You must have heard the term many times, but did not understand much about it. Are you confusing the DO fee with the document fee? So in this article, let’s go to Vinh Cat to learn about this fee!

What is DO fee

?DO fee is an abbreviation of the word Delivery Order fee in English, also known as delivery order fee. This fee is used when the goods arrive at the port of arrival and the shipping line makes a DO order to deliver the goods to the customer. The customer will bring this order to the port to present to the customs to receive the goods.

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It can simply be understood that the delivery order is like an instruction, instructing this shipper to deliver the goods to this person (recipient) specified in the delivery order.

To receive the goods, the business is required to provide a full delivery order to receive the goods from the shipper (the shipper).

DO delivery order

When to take delivery orders?

You can get the delivery order as soon as the ship docked. Forwarder and shipping lines will send a notice of goods to the consignee. One point to note is that the delivery order can take place before/after or at the same time as customs clearance. Because it is independent, it is not related to the Customs clearance process.

Types of delivery orders

Delivery orders are divided by order issuer

The first is issued by the shipping line: A shipping order is issued by a shipping line to request a designated person to deliver goods to someone. For example, person A will have to deliver goods to person B. Usually the relationship will be a shipping company that requires delivery to the forwarder. After that, the forwarder is responsible for delivering the goods back to the customer (importing enterprise). The second is issued by the Forwarder: Delivery order of the shipping company. Simply put, the shipping company will issue this order to require the person holding the goods to deliver the goods to the recipient (importing business).

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Delivery orders are divided into 2 types

What documents do we need to bring when taking delivery orders

?To get a delivery note, in normal cases we need to bring relevant documents such as:

– Letter of introduction (use the original)

– Notice of arrival to receive goods (use original)

– Bill of lading (use original)

– Citizen ID card of the person taking the order

If the shipment is paid by LC then you need to provide the original bill of lading but note that the bill of lading needs to have the bank’s stamp on the back.

For FCL goods, full container goods, the order will be stamped as “direct delivery”. If the consignee or the importer unloads and cuts the goods on the yard, loading port, the DO order will be stamped with the content “bottlenecked goods”.

Do you need to bring money

?A question that many people ask is that when going to receive a delivery order, in addition to the relevant documents, do you need to bring money? Therefore, I would like to answer as follows. In order to get the delivery order, you need to pay all the following amounts to the forwarder/shipping company, for example:

– Container cleaning fee

– THC fee

– CFS . fee

– Handling fee

– DO fee

To know the cost of each expense, you can contact the shipping company for the most accurate information.

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When you go to receive delivery orders, you need to bring money

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Some points to note

Besides the documents and fees, you need to pay attention to some notes below

– Some shipping lines will have more requirements than usual. For example, the bill of lading requires the stamp of the goods owner. So to get the delivery order you need to get the seal of the company or the store owner first. Or there are shipping lines that will require you to present additional documents such as deposit slips, bank receipts. If you do not want to waste time with these problems, you should prepare these documents in advance to avoid trouble during the delivery process.

– One more note that you need to pay attention to is that no matter how rushed you are, you should stay for a few minutes to receive the receipt of the shipping company’s toll collection. Be careful in a hurry you will get the wrong bill. If you work as a Forwarder, it will be a headache when the customer asks for the invoice back.

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DO and document fee

There is another term that many of you confuse. It’s the delivery order and the document fee. DO fee stands for Delivery Order fee. The document fee is the Documentation fee. Many of you still get it wrong due to the confusion between these two words. Because DO is similar to Documentation, but understanding that is completely wrong. Documentation fee (Documentation fee) when the shipper or customer asks the forwarder to do the packing list, sales contract and commercial invoice, .. that fee they collect is called the document fee. Hopefully, after reading this article, you are no longer confused between the delivery order and the document fee.

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In this article we have fully answered the question “What is a DO fee?” and the information surrounding it. Hope the article will be useful to you. Good job done in the logistics industry.