Have you heard of the social network Flickr? If not, then this article is for you. After this article I will help you know what Flickr is?

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What is Flickr?

Flickr is a social network for sharing high-quality photos. It is used by users for the purpose of storing images and moments of themselves and at the same time sharing beautiful and meaningful photos with the community. Perhaps because this is a social network that only focuses on images, hitting the user’s visuals, it is received and used by quite a few people in the time when Facebook, Instagram, etc. are storming the world. virtual.

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Social network specializing in high-quality photos

More than just a social networking site specializing in high-quality photos. Flickr for riclix.comger has become a repository of extremely high quality images. And is widely popular in the world riclix.com.

How Flickr is different from other photo platforms

What sets Flickr apart from other popular apps like Facebook, Instagram is that it’s truly a photo-centric platform, For professional photographers, photography enthusiasts, showing off their work. them while enjoying other people’s work.

It focuses on the art of photography more than any other major social network. Think of it as Instagram for professional photographers.

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Flickr is different from Facebook and Instagram

Flickr’s Branding Features

Profile: Like any other social network. It’s where you can upload photos and write a brief bio. You can feature up to 25 of your favorite photos and collect testimonials from users who are fans of your works. Photostream: Your Photostream is your very own public portfolio of photos. Any uploads that you can set to public view will appear in this section. Album: Keep your photo collection looking good. Let’s arrange them into albums. You can share the entire album to your friends. Faves: Below each shared photo is a star button, where you can click to favorite the photo. It’s a great way to bookmark a photo you want to get back by going to the Faves tab. Galleries: Other galleries of albums. It allows you to publicly display other people’s photos. Statistics: You can see exactly how other users find and view your Flickr photos by accessing statistics. You’ll see graphs showing your source issues, recent and top views. Recent Activity: See recent interactions you’ve received on your photos, like faves, comments.

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The outstanding features that make up the brand of Flickr

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How to sign up for Flickr

Flickr is owned by Yahoo! So if you already have a Yahoo email address, you can use that (along with your password) to sign up for a Flickr account, if you don’t have one, you’ll be asked to create a new one during the registration process. To sign up, this only requires your full name, current email address, password, and birthday.

You can sign up on the website at Flickr.com or on the free mobile app. It is available for iOS and Android devices.

So do you know what Flickr is? This social network is not as popular as Facebook or Instagram, but if you are a photography enthusiast, I think Flickr is a good choice. Beautiful, high-quality photos are taken and uploaded from all over the world, by professional and amateur photographers or even beauty enthusiasts. Join Flickr now to experience it!


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