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Lifetime horoscopes for you The Year of the Horse Male born in 2002, 1942, 2062 and the Year of the Horse Woman born in 2002, 1942, 2062 is extremely accurate and complete on earth. Here, you will know your life horoscope, everything from the past, present to the future. From work, love, family, money, career…children, marriage..everything for you Nham Ngo to learn!

I – Male network – Nham Ngo

Supply Expenses. Live the life of DUONG LUO MOC (willow tree) Carving LOOKING BOARDS OF THANH DE’s family (life school)Horsebone. General of the fox, Ong Tu Vi, saved his life

OVERVIEW Nham Ngo Nam was born in 2002, 1942, 2062:

Life of Nham Ngo Nam born in 2002, 1942, 2062:

The Year of the Horse is like a horse running a long distance, life is not happy but not too hard, life is somewhat comfortable around the age of 30 or more. Numbers with many prospects in terms of wealth as well as human emotions can make life more exciting during this age, with many successes as well as many failures. Life is like a stream of water that flows when large and sometimes net. However, the life part is sometimes quiet and subsided to an extreme level, sometimes it is vibrant and like a violently shaking volcano. In summary: Life has many changes and is always changing. ceaselessly about love as well as fortune. Being able to master life also has to be at the age of 30 onwards. The year of the Horse Horse has many prospects, life never grasps many good results in terms of wealth at a young age, but around 30 years old. The future is more promising. Sustainable career, average life expectancy between 56 and 62 years old is the maximum. If you do good deeds, you will have a lot of good things and increase your age, if you do bad things, you will lose your self-esteem.

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love of Nham Ngo Nam born in 2002, 1942, 2062:

Regarding the matter of love being completely satisfied according to their own wishes, sometimes love is as salty as warm happiness, but sometimes it makes life for love more sad, sometimes broken. Halfway makes more depression and grief in mind. That’s why the Year of the Horse is forced by love, sometimes it becomes harsh, changing, making life for love seem very strict. If you want to know if your life is still changing, you should look at your birth month to understand how life is for your love life. If you were born in these months, then your life must go through three changes of love and happiness, that is, you were born in the 5th, 7th and 11th lunar months. If you were born in these months, your life must have two changes of love and happiness, that is, you were born in the 1st, 3rd, 4th, 6th, 8th and 12th lunar months. If you were born in these months, your life will be completely happy, with only one husband and one wife, that is, you were born in the 2nd, 9th and 10th lunar months. Remember the month of birth. to know your progress in matters of love and happiness.

Gia Dao, Cong Danh of Nham Ngo Nam born in 2002, 1942, 2062:

The fame part was promoted at the age of 27 and 28 years old. Life in the matter of publicity will be strongly developed, and even higher if you have a lot of insight and know according to the development of abilities, creating opportunities to advance on the path of fame. Some people always have to rely on their family, even if they want to make their own life, they can’t, because the year of the Horse always has to change the relationship with the family to develop fame and create opportunities for the development of fortune. . Therefore, the Year of the Horse is always dependent on family and relatives. If you want to be independent, you have to go through a lot of sadness and fall into poverty first, then you will succeed. Your career starts to thrive at the age of 30 or more, money thrives for you. until the age of 36 onwards and complete his career, living in the bliss of life. If you know how to create opportunities at that age, your life in terms of money and career will be different, progressing to the high level of these two issues.

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Ages that are suitable for business with Nham Ngo Nam born in 2002, 1942, 2062:

In terms of business, you need to find people of the same age as you, to create a more solid career development. Never be afraid to break or fail in this regard. So in business, you should also choose people who are age-appropriate, cooperative, collaborative, or business-cooperative, so that money and business will bring you many victories. If you keep messing around, it will break down quickly. The more miserable life is, the more unlucky things can be in your life. So in business, if you want If the job is square and thriving, you need to choose these ages: Giap Than, Binh Tuat, Canh Thin. You do business with these people, your life is not afraid of failure, but also very certain of your business.

Choose a husband and wife for Nham Ngo Nam born in 2002, 1942, 2062:

In building a life, giving your life a lot of happiness and no mess in the family, especially the issue of marital happiness, you need to choose how to match your wife’s age with your husband’s age. It has a lot to do with your life and career prospects in the future. In that, you need to choose carefully, in order to make your life easier and more progressive than before, to do so, you need to choose a hundred-year-old friend to be completely free of conflict, promote life to the next level. more successful place. In choosing you should choose these ages: Giap Than, Binh Tuat, Canh Dan, Canh Thin, these are the ages where you can choose to marry, create a beautiful family of happiness. with the age of Armor. Life is full, fame is high, and life is culmination of fame. You are in a relationship with the Year of the Dog. Money is full, life is somewhat prosperous, there are many opportunities to create a quick career. Marrying with the Year of the Tiger. You will have many opportunities for natural enrichment, full and joyful children. Marrying with the age of the Dragon. Completely happy, money, fame all go up and enjoy richness and wealth for the rest of your life. So you need for one of these ages to build happiness, life becomes full and there are many opportunities to achieve your desires. Here are the ages when you get married, your life will become difficult. . Life must be kept to a minimum and scandal must live in poverty. The path of career development never produces the desired results, which is the age of conflict in both wealth and fame with the age of the Horse, including the ages: New Year’s Rabbit, New Year’s Dog, and New Year’s Dog. These ages make it impossible for you to develop your professional abilities as well as your reputation. So in marriage and happiness you should avoid these ages. The years that you are at this age are very taboo for marriage. If you get married in these years, you will have difficulty in creating happiness, or you may face many obstacles in business, meet the years at this age if you are married, life suffer from frequent absences, those are the years when you are 15, 21, 23, 27, 29, 35 and 39 years old. These years are very conflicting years with your age, should not get married and build happiness in these years will be harmful. In the case of marriage, you should also know through your birth months to decide. Will you have many wives or not. If you were born in these months, then your life will have many concubines or at least meet the opposite situation with women, that is, you are born in the 3rd, 5th, 7th, 11th and 12th lunar months. If you were born in these months, your life is somewhat vibrant in terms of love, having many concubines or facing harsh opposites.

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THE AGES with Nham Ngo Nam born in 2002, 1942, 2062:

So that you don’t have to wonder why you are so ungrateful and unfortunate, encountering the opposite situation but never encountering anything that can make life completely sad, it is because you chose the wrong age of the Horse. often bring many difficulties to life, make the individual being or pessimistic and can break the burden halfway, get sick or die, face constant separation in his life. It is in a happy marriage that you choose these ages: Nham Ngo is one year old with you, At Dau, Mau Ty, Canh Ngo, Dinh Dau, Canh Ty and Binh Ty. These ages are very taboo with the Year of the Horse. If you want to avoid harmful consequences in life, you should avoid the above-mentioned ages. In business, you should not exploit or combine great business. If love problems meet the age of cavalry, they should live together quietly, not large or crowded weddings. If you meet the age of cavalry in the family, you must make offerings to the due date, depending on the date you offer.

HARDEST YEARS of Nham Ngo Nam born in 2002, 1942, 2062:

The Year of the Horse has the most difficult years in life often when business is not good, encounters many heartbreaks or brings many painful failures, years when your age is not suitable, those are the years you are in. 22, 23, 28, 30 and 39 years old, try to get through these years, life will return to normal, because the years mentioned above you have the most difficult business in your life.

CONSOLIDATED DATE & TIME for Nham Ngo Nam born in 2002, 1942, 2062:

The Year of the Horse is favorable for going out or doing business, going away at even hours, even days and even months. In the months and times mentioned above, if you choose to leave, your business will never fail, but on the contrary, it will be completely successful and bring many victories to your life. living.

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Year-by-Year progress of Nham Ngo Nam born in 2002, 1942, 2062:

From 25 to 30 years old: At the age of 25, there are still many difficulties in life, in terms of fame, there is no clarity, in terms of fortune, thanks to the months of May and August, these two months have hope for fortune or money. be abundant. 26 years old, lots of luck brought in the year, there will be hope for career development. At the age of 27, he had a bit of success in terms of fortune, and his reputation was not satisfied. 28 years old, this year happened many sad things, life has ups and downs, the publicity part has a bit of professional progress, not yet stable. 29 years old is quite beautiful in terms of publicity, money this year is pleasant, collects many good results and has high prospects. At the age of 30, the year is not good, the star will recover from illness, so be careful in June and August to prevent unexpected accidents. From 31 to 35 years old: 31 years old, not good in terms of fortune and business. many obstacles, there is sickness again in May and 7. At 32 years old, this year only has 2 good months, can generate money and can develop professional ability, but not get results. much, should be careful family. At the age of 33, there were many beautiful people but had an accident in the 5th, 8th and 10th lunar months, so be careful and careful, go about trading, this year business is very difficult, not creating opportunities. About money. 34 and 35 years old, these two years have a lot of opportunities to make a lot of good results and develop career and career, these two years are very good, should do business or anything about money. From 36 to 40 years old: 36 years old, wealth is quite abundant, family is happy and peaceful, there are some small successes in career, money is full, business is excited and more prosperous. . 37 years old, have prospects and many financial results, not in the months of 7 and 9. At 38 years old, the year everything is going well. There is no difficulty in every job, but also no bold career development. 39 years old, business has the opportunity to progress beautifully, has a lot of success and has a lot of beauty, the month of November and December of the lunar calendar, these two months watch out for illness or disaster. At the age of 40, there is a little success in fortune, a stable career and many good opportunities for career development. From 41 to 45 years old: There will be success, success and many results in terms of fortune as well as success. about fame and career at the age of 41 and 42, there is hope of richness at the age of 43 and 44. At the age of 44, there was a great drought, but not too serious. At the age of 45, the family had a stir-fry, the outside affairs did not progress very well, so be careful with the children. From 46 to 50 years old: These years you will have a lot of luck in family affairs, age 46 will be successful. about a happy family. The age of 47 is in harmony, with wealth planning in the 5th and 6th lunar months. Age 48, not very lucky. At the age of 49 and 50, the family status and the development of fame and career are only in the normal range. From 51 to 55 years old: At 51 years old, it is quite good about money, family happiness and peace. happiness, personal illness in the months of 10 or 11. Year 52, the most peaceful year and also the least worrying in your life, business, family religion is only at a normal level. 53 and 53 two years have a lot of busy in matters of children and career, fortune is normal, family religion is scandalous, remember in the months of March and April, you should be careful not to waste your talents. At 55 years old, you don’t have much luck, so you should be careful and reserved in all your work, hoping to have a lot of business results. From 56 to 60 years old: These years you are still in the normal state of your life. In life, the children have a lot of excitement in life, although fortune is not regulated, but not so much that it has to be broken.

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During this time, health is markedly weak, may be in danger, be careful in the months of August and September, do not go far.

II – Female Network – Nham Ngo

Bow LYMANG DUONG LUO MOC (willow tree)Horsebone. Cuu Thien Huyen Nu Cuu Thien Huyen Nu saved her life

Overview of Nham Ngo Nu born in 2002, 1942, 2062: