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What is Granite Tiles?

As one of the most popular materials for facing bricks, granite tiles are increasingly being used in modern buildings. However, the exact concept of granite tiles is probably still unknown to many people.

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→ Considering the composition

In general, considering the composition, granite brick is a type of brick with about 70% stone powder and the remaining 30% is clay, additives to create hardness. However, this brick division is currently only relative because each brick brand will have its own production methods with different proportions of stone powder and clay.

The composition of stone powder in granite tiles is very high, helping to create hardness and durability for the product

→ In terms of physical properties

Currently, brick classification by physical properties is applied most of all. Accordingly, tiles with water absorption of less than 0.05% will be classified as granite.

99 new trending granite tile samples 2021

Top models of granite floor tiles 600×600

Floor tiles 600×600 is the mid-range brick size being used most at construction sites. Therefore, this tile size has a variety of designs to make it easier for you to choose. Here is a summary of 600×600 granite tile samples that you can refer to:

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» Taicera tiles

The G68215 tile model has a dark gray color, Matt enamel surface helps prevent slipping effectively

Taicera G68714 tile is Matt ceramic tile with effective anti-slip ability

P67312N tile is a white glossy glass tile that effectively expands the space, so it is very popular

P67771N brick is a luxurious golden-brown glossy glass tile suitable for homeowners of Kim, Tho

Tile P67763N is Taicera’s outstanding cream-colored glazed tile. With elegant colors, good quality, this tile is often used in large spaces with a lot of movement.

» Mikado Tiles

Mikado MECO609 tiles with a combination of 2 colors yellow brown and light brown create a perfect wood grain pattern that brings natural beauty to the space.

Mikado MP6202 tiles possess a more elegant and luxurious white color when combined with gray furniture

Mikado MSU6003 brick is a luxurious black gray stone imitation brick model, suitable for many projects

Mikado VG6008 brick with a combination of 2 shades of black brown and yellow brown brings elegance and novelty to the space owned.

» Other brands of floor tiles

PLATINUM003 brick is a 60×60 Dong Tam brick, which is a luxurious stone-gray gray brick code

Viglacera TM-602 brick is a rather luxurious black gray brick model that brings mystery and politeness to the space.

Prime 09761 granite tiles with luxurious wood grain textures bring a space close to nature

The M6011 tile model has imitation stone texture and good anti-slip Matt enamel surface, suitable for families with the elderly and children.

M6012 brick is a stone pattern tile with luxurious golden brown color and Matt enamel surface for good anti-slip

Bach Ma brick M6013 possesses luxurious colors, bringing class to the space owned

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EP69003 Italian American brick has a luxurious, close-to-nature natural wood grain texture

The Italian-American tile model P65008 has a glossy surface and elegant colors that bring special elegance

Price list of granite tiles 800×800 Nice model 2021

With large sizes, most of the 800×800 sizes are high-quality porcelain tiles with good bearing capacity, diverse designs, specialized for large spaces such as halls, commercial centers, etc. You can refer to the price list below to easily find the right tile model!

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Comparison of granite and porcelain tiles

Are granite and porcelain tiles the same tile or are they different in composition? That is the concern of most customers when they do not fully understand their concepts.

Granite tiles are porcelain tiles

✓ In fact, porcelain tiles are just another name for granite tiles, so they are completely indistinguishable.

✓ Many people think that porcelain tiles are semi-porcelain tiles, with a different structure than granite tiles. But in fact, the new cemi-porcelain brick is a semi-porcelain tile with a water absorption between 0.5 and 3%. Meanwhile, the water absorption of granite tiles is less than 0.5%.

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What are the most popular types of Porcelain tiles?

Granite tiles are currently produced with many different lines according to their own technologies to serve the needs and uses of each project.

♦ Homogeneous brick

This is the leading high-class brick today because of the infinite production process same modern. Homogeneous brick is a type of brick with identical surface and bone because there is no glaze on top. The advantage of this type of tile is good scratch resistance (because there is no enamel coating), luxurious and suitable for modern design trends.

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There is no difference between the layer of brick bone and the surface of homogeneous bricks

♦ 2 skin brick

The 2-skin brick is divided into 2 parts: the base bone layer and the colored bone layer. The advantage of this brick line is that it has high hardness, colorfastness and high aesthetics.

♦ Glazed tiles

This is a type of tile that has a layer of enamel on the surface to create textures and colors

This is the type of tile that is being produced and applied in the largest number of granite tiles. Glazed tiles with enamel coating on the surface will have a variety of designs and types of surface effects. Can be subdivided into 2 types: non-glazed and glazed tiles.

→ Non-glazed tiles: They are further divided into 4 types: glossy enamel, semi-gloss enamel, matte glaze and dry glaze.

→ Enamel grinding bricks: There are 2 types of enamel grinding: full and partial grinding. With this line of bricks, the manufacturer can create many different types of bricks: nanotechnology bricks, sugar effect, carving marble, soluble salt glaze…

In addition, this line of tiles also has a very popular type of tile, which is digital porcelain tile. This name comes from the application of digital printing technology to create realistic and vivid textures for products.

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Comparison of Taicera, Thach Ban, Viglacera, Prime, Dong Tam granite tiles