Import-Export has many different positions in which the position of field staff – ops(Operations) is recruited quite a lot in businesses suitable for young people, especially men. Find out what this profession has to do, the specific requirements of the profession to know when interested readers and learn through VinaTrain’s professional articles shared in this article.

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Duy Nguyen and many other readers have inboxed the center as follows: “I am a beginner in the field of import and export, after completing a professional course, an acquaintance introduced me to work as a field worker on the Internet. Noi Bai for an import-export service company, but I don’t know what this job needs to do and whether there are strict requirements for professional qualifications and foreign languages ​​”

Duy’s question is also the question of many people today, in addition, the issue many people care about is whether the income of field staff is good, endurance in the profession or why it is only suitable for men. will share more with you in this article, although it is a bit long, do not rush to next page.

Field staff – What is Ops

?Ops – stands for Operations- field staff often found in import-export service companies (Forwarder – Logistics) – Commercial production company .. The most common feature of the field position is working outside the port, airport, warehouse, and less at the office.

In addition, this job does not require too high a professional level of import and export. Of course, if you are a professional, it is great that will help you have a lot of passive income in addition to salary.

This job is not too difficult, needs to be done a lot, knows the year to catch the situation, not afraid of hard sun and rain.

Field staff are always under pressure from various factors

So briefly, what should field staff do?

The work of the field delivery staff every day

It’s really difficult to list all the work of the delivery staff every day they have to do, because depending on each field, the company’s specific products and the delivery time. However, we will also list a few general characteristics that Ops field workers need to do:

Responsible for delivery – receipt of export – import documents from sales/docs. At the same time, it is responsible for completing the necessary procedures for the export or import of goods for the company such as tax payment, customs clearance, etc. Support customers and businesses to handle trouble related to goods are employees. Directly with the customs, it is necessary to have experience in handling situations skillfully to get your job done. Should work on the scene without being able to stand it, will quit the job soon. Ensure the principle of maximum export on schedule, import goods on time, ensure customs clearance and export, support post-clearance inspection. Responsible responsible for counting, forwarding and receiving goods at the port, working with related parties: warehousing, forwarding, transportation, customs, supervision….Implement delivery and receipt of import and export orders as well as be responsible for the handling of goods. freight forwarding.Support other departments such as: sales/docs about going to work with necessary documents and procedures.Contacting and working with customers, guiding necessary professional procedures Working with customers Cargo dispatcher Perform other related jobs at the request of superiors.

The scene waiting for orders at the port takes a long time

You can refer to the basic OPS field staff recruitment information:

– Receive export and import plan

– Contact the documentation team at the Hanoi office, the vendor to carry out supervision procedures at the port, arrange transportation to return/pack the goods for customers.

– Choose the container to pack the export goods, take the order of the imported goods

– Coordinate the parties to solve arising problems related to their duties in the area in charge

– Other tasks as required by superiors.

Benefits enjoyed

Salary: 7-10 million, can be negotiated depending on actual capacity, if achieved, go to work immediately.

– Probationary for 2 months, after the probationary period, pay full insurance.

What are the requirements for the Ops position to do the job?

The essentials are: health, able to work many different times, not afraid to move, withstand harsh weather elements

If you have ever heard someone talk about this job or read about it on other news sites, you can feel that this job is very hard, moving to many places is directly affected by external factors: rain. sun, wind, storm, traffic, weather. If you want to be safe, the rain doesn’t come to the sun and the sun doesn’t come to the top, don’t choose a field job. With experience in the profession, I see that none of the guys on the scene are white in Cat Lai

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This feature is not suitable for women because they often travel, the time is not fixed, the work site until the night is normal, everyone has experienced it, a few times a month, especially when the goods are urgent, sometimes working through the night, this is something that women can’t do, so most of the time when you go to pick up goods at the port, you only see men.

The next element: Dexterity, connection, and tolerance

The rule to know is that when doing At school, the security guard at the port also has to endure, not to mention the supervisor at the port, the port authority, the customs. You try to raise your neck and argue, even if it’s true, it’s hard for you to get your job right if you don’t want to get burned. If not, it’s best to be smart and patient. Many times, the scene has to bear a lot of pressure on the anvil – under the hammer, from customers, colleagues, customs, the ultimate goal is to release the goods to the warehouse, ship the goods, the field must be able to do the job to complete the task. service,

In case trouble arises, skillful and experienced Ops staff are always dispatched to handle the situation to minimize related costs (for example: Goods are inspected, – Skilled and experienced Ops will know how to fix the problem). working with customs, or presenting full documents, goods in accordance with specifications, answering customs questions … or working on the scene without experience in packing goods, when maneuvering the vehicle, it will be redundant. or lack of a car at this time will incur additional costs for the business.If the business enters the wrong product, the first place to be scolded, it’s not their fault, still has to receive and listen to J before communicating it to customers and employees. The voucher staff at home handle or sometimes have to explain, serve unreasonable requests from customers.

Field staff are those who work directly with customs officers, so professional knowledge is an advantage

Indispensable: responsibility and care

This is very necessary when doing forwarding. requires employees to be responsible and careful to complete the successful delivery of goods for customers.

If you are not a careful person, you should not do the field position or the first time should have someone to accompany because just a small mistake or imbalance you can lose hundreds of millions is normal. Just a few days ago, I saw on the import and export business groups sharing information on the scene that the company’s documents had been lost, and had to pay 210 million because there was no voucher that the customer refused to pay, or received incomplete goods. , mistakenly, did not pay close attention to the condition of the container when receiving and receiving goods, and compensation for damage caused by the ship’s goods, the scene is the person directly responsible.

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In terms of professional conscience, if you do not work responsibly, the company hiring you will certainly suffer, many situations in the field of responsible work have helped the company save several million dong, but they work around the clock. then the business loses a lot of reasonable money like this – this also needs to be associated with the benefits for field staff to be able to increase accountability.

The last factor: Knowledge of import and export operations

The field staff is the type to only fight there, hold documents to take orders, exploit goods, transport, coordinate trucks… but if you have import-export professional knowledge, skills in reading and understanding documents will help you. You can count documents, distinguish real from fake when received from customers, count goods exactly as provided, and especially if the current staff knows the profession, they will not have to lose a lot of money for these situations. ridiculous encounters every day at the port.

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Learning about practical import and export at VinaTrain can make positions in many different types of businesses

What is the actual work of field staff to do every day?

For readers to have a better picture of the work of an import-export field worker, we will summarize a basic working day of the Ops department in Noi Bai as follows:

Hieu is a field worker for an import-export service company in Hoang Dao Thuy, Hanoi, the company has 3 field workers, each with their own job. Hieu is stationed at Noi Bai to handle Air and Courier goods, In addition, I will take care of more goods at ICD My Dinh.

Hieu’s daily work is as follows: Unlike Docs, who has to go to the office to check in on time, receive job information by mail, zalo chat group, skype receive documents by mail, sometimes get documents at the office sometimes go to the customer’s office to take the receipt to pick up the goods.

At Noi Bai Hieu directly works with garages, coordinating trucks and trailers to the customer’s warehouse, this requires him to know how to calculate the goods to be loaded into the vehicle to optimize costs for the business. forget to check the schedule to avoid incurring paved costs if any.

Receiving goods at the port creates a lot of problems when entering the goods: for normal goods – green channel, the process of receiving goods – taking orders is simple, nothing special. However, special goods or concurrent goods such as: loudspeakers, imported wine, etc. must be inspected, which is more complicated. Hieu needs to check that the actual documents provided by the customer are enough and need not be added, and of course must refer to the previous handling of this situation from the colleague to inform the customer of the cost. The most tiring goods inspection is the time waiting for the customs to come to inspect the goods because it is not only the company that we work for, the customs is “very busy” in this case, if it is not clever, additional problems arise. many costs of storage, storage or can compensate the contract for the customer if any.

Any import-export goods also need a license, so Mr. Hieu often has to run for documents at ministries, wait all morning to get a number to make a set of C/0 documents. Losing money and waiting for another afternoon to work – in the afternoon, when I arrive at the port, customs will have to wait until tomorrow, it’s normal, so it’s normal that I don’t come home to Hieu late at night, determined to eat at the scene more at the port than at the office.

New employees who enter the company often see Hieu coming to the office to get documents without realizing it because he rarely comes to the office, and mistaken for a motorbike taxi driver or a constant shipper because the typical costumes of the scene are often messy and dusty. every scene is black and tanned… every day, on the highway, Pham Van Dong street is both dusty and hot at rush hour, waiting for the truck to pack goods to the monitoring area, loading goods is not Whoever is well dressed can anoint him with perfumed oil.

You would think it’s so difficult, why does Hieu still want to work in the field without changing his job to another more leisurely position such as: sales, or import-export documents, right… the answer is that if you do this job well, there are many very interesting thing:

Suitable for the type of person who does not like the restriction and fixed time like Hieu, can work more late than the time but hates coming to timekeeping on time just because such regulations are not necessarily effective.

No fixed sitting in a boring job with documents, field work moves constantly to help nomads find joy in work, not bored, especially if you have personal work or clever arrangement can still do other jobs from customers without affecting the work. Hieu also did the same when he took advantage of the time to wait for the company to receive the goods – of course, he had to be clever to hide it so that the boss wouldn’t know, the next day you would have to do more work than sure.

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Get more income from the profession: if you are good at communicating and learning quickly, you will have more opportunities to make new jobs from your daily job, also from the position of the field of delivery and delivery of portable cosmetic products to customers that he has found a source of goods to supply his wife at home to sell online to have a stable income, in addition, the images and materials he provided are also an effective marketing channel for his wife’s sales, and of course those materials. Definitely not bad for the business.

Handling flooded goods is a daily job that Mr. Hieu has to do at Noi Bai

And what everyone knows is income from making documents for businesses for example: exploitation cost of imported goods at Noi Bai 600,000 VND – at least field staff will get 70,000 VND / shipment in addition to salary – Still on site do a lot more for your company, for example, overweight goods (which often happen when doing Air export) if you are overweight by 20 -100 Kg, you can smartly ask for no fee or not much from 200,000 VND to turn around, all However, it depends on the port authority and the customs that supervises your work, but it is possible to report to the business VND 700,000. This cost outside no one can control the scene, you can get extra income thanks to ingenuity and quick adaptation to the job. job. If you do it with a conscience, you can report to the company 400,000 VND or equivalent, it depends on you. Of course, you must do it wisely because eating salty will only make you thirsty for 1.2 times. For Hieu, he sometimes applies the method in the newspaper about the company, but with complicated shipments and easy goods, there is a simpler way to check money than making goods for customers because there are many companies on Noi Bai that send employees. receipt of the goods, but this person is very surprised for the first time, the goods are checked, they are considered as purple in the face and do not know where to start and the suggestions to help make goods at a reasonable price are always accepted from the business because no one wants to mess with a few small dong and lose a lot of port and warehousing costs.. in many cases, they can do it well the first time, and the next time they actively contact Hieu to ask Hieu to do goods for the company in Noi Bai because The cost is good and it doesn’t take much time to send employees up there all day to pick up the goods. Then I know that just love the job, know the profession and be skillful in any profession and earn money and a lot of money. More than 5 years of working as a forwarder, Hieu will also retire in the next few years, but currently, the business opportunities and career orientation that he has from this job are still very good, good income, active in time. As an experienced person, it is not too difficult to coordinate the receipt of goods with Hieu, he even has a good relationship with the Noi Bai border gate Customs officer, so he works on the scene and also sells customers at the port and company. The fact that there is no fixed location for delivery is just as unpredictable as people think.

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Hopefully this article of VinaTrain will help you somewhat understand what ops is as well as the necessary characteristics when doing this profession. If you are a beginner without professional knowledge, you can still do import and export, but in reality, there are not many companies willing to hire. If you are using a novice who has no knowledge and experience, it is best that you attend a practical import-export course to understand the specifics of the job and professional knowledge before stepping into the transactional job. this import and export.