The article was professionally consulted by MSc Tran Thi Vuong – Doctor of Microbiology, Laboratory Department – Vinmec Hai Phong International General Hospital.

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The HBsAg index is valuable used to classify, monitor the treatment and prognosis of patients with hepatitis B. The HBsAg test is a test to diagnose whether a patient is infected with the hepatitis B virus or not. .

HbsAg is an acronym for Hepatitis B surface antigen, which is the surface antigen of the hepatitis B virus. If HbsAg is positive (HbsAg+), the patient has HbsAg in the blood, it means there is HBV virus in the blood.

Conversely, if HBsAg is negative (HbsAg-), the patient does not have HBV virus in the blood. Normally, HBsAg appears in the blood 1 to 8 weeks after the body is exposed to the HBV virus.

The HBsAg index is an indicator of the surface antigen of the B virus. To check if a person is infected with the hepatitis B virus, this test is not used to accurately assess the virus that is active in the body. What is the patient’s body like?

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Experts say most patients with acute hepatitis B test positive for HbsAg. After a variable period of time, HBsAg will disappear and anti-HBs will stop the infection, but about 10%-15% turn to the chronic stage and have a risk of cirrhosis and cancer. liver.

If you do an automated immunoglobulin HBsAg test: that is, run the test on an automated system, then the machine will usually return a numerical result. Values ​​exceeding the reaction threshold will be interpreted as Positive. Values ​​below the response threshold will be considered negative. Most automated machines with different chemical brands are setting 1.0 SO or COI as the cutoff value. Thus, a test result less than 1.0 SO or COI (1.0 COI or SO) is positive.

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If the HBsAg index is normal, it means that the person has not been infected with hepatitis B. If the test is negative for HBsAg surface antibodies, the hepatitis B vaccine should be administered. Positive anti-HBsAg means that the person is already immune to hepatitis B virus or has been infected with hepatitis B virus in the past and has completely recovered.

In case the result is positive, to decide whether to treat or not, it is necessary to do other tests such as: HBeAg, HBV-DNA, liver function, liver ultrasound… Then the patient needs to be examined. consultation with a specialist for effective treatment and follow-up.

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Some issues that need special attention are as follows:

In many cases, a positive HBsAg test result does not accurately confirm the presence of the disease. According to experts, HBsAg test results (+) are very common among people in the country, on average, for every blood test per 10 people, 2 people give HBsAg (+) results. Relatives around Do not share personal items with sick people to avoid infection such as toothbrushes, towels, razors, bathtubs, etc. Patients should tell their partners about their illness and not absolutely ignore it. system when no safety measures are in place.