30 English questions to ask and answer questions – In life, we often have to ask about each other’s health and life.

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Any news? Any news?

What’s news?What’s new?

What’s the news? Any news?

What’s the latest?What’s the latest news?

Still alive? Still alive?

Still alive and kicking?Still living in peace?

Are you well? How are you?

In good shape, are you?How are you?

Are you feeling alright today?How are you today?

Are you better now? Are you better now?

How was your weekend?How was your weekend?

Did you have a good weekend?Did you have a good weekend?

How are you?How are you?

How have you been lately? How are you (health) these days?

How are you feeling?How are you?

How are you going?How are you?

How are you keeping?How are you/ How are you?

How are you getting on?Are you still there?

How are you getting along?Are you still there?

How’s it going?How are things with you?

How’s your family?How’s your family?

How’s life?How’s your life?

How’s life treating you? Is your life still normal?

How are things? How are things?

How are things with you?How is your work?

How are things going with you?How’s your work going?

How goes it? How does business?

How goes it with you?How’s business these days?

What are you up to nowadays?Do you have any plans these days?

What are you up to these days? Any plans now?

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I trust you’re keeping well?Are you sure you are well?

I hope you are well I hope you are well

I hope all goes well with youHope everything goes well


Well, thanksKook, thanks

Pretty well, thanks I’m fine, thanks

Fine, thanksKhoi, thank you

Good, thanksGood, thanks

OK, thanks Good enough, thanks

Still aliveNormal

Still alive and kickingCasual

Full of beans Full of energy

First rateToo strong

In the best of healthExtremely healthy

Couldn’t be betterCan’t be better

I’ve never felt betterBetter than ever

Not complainingNo complaining at all

No complaints!No complaints at all!

Can’t complain!Can’t complain!

Mustn’t complain!No complaints!


Not badNot bad

Not so badNot so bad

Not too badNot too bad

Rotten Out of breath

Couldn’t be worseCan’t be worse

Everything’s terribleEverything is terrible

Everything as usualEverything is normal

Nothing newNothing new

Surviving. ThanksStill exists. Thanks

Much the same as usualAs always

Thanks for caring, mate.

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Glad to be here with youThank you for your interest. Nice to meet you here. (Intimate)

Better than yesterday, but not as good as I will be tomorrow Better than yesterday but not as good as tomorrow