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x represents a number and the * represents a string of numbers. + To find sims starting with 098, enter 098* + To find sims ending with 888, enter *888 + To find sims starting with 098 and ending with 888, enter 098*888 + To find the internal sim with number 888, enter 888 + To find the sim starting with 098 and ending with 808, 818, 828, 838, 848, 858, 868, 878, 888, 898 enter 098*8×8 ” title=”Sim Search Guide” />

What network is


? What carrier does the number 0947 belong to and what does it mean? You have some questions around the question 0947 is what network. Let’s find out with

What network is 0947?

– Released by the network operator in 2015, the number 0947 belongs to Vinaphone operator – one of the 3 largest network operators in Vietnam. The number 0947 was born with the number 091 issued by Vinaphone.- As a large network operator, Vianphone is highly appreciated for the quality of digital sim cards as well as the quality of services. Therefore, Vinaphone sim always has a high position in the sim market as well as in the hearts of customers. – Up to now, Vinaphone has released 8 different numbers including 094 which is 091, 094, 0123 , 0125, 0127, 0129 and the latest is 088. There are large coverage nationwide, along with many attractive preferential services. Always meet the needs of customers when using Vinaphone sim. Currently, the number 0947 is still being used by many people. Not only because of the low price, many incentives, but deeply the number 0947 carries a huge meaning. Let’s continue reading the article “What is 0947 network” to find out its meaning.

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– Number 0: it symbolizes the endless human possibilities that we need to try and explore. Written in a round stroke, symbolizing a closed circle showing fullness, completeness and completeness. The number 0 marks the opening of a new era, a new life. In addition, according to the Yin-Yang theory, the number 0 is also the origin of all species… It symbolizes infinity, infinity, invisible, boundless. of the world.

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Number 9: Pronounced “Nine”, if combined with the number 9 will represent eternity and eternity. In addition, the number 9 also symbolizes authority, strength and a peaceful and happy life.

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Number 4: is the number that causes many problems in the natural number sequence so far. According to some people, the number 4 is an unlucky number, it has the Chinese pronunciation of “four” which is similar to “death” which means “death”. But according to some others, the number 4 represents heaven and earth. Heaven and Earth have four directions “East – West – South – North”, a year with four seasons “Spring – Summer – Autumn – Winter”, the royal tree has four species “Tung – Truc – Cuc – Mai”. It can be said that its meaning depends on the concept of each person.– Number 7: According to some conceptions, it is considered a bad number in the sequence of 10 natural numbers. It is read as failure, which is often assumed to represent failure. But in another aspect, the number 7 has a very special meaning. In Buddhism, the number 7 symbolizes authority and greatness. In business and business, the number 7 will bring many good things and authority to the user. Owners of the number 0947 will always be blessed with a prosperous business, smooth sailing and a peaceful and happy life. You are planning to buy the first 0947 sim, but have not had time yet. With the modernity of online technology, with a few clicks you will buy yourself a sim card without having to travel hard. Come to

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