience is very simple, click on the product they have prepared before, they buy it, they press the button and they pay, I just don’t have the flow That’s it, it’s smooth, but the users don’t come in to do other things, in general, the system mobilization is a bit large to meet that flow. Personally, I see e-commerce companies, or any company, not can fail in that situation.

Since graduation, have you always followed the Solution Architect path, or did you have a career path you set out and followed it, or did you try different positions and ultimately choose this path?

I also never thought that what I did was to become a Solution Architect. Only now do I understand that it is very difficult for a developer to graduate from school to choose that path, it’s like when I succeed I go back and paint my career path, it makes more sense. . Everyone wants to be successful, so simply a graduate student what they want is success, that success depends on the stage. For example, I have been working for more than 10 years, every time I think about success, it is different. For example, when I was young, I just graduated from school, my success was something that sounded arrogant, like being a leader so that I could earn a lot of money, later on, I saw my success differently. For the time being, I have enough food and clothing, so now I want to contribute my value to the company and the community. I’ve been working for 10 years now, the difficulties while I’m at work, I want a leader with a heart, they train me, they guide me, they act as a mentor for me, then I realize I need to do so, need to have such responsibility to support you guys back. In myself I need to change that mindset, make me know what I want to do and I invest in my strengths, which I think I do well. The reason why Sendo chose me to become a Solution Architect, or in the past at companies who designed systems, is because before I was the one who built the infrastructure, for example, when I make it, I will bear the responsibility. responsibility comes with it. I can’t always be right from the beginning, but when something goes wrong, I’m the one responsible for fixing it, then I get the trust of my mentor, my leader, they give me their support. chance to practice it.

Can you clarify more about what it’s like to be a conscientious leader?

I think in my life experience, more than 10 years of working, when everyone works together, what I call colleagues and brothers is just temporary, I can work for that company 3, 5, 6 years, but you guys keep going in and out. So what is a leader with a heart, then I believe in a person, when I meet a deadlock, that person will show, help me, where I am wrong and how should I do it right, do myself strong, I can have enough feathers, enough wings, can I continue to contribute to that company or do I have I can leave to move to another position, I do it, I develop myself. A leader, mentor has a heart like a brother with a heart, can’t let his brothers and colleagues hide behind his shadow forever. For me, that is the heart.

When taking on the position of Solution Architect, how did you imagine that job? And is it actually what you imagine it to be?

I graduated from university, I’m a bachelor or engineer something, that’s like a standard certificate provided by the ministry. A person who meets such a standard almost has a background in mathematics, in philosophy, or something similar, almost from the same background. As for the company position, I talk about a very simple position like senior, here they are senior but there is not necessarily senior. A position like full-stack developer, in another place they define full including devops or this and that, and in another place, he knows how to do web, he knows how to do back-end, front-end like that. full stack already. So is the position of solution architect, depending on the company’s positioning in this and that role. For the position of solution architect, I hear people say that the Architect position needs to have 4 orientations or see people working on strategy, on tactics, or working on articles or planning. Most restaurants are more inclined towards the lower areas, not about strategy, mainly about tactics, emplacement, planning. For example, when the company assigns me something, I think about placement, in terms of techniques and tactics. For example, math problems must really require thinking, about how to do it, not just jumping in and doing it. For example, I do a math problem about notifications, e-commerce, a user has a lot of devices, I don’t know which user uses and there are tens of millions of such users. Of course, the platforms I hear now simply exist, such as Google Drive Space and this and that it’s shot, so what do I care about it. Suppose I need statistics about the number of notifications who read and have not read, I have to save that user information with the message read or not True – False, it is up to millions of messages, in general the number is terrible, and many months the number is even more terrible. And each shot of such a marketing message can completely cause congestion or stagnation. The question is, do I need a strategy and a way to make sure I can meet the requirement and just develop that feature without getting stuck, if the system crashes, I’m stuck. I can do it by planning, what step 1 does, what step 2 does, usually his work is like that.

Can you summarize the concept of Solution Architect from your point of view? Did you mention Solution Architect is related to tactics, so what are other positions like Technical Architecture or Structure Architecture related to (such as strategy or other aspects)?

I can learn about large organizations, when defining roles, I can look at it in general. But in the interview, I shared about Software Architect in favor of emplacement, in strategy, and for example Technical Architect in favor of strategy plus emplacement, which is the organizations people do. When I say that a person working in software, in terms of himself, he needs to have certain skills, in short, a person who works in engineering needs technical skills is a definite condition, but in addition It is necessary to have business understanding, business people have worked hard to find customers, but technical people who do not understand business blame customers for being stupid, then it will be difficult for the two parties to communicate with each other. Then I have to understand the process to make everything work smoothly, the bigger an organization, the more complete the process. Finally, the skill we all need to learn for life, it’s really difficult, it’s the skill of communication, building good relationships, like a relationship. Now I hear somewhere on facebook, or somewhere that people share a lot of stories related to statistics of a top university in the world, a 70-year research survey says that “Relation The relationship between people determines success”, I don’t talk about how right or wrong that is or how I apply it, but I know how it affects me with good communication skills, That is, good communication skills help me express my ideas to others to understand and others will look at it and understand me, sometimes they sympathize with me. For example, simply, two men have the same qualifications, both men are equally good, why when the other man says something, the boss or mentor knows everything, but when I say it, people are skeptical, That’s because the skill I impart may be part of the relationship between those two and trust too, but the communication skill is very important. Then the relationship between people means that I can’t be separated, but I keep reading books Packing teaches people to do this and that, so it will become very mechanical, we can’t bring out books and treat people. In my opinion, the relationship between people comes from sincerity, for example, when I work, it’s very simple, everyone asks me anything I answer, very enthusiastic, nothing to hide, I know. say whatever. Assuming that when I am wrong, my colleagues correct me, it is also an opportunity for me to improve, I correct myself, not everyone knows everything, everything is good. So, I show that every person who works as a developer or software in the IT field, not only a solution architect, needs to focus on those 4 skills.

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For those of you who want to follow the Solution Architect path, do you have any advice for your starting point and learning path?

Like I said earlier, it’s very difficult for me to advise someone who graduated from school to follow the path of Solution Architect, how do I convince others that I’m good, now I’ll take charge solution architect position in my company, I do this position, I will bring great benefit to you; It’s very difficult to say so. For example, Topdev had Mr. Binh go, I walked over to me and said “Brother, you should get rid of those guys, let me be the solution architect, of course you will feel extremely confused, and you will not know how to be; either he thinks his father is arrogant or looks good but is not sure if he dares to admit it; Because my company is organized, there are people who have contributed and have companions, so I can’t see one person and leave the other, it has many factors that make a leader – the person who agrees to accept me as a solution architect – they have to consider, I have to meet the conditions not only myself, I can do it. But as I shared earlier, how as a developer in the process of developing myself, I develop in accordance with my stage; That is, I find out at that stage what skills I need and I develop it. For example, I just graduated from school, one of the things I lack is technical skills, because at school, people teach in general, not in order to get out of a certain company, they teach in general so that person can come out and get out. I can swim anywhere and of course I also have to perfect the remaining skills that I don’t teach at school, in terms of languages, systems, tactics, databases and all that I don’t know, then I continue. Continue to improve business skills. And of course, first of all, I’m a fresh graduate, no one has ever exchanged business with me, I’ve never seen anyone like that, because I’m not very reliable, I’m a new graduate who goes out to the bathroom. talking about business is a bit childish, for example; then talk about the process, the people who work on the process must have experience to do the process, but if I am young, if I enter the process, everything will be messed up, then later I grow up, I become a senior Then of course I talk about building good relationships, I mean when I was young I also had but that was with friends and colleagues only, but also building relationships that I want to talk about when I also work smoothly. I think everyone goes through stages and stages of life like that, at some point becoming a Solution Architect the manager position, or maybe I choose to become a normal programmer position, that’s it. My choice, happy with that choice. For example, I work as a Solution Architect, and I always have to argue, convince others, it takes a lot of energy and takes a lot of time, I think about this and that, I don’t have time to take care of my family. children, but when I’m a programmer, I get up and I get the right task and I do it and of course I also create all the good things in this world and then I go home and eat and sleep well, that’s my choice. life’s choice.

Why did you switch to E-commerce? Is it because of some potential or is there a challenge that you want to explore?

Everything comes naturally to me, when I was young when I was young when I applied for a job, I did it wherever I was, just like when I worked at Gameloft, but when I worked on Gameloft I learned a lot of things. good. In big companies they have a lot of good things for me to learn, like I think in a small company of course it has a problem and then I know it, but when it comes to big companies, it’s even worse. many more problems and how to learn to operate such a large machine is a challenge, if you look at it and study it closely, you will see how they solve it very well. At Gameloft is a very large company, operating with a classroom, newcomers are trained in a methodical way, the job has tools so that when delivered to each person, it is clear and coherent; a company with a huge back-end of technically good people, so when I was there I learned a lot. Lesson The first thing I learned at Gameloft was that my colleagues were very passionate, had a very long vision, at that time I graduated from school, I didn’t understand why they had such a vision, and it Help me set my aspirations to be like them. The second time, I understand how the pressure of business people is. In the past, when I went to work, when I just graduated from high school, the men who did business went to work, he ate what he said, didn’t he say anything, he couldn’t work but I was tired, but when I made a mistake, I went to my desk. I was alone in a very high position, the second highest in the company, I told him he would explain the mistakes I made, wrote in the email, I accidentally scrolled through and I saw an email like this, like superiors too, overseas send emails, very brief, first one is hello, second one is explaining what is going on, why is there a mistake like this and all this love Requests must be answered immediately within the next 15 minutes. I feel like I’m Vietnamese, my boss is doing a terrible job in Sendo, everyone has to respect him, but how could he receive an email with such raw content, then I think that’s how big a position is. This man is under tremendous pressure, not simply seeing him sitting there all day and playing and doing nothing. Since then, I feel sympathy for my management position, they are under a lot of pressure, that is the first lesson when I worked at Gameloft I received. After that, I worked for an outsourcing company, also worked on products, but in the company, there was a product development company specializing in data collection and split into a company called Unit Media, to do data collection and analysis. There are also many lessons there, where I really matured technically. That is, the requirement of that product, sounds simple but it’s complicated like this, I have to collect data as quickly as possible, the content that Vietnamese people exchange in Vietnamese has in all channels. Information like facebook, youtube, forums or even comments of sites like VnExpress, I have to collect them as quickly as possible so that my customers like Vietjet can know that my customers are complaining. something in a very short time, i.e. within 5 to 15 minutes they already know someone said something bad about them, so that the media handling team can intervene in time, assess the situation, review and review how to solve. I often hear about working on big data or about AI, that’s the first time I’ve done a project with such characteristics, ie the amount of data collected is a lot, how do I process and calculate smartly? that to handle such a huge amount of data, it helps me to be technically mature. Then later I worked at Sendo, Sendo is a big and fast growing company, so it requires me to design a system that can adapt to such rapid development, as well as I have a large number of users and volume. traffic is large, and I also have to design the system to meet those needs. Regarding e-commerce, companies are interested in security factors, so I also have to learn such things, that’s all I think I learned during the process of working at my company. Going back to my question “what chance did it turn to e-commerce”, actually I think it’s the same as many people, that is, the day before I went to work, I also had good colleagues, until you left. the position I worked with, they developed in another place, then I also matured and needed to find another more challenging environment, before that I had good relationships, that brother understands the ability and introduced me to another place that was right for me and I continued to take on new challenges, and that’s when I went into e-commerce, and I felt it was the right decision.

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Can you share a successful case that made you proudest as well as a failure case that taught you many memorable lessons?

The most successful case was when I used to work at Gameloft, every year there are competitions for developers in the company to compete against each other, that is, bring a game with the same antagonistic nature as when I play chess, for example. At that time it was a badminton game, I would upgrade the 2 algorithms together to compete with each other, then I see that every year there are events that can’t be organized, like using a software that available, to provide algorithms, people gathered around the desktop to see, then I decided to bring all kinds to build the application as well as the rotating application, everyone would submit the applications. my apps, then the apps will be filtered and somehow it will randomly randomize the algorithms to compete or let the uploader they can choose a certain amount of information, I know there are a few guys in it. write a very good algorithm to compete with him, then I program it so that it divides the table with each other, competes to the match final to stop there and then I’ll do a livestream on the whole, at Gameloft it calls studios because it makes games, and the right word for it is called video game, not really about games, ie it’s like the movie industry That’s the picture, it’s not just a technical industry and I call the place that develops the game office the studio, the person who produces the game is the producer, I call the people who work on the graphic designer I call the artist, then I make an app that I show on, because Gameloft it has many studios, like in Saigon there is Saigon 1, Saigon 2, it has Da Nang, then I show them all on it for everyone to participate in that game. , and I see it’s just a student who has just graduated from school for 1-2 years and I do that job, it’s attractive, it makes an impression on all programmers, it’s very proud. About the mistake that I made, when I worked at YouNet Media in the past, besides working on Social Hit – 3 years later, it was successful, going back to sales to sell to 1 customer of my application, then in the next 3 years, I had to go back to work. When I went to the product, in general, I also took short and long, I also had to do projects called outsourcing at that time, there was a very big occasion for VNG, I don’t remember clearly it was my 10th birthday. or their 15 years, the company confirmed to make an album to give everyone a lookback of the journey they went to with VNG as well as they shared an mp3 video, I made those to make an album they lookback just like what facebook does. I did that and it failed because I couldn’t evaluate it, for VNG the product must be so complete that it is very meticulous and precise because in the past, when I worked at Sendo, my customers Usually it’s just a small customer, the second one is just a business customer and those business standards are what business people do together, I do simple engineering that forces me to do 1, I only do 1, but when I do This story is released as end user, external users come in and when a VNG product comes out, what message does it have, like wishing everyone a look back on the journey they have come to VNG then the expectations of their users are very great, but the product comes out with a combination of big data, so it crashes, this and that, I didn’t anticipate that so the final product had to stop. If I don’t run anymore, that makes me very sad, but only later did I learn one thing that is such a product, an individual like me I can’t do it, that’s the lesson I learned.

Can you point out which technology is worth using and its pros/cons?

Well, I think these questions, you guys do technical things or ask questions and look for answers, I personally think that the question has some right and wrong points. In my opinion, the language of a programmer should learn at least 2 languages ​​and should be good at at least 2 languages, for example, I can be good at both PHP and Golang, or PHP and NodeJS. For example, in terms of Database, I should be good at both building relational databases like MySQL and non-relational databases like MongoDB, which I also call NoSQL. In terms of frameworks, I should know at least 2, I think that’s because it helps me have a broader view than 1 problem, because I’m always thinking about 1 thing, so I narrow myself down. me and see myself in something, when we look wide in 2 directions, it will be reciprocal and compatible with each other, for example the other it does this, the other it does that, 2 that can’t be the same, so I can understand the Creators of that language what they think, what philosophy they have, what point of view they have in themselves. And that’s what when I know those things, it’s like I’ve learned from the forefathers, from the super brains, the people who designed the language, the framework, that they have a mindset. system is very good, thinking about this organization and that, and that’s what makes us call ourselves broad knowledge, not only deep but wide.

Can you share what mistakes someone as experienced as you can still make and how that changed you?

One of the mistakes I often make, for example, is that I measure the problem below what the problem can actually face. Because I can be subjective based on my experience, the second thing is that I don’t receive enough information sources, it’s not what other people hide from me, but because in the process of exchanging and talking with each other, I have It can be easy to miss such information, leading to what I estimate, I often under that level, for example, normal programmers, often oversimplify the assigned tasks, because when the manager thinks okay, they divided the task to make it as small as possible for everyone, but the manager has the error of estimating a problem to be below that threshold, leading to so many failed projects. Those are the substitute words manager often, but for ordinary technical people like me, the common mistakes are that I lack a skill, for example, I don’t fully appreciate the consequences of problems related to network finance, security, me. I can’t assess at some point, the network with its bandwidth will have problems, and then I don’t know what security holes it has in my organization, or what errors. but it can happen, because security holes are not necessarily about good technical factors, but also about human factors, operating the system, it’s very difficult to give yourself any insight. but improve on it or prevent such things, so it will still happen.

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In your opinion, is the potential of applying AI in detecting frauds in the E-Commerce field possible? Or what challenges will there be? (about human resources, structure, systems, processes…)

Actually, the problems with AI, I also worked on big data before, the biggest challenge of AI is how to increase the accuracy of the problem I do, because it’s not human, it requires a machine. must have great accuracy, if it is not as large as expected, what will happen, that is, people will suspect that the value layer still has accuracy and errors, for example, we if the person is a fraud, but not a fraud, the person who is not a cheat is mistaken for a fraud, so it will have a lot of negative feedback from customers.

Back to Solution Architect, in your opinion, what are the 3 prerequisites required for this position?

I also want this to mean that not only in a resolute position, I would like to reiterate not the position of solution architect but for a programmer, the first and most important thing is the construction technique. To build, technical skills must be built on the factor that most of them have to learn by themselves, no one can guide or teach them, while others teach or share with them because both 2 realize the lack of this person, I can learn from this person, I learn from the other, so I must be a self-learner so that I can share knowledge with others and receive from others. For the rest, the skill of self-study is extremely important for me, review the things that you need first for you to develop yourself, to become a good programmer, then a senior or a person. specializes in being an architect, the first is self-study skills, its goal is that not everything you will know in school, or everything you will learn. I get from other people, but that knowledge is on the internet, in frameworks, or in opensources, or in articles, shared articles, there are many channels, or educational channels, I have to When I learn it, I reach out to my brothers and sisters, I share it and get back the opposite sharing from other pieces of knowledge other people have for me, then I improve myself. Talking about self-study, one of the characteristics I think is the ability to record all that has been learned, use my mind to remember and self-in a work environment it is under pressure and under a lot of stress. straight, i.e. sometimes i will forget what i did the other day, so i have to record everything i learn, i develop my skills, block all the information i learn, the the error that I have encountered to review myself, or will I share it with the juniors, who I will become your direct trainer. The second is the skill of understanding. , understanding about other people’s work, because I have to understand for the business department, like when I work for an outsourcing company in the style of finding and taking from customers to do the job, it is very difficult. I also understand for my colleagues, they also have difficulties in certain jobs, that is, when I go to work, I cannot wait for other people’s mistakes to let me know. attack them, I have to look out, sympathize, he did wrongmain will sympathize with him doing HM, and vice versa, that thing helps me get closer and understand them.

In my opinion, building an effective dev team is very important and needs many different factors. Can you share any tips or advice? And do you use forms like pair programming, cross-training, etc. or create conditions for juniors to try?

Like you said, the desire to be a good colleague of others is my wish, my thinking is very simple, I don’t want anyone to follow my shadow, I want everyone to follow along. walk with me, move forward with me, so that technology or things that I can help my colleagues directly or quietly, I try to do both, but The real battle required is like doing the ritual pairwork, which is the company’s software development method, its company If there’s a need, I’ll just do it, no problem, but with all my feelings and thoughts, I must have the mindset that always pushes the brothers to go forward, that is, if there are trials challenge, or learn something or I also think about how to make people like it, want to learn that, and want to do that, personally, I always want that, then with such thoughts, so I am afraid of the person with whom I share everything, know everyone, help people understand the problem, then when I understand well, everyone will understand that I If you want to do it or not, and understand that sometimes it will be interesting and interesting, people will want to do it, and I am bad at what being a good manager is like caring about the mind. When it comes to love, family, love, or them in other respects, I’m not very good in that area, like things like sometimes love affairs with each other are also a bit off. I’m confused, I have to give feedback or how should I answer that question, if my answer is superficial, I think other people will be sad, but the question is that I think to answer correctly, If we have to dig into that relationship, then I don’t have that kind of inclination.

How does one determine that they should follow the Solution Architect path? Do you have any advice for anyone looking to get into this career?

If I really have the determination to become a top talent in terms of SQL, then like I have watched a video of Mr. Tung Nguyen’s TopDev, first I worked as a head on engineering Tiki, then after a while I also had a meeting. Sitting and talking with him, in a coffee shop, it’s like he shared, in general, to become the top talent in SQL, it means that I write good code, methodically, I have to verify and test these things. software like real QC, I can deploy and deliver my product like a DevOps in a complete way, then I can enjoy the sharing of photos, the second way is to look at the personalities of people like Mr. Tung Nguyen, he is a calm person, a careful person, an intelligent person but humble, because I have to determine what I do, and all those things I will have to learn, then I must have someone, a colleague to share me, to help me, then with such a successful personality and work I can refer to, learn, look at and learn from. Sometime to compare with himself, with Tung’s personality, he is very easy to share with others, easy to receive other support, can work together to find out if the problem is not correct, to complete it. , then I think that’s the model that a successful person wants to refer to.

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