Effective time management skills will help you achieve much success in work and life. That’s why with the same amount of time, but some people are very successful, some people do not do anything.

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Time management skills are indispensable life skills to create successful people. Especially, for busy people, this skill is even more important. It helps you know how to schedule each task and no work is left out or left over.

2. The importance of time management skills at work

4. Effective time management skills 5. Time management skills with the 80/20 rule

1. Concept of time management skills

Time management is the process of planning and organizing time for specific, detailed activities for set goals. The better your time management skills, the more effective your time will be. The effectiveness of time management is judged on the result of completion, not on how fast or slow it is.

What are time management skills? It is the skill of planning and organizing time for specific activities

2. The importance of time management skills at work

Why is time management necessary? There are only 24 hours in a day, 365 days in a year. So how can you complete all the goals and plans you have set? All thanks to effective time management. Here are 3 important meanings of time management skills:

2.1. Helps increase work productivity

Knowing how to manage your time will help you organize your daily plans and tasks in order of priority, the most important to do first, the less important to do later. With this list, your productivity will definitely increase in a suspicious way.

What does effective time management mean?

The better the time management skills, the more effective the prevention of wasting time. From there, you will have time to enhance your creativity thanks to the time that is organized effectively.

2.2. Exercise decision making ability, relieve pressure

Lack of time management skills will lead to a lot of pressure at work, leading to wrong decisions because not enough time is allowed. On the contrary, if you know how to manage time, you will not only meet the deadline, but also have time to think and make informed decisions for yourself.

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Why is it important to manage time effectively? It is a way to relieve work pressure.

2.3. Limit bad habits, create motivation for action

Bad habits such as procrastination, not knowing how to say no, poor organization will cause immeasurable harm to individuals and groups. Therefore, effective time management will help you get rid of those habits. At the same time, create motivation to carry out the planned goals and precise timetable.

Bad habits are factors that affect time management

3. Benefits of effective time management skills

There is time to develop yourself by making time for exercise, meditation, yoga, etc. every morning.

Mentally ready for big plans.

Work effectively by arranging specific time for each task.

Make a list of exactly what you need to do.

Helps you break bad habits that waste time.

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Make you self-disciplined.

Helps the brain focus.

Benefits of effective time management

4. Effective time management skills

Time management is an important issue that needs attention in today’s planning. It requires trying and mastering the time to accomplish the set goals. Here are 6 skills to help you manage your time effectively:

4.1. Set goals

This is the first step in the most scientific method of time management. When you have a clear goal, you will know what you need to do to achieve it. However, you need to make a specific plan for the tasks that need to be done. Because when you master your time, you won’t let it go to waste.

Setting clear goals is the first step in effective time management

4.2. To-do list

Once you’ve identified a goal, you need to make a to-do list to accomplish that goal. This makes it easy to manage your precious time. The clearer the work, the higher the level of completion.

List tasks to do with checklist

4.3. Sort the tasks in order of priority

After listing the tasks to do, take a moment to review which tasks are important to do first, which are less important to do later. This arrangement helps you not to rush or stress about missing important things. On the contrary, it also helps you to have time to tackle other tasks on time.

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Prioritize tasks for good time management best

4.4. Give up bad habits

In the process of achieving your goals, you will inevitably encounter bad habits, which will interrupt the performance of tasks. Therefore, you should make a list of those habits, remove them from your life logically. The best way to get rid of bad habits is to replace them with good ones.

The most effective time management skill is to change bad habits

4.5. Summary

Before the end of the working day, should you summarize to see the work you have done and failed to do? How much time is spent? Is it as in the plan or not? What is the reason for not doing it? From there, you have an overview of the work and re-plan the plan to suit your abilities.

Summarize the planned work

4.6. Never stop learning

In addition to the main daily work and study, do not miss the opportunity to participate in soft skills courses, experience sharing sessions, etc. Reading is also a method of fostering knowledge for yourself. Thereby, you have the ability to think and master problems, making it easier for you to succeed.

Constantly learning to improve knowledge and skills for yourself

5. Time management skills with the 80/20 rule

Steven Covey, author of the famous book “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” said that “Our challenge is not to manage our time, but to manage ourselves”. Therefore, to be successful in management, you need to know how to effectively manage your work during the precious 24 hours of the day. Try the 80/20 rule of time management below:

5.1. Challenge yourself with a “thick” work schedule

How many things do you plan to do in a day? If you set a goal of completing 1 task in a day, you will only accomplish that 1 task. However, if you set a goal of getting two things done each day, you’ll get both done. If you set a goal of completing 10 things, would you do them all? Of course you will be overwhelmed and only get 7-8 things done. Challenge yourself with a very thick schedule, it will stimulate your ability to work very effectively.

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Challenge yourself with a thick schedule following the 80/20 rule of time management

5.2. High concentration to completely solve the work

Apply the principle of “completely solving one job at a time” so that you do not fall into the situation of holding on to too many things, making the work less effective. In addition, the saying “Don’t leave today to do tomorrow” is also appropriate in this situation.

Apply the principle of focusing on solving one job at a time

5.3. Develop fast reading skills

Successful managers are super-fast readers. Imagine every day you receive hundreds of emails from employees, bosses and other emails, how do you read all of them in 1 day? Where is the secret? Instead of reading it word for word, you should read the main idea of ​​the email. If you spend 15 minutes a day practicing, in a short time, your reading speed will double.

Practice speed reading in the 80/20 . rule

5.4. Spend 1 hour a day for yourself

Set aside 1 hour a day for yourself to read a book, learn to swim, cook, research a business plan for the future. If you spend 1 hour a day, in a year you will have 365 hours to do the things you complain you don’t have time for. Spend 1 hour researching your favorite field, you will become an expert in 5 years, you know?

The 80/20 rule for effective time management

6. Training course on time management skills

Time management is an extremely important skill for everyone. It determines our success or failure. Therefore, participating in courses to share experiences, life skills, and effective time management are essential for those who do not know how to manage their own time.

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The class: “Time management skills” at riclix.com will help you have a good time management method, not letting time go by in vain and waste. In addition, you also have the ability to set goals, plan specific work after finishing the course.