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What is the concept of Fax

?2 Instructions on how to set up and use a Brother Fax machine

What is the concept of Fax?

Fax means a short transliterated word from Latin facsimile (fac: create; simile: similar), You can understand in the sense of email, is an electronic technique that sends a copy (copy) directly through the system electrics wire. This is a type of sending machine that has the ability to scan the original, convert the information into a signal and then transmit it through the power line to the receiver in another place, the receiver then converts the signal back and prints the copy on it. paper.

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1. You need to set the fax receiving mode:

You need to press 3 keys in turn <7> <3>

Display screen

You can choose the following modes:

– TEL: When there is a ring, you pick up the phone to listen, if it is a Fax signal, you just need to press the key and put the receiver down, the machine will automatically receive the Fax for you.

– TEL/FAX: If it is a Fax signal, the machine will automatically receive Fax, if it is a phone signal, the machine will ring.

* The fax machine’s receiving mode is: FAX ONLY MODE and TEL or TEL/FAX MODE

You press the . key

+ If the AUTO ANSWER light is on, the machine is in FAX ONLY MODE (All incoming signals will be Fax signals)

+ If the AUTO ANSWER light is off, the machine is in TEL or TEL/FAX MODE (set by you above).

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* Fax receiving mode of the machine: In addition to the fax receiving modes like that of the Fax Machine, your fax machine also has another Fax receiving mode, which is TAM/FAX:

– Press