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Tu, or Tu Dau Number, is a occult discipline that is used with the main functions such as: making predictions about personality, circumstances, predicting “destinies” in the life of a person. who simultaneously studies one’s interactions with events, personnel, etc. The main purpose is to know human destiny.

Tu is built on the main basis of astronomical theories: Cai Thien, Chaos Thien, Tuyen Da and the philosophy of the I Ching with the theories of yin and yang, five elements, and Can Chi. The horoscope includes 12 palaces, 01 An Than and about 108 stars and is established based on the hour, day, month, and year of birth according to the lunar calendar and gender and explains the happenings in the year. human life.

Tu is the name of a purple flower. Since ancient times, the Oriental Astrology Department has used this purple flower for divination. In addition, Tu is Purple, and is Huyen Dieu. There are also people who believe that the name is taken from the star Tu (lord of the stars), the most important star in this divination. Taoism also deals with this issue.

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Table of Contents

1 Origin of Tu 2 The following works from Tu top of the encyclopedia 3 Objects of fortune telling 3.1 Importing to riclix.comet Nam 4 Stars in Tu 4.1 14 main Planet 4.2 Minorities 5 Numerology 5.1 1. Cung Menh and Than 5.2 2. Cung Phu Model 5.3 3. Cung Phuc Duc 5.4 4. Cung Dien Trach 5.5 5. Cung Quan Loc 5.6 6. Cung No Boc 5.7 7. The Palace of Thien Di 5.8 8. The Palace of Destruction 5.9 9. The Palace of Wealth 5.10 10. The Palace of Heaven 5.11 11. The Palace of Marriage 5.12 12. The Palace of Brothers (or the Palace) 6 How to make a horoscope 7 How to interpret General 8 How to see fortune 9 Limit 10 Famous people in the field of 11 The position of the stars on the 12th Note 13 The name of the star in the numeral corresponds to the name of the natural character. Literature

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Khoa was used in the Can-Duc era, the reign of King Thai-To of the Song Dynasty (963), so far for more than a thousand years, no historian has recorded the history at all. experts often only pay attention to in interpreting’s death rather than learning about history. Therefore, until now, the history of this faculty is still obscure. Some people even confuse Tu with myths and legends.

During the Gia Tinh Dynasty (King Minh The Tong), the book Tu Dau No. Toan Thu was compiled by Dr. La Hong Tien. The preface says Tu at the beginning of the full book is by author Hi Di Tran Doan.

The title of riclix.comet is as follows:

“It is often said that the logic of fate is very mysterious, few people know it thoroughly so that they can accept that everyone’s wealth, fame and fortune in the world are destined. Because I wanted to know, I went to Hoa Son mountain where Hi Di Tran Doan attained enlightenment to admire the place of worship of the great sage. When I left, I saw an elderly man with a gentle and honest attitude handing me the book and saying: “This is Tu, the first volume of Hi Di’s volume”.

Later books on Tu also agreed that the first person to synthesize and systematize this fortune-telling was Tran Doan, or Hi Di Lao To, who lived in the Northern Song Dynasty, China.

Tran Doan, alias Hi Di, was from present-day Huashan to the south of Huayin County, Shaanxi Province. Legend has it that when he was born, he was born prematurely, so it took more than two years before he could walk. Tran Doan was not good at studying literature, he was not strong enough to study martial arts, often following his father all day long traveling around the mountains and waters.

Tran Doan’s father is a great contemporary astronomer and digital calendar. About the birth year of the ancestor, there is no written record. But based on the book Trieu Thi Minh Theory Tu, when Tran Doan met Tong Thai To Trieu Khuong Lead in the Can Duc era (in 963 solar calendar), it was said: “Ngo Kim Nhat That Ten Hundred Hundred Years of Residency” ” means “I am over seventy years old this year”. So maybe Tran Doan was born around 888-893 ie the era name? Van Duc from the reign of Tang Hy Tong to the era of Canh Phuc from the reign of Tang Zhaozong. Tran Doan started studying astronomy at the age of 8.

The Ministry of Trieu Thi Minh Tu Tu narrates that:

“I am 8 years old, but I am still a child. Always sitting in the father’s lap. One day, when his father had to calculate the date and time of the rain and storm in the month, he was disturbed by him, so he took him out to the yard, pointed to the starry sky and said:

– Do you see the star Tu Answer: – See. Again pointed to the star of Thien Phu and asked: – Do you see the other star of Thien Phu? A: – See – Then count how many stars follow Tu and Thien Phu? Your father thought you had finished counting more than half an hour. Unexpectedly, as soon as he entered the house, the teacher ran in and said: – I have counted them all. Behind the star is 5 stars, so the constellation has 6 stars. Behind Thien Phu is 7 stars, so Thien Phu constellation has 8 stars. From then on, he was very well taught by his father the science of astronomy and the digital calendar.”[1]

On the way to research, we found the following scattered bibliography, briefly edited about this faculty. Respecting the principles of Eastern historians, what is doubtful is left as is, which the ancients called doubt transmission.

Works from after Tu at the beginning of the full book < edit | edit source code>

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On the way to research, we found the following scattered bibliography, briefly edited about this faculty. Respecting the principles of Eastern historians, what is doubtful is left as is, which the ancients called doubt transmission. After Tu, the first number of Hi Di Tran Doan’s encyclopedias contained works

1. is just

This series was passed on by the ancestors of Hy Di to the Tong Thai Patriarch, Trieu Khuong Lead. The copy we have is a manuscript copy of Hoa Yen Tu. This copy is stored in the National History Quan of the Nguyen Dynasty, which we have collected in 1955 during a coup that overthrew the Head of State Bao Dai.

2. Trieu Thi Minh Thuyet Kinh We have two copies. The heirloom manuscript, also copied from the original version of Hoa-yen tu. Another copy of the Manual of the Shanghai Bureau published in 1921. The two copies are not much different. Because the original of this book series is the righteous series. After being passed on by the Prophet Hy Di, Trieu Khuong Led and the descendants of the Song Dynasty studied it extensively and gave it a new name, Trieu Thi Minh Thuyet Kinh. It means that the Trieu family clearly explains about the scriptures. This set was transmitted to by Hoang Binh in the 7th Nguyen Phong era of King Tran Thai Tong’s reign (1257).

3. Dong-a move

This series is not a collection of research books on, but a collection of scholarly copies of the Tran Dynasty, including a section on The book series was copied by three people in a row, that is, Hue Tuc, wife of Tran Thai Tong’s wife; Doan Nhu Hai, a Prime Minister of the Tran Dynasty, a student of Hue Tuc; Tran Nguyen Dan, a scholar at the end of the Tran dynasty. The copy we have is a woodblock engraving by Tran Nguyen Dan in 1388.

4. is great

This series was researched and transcribed by the Qing Dynasty writers, synthesizing all the ancient books on This is not a set of editing, research, but just a copy set. The copy we have is a copy, dated 1921 of the Shanghai Bureau of Records.

5.- is the first number of the whole book

Edited by La Hong Tien very simply, but similar to the righteous It can be said that this is a summary of This volume was published by the Bureau of the Book of Records in 1921 in Shanghai. Mr. Vu Tai Luc later translated, but translated a very short part, and did not comment. La Hong Tien lived in the Ming Dynasty.

Above are 5 sets of that are considered to be the main letters or edited by the faction. In addition, there are a few sets below that are considered journals, but we still study them fully.

6. Righteous Yin-Yang

This series was edited by La Ngoc Thiem and his family members from the North, so the word Bac Tong is often added to distinguish it from Nam Tong. The copy we have is a manuscript.

7.- Righteous Yin-Yang

Compiled by Maya in the Song dynasty, then supplemented and modified by the families of the Southern sect, so they often add the word Nam-Tong to distinguish it from the North-ton. This set is printed in the Qing Dynasty of the Khang-Hy dynasty, but the year is not specified.

8. theory

The commentary on was compiled by Luu Ba On, a great minister of the Ming dynasty. The copy we have is an inscription printed in the Qing Dynasty of the Kangxi Dynasty, but the year is not specified.

9. Full list of numbers and numbers

This series was compiled by Hua Quang Hy of the Ming Dynasty. The copy we have is a manuscript. In addition, we have collected about twenty other books, but in general, they are imitations of the above books, so we do not discuss them.

Objects of fortune telling < edit | edit source code>

The object of fortune telling in is human destiny.

Human destiny considered in is the human destiny associated with family, lineage (grandparents, parents, brothers, children) and social relationships.

Du login to Vietnam < edit | edit source code>

Although originating from China, Tu is not very prominent in other divination disciplines. But when it was introduced to, it became the most popular subject. There are many scholars who have contributed to this subject, including Nguyen Binh Khiem and Le Quy Don. Gradually, Tu Vietnam has more differences compared to the original Chinese Tu

The differences between Tu Vietnam and China include:

The way of life of Tu Vietnam starts from the Tiger sign, while some Chinese descendants start from the Rat sign The way to calculate the longevity of Tu Nam depends spend of age of viewers. While China’s longevity is fixed?

Stars in Tu < edit | edit source code>

The Tu Tu Chinh Nghia is considered as the official letter that does not talk about the number of stars. However, in the section on teaching security, there are 93 stars. But the appendix cards only have 89 stars. Can’t see why Thien Thuong, Angel, Thien la, Earth hammock. This is easy to understand because the above 4 stars are in fixed positions, it is not necessary to enter.

There is a sect of Tu with 118 stars. Each star has a meaning. This star when interacting with other stars has a different meaning.

Including Chinh Tinh, Sub-Star, Sand Tinh, Phuc Tinh, Killing Star, Hung Tinh, Bang Tinh…

According to Hi Di, the 93 stars are:

14 main characters < edit | edit source code>

– Vong Tu has 6 stars: star Tu, Thien Co, Thai Duong, Vu Khuc, Thien Dong and Liem Trinh.

– The Thien Phu ring has 8 stars: Thien Phu, Thai Yin, Tham Lang, Cu Mon, Thien General, Thien Luong, That Kill and Breaking Army.

Minorities < edit | edit source code>

These stars have distinct identities that are settled in the 12 Signs on a Celestial Table:

Round Thai Tue – 5 stars are Thai Tue, Tang Mon, White Tiger, Dieu Guest, and Quan Phu. Other factions added 7 more stars: Thieu Duong, Thieu Yin, Truc Phu, Tue Pha, Long Duc, Phuc Duc, and Tu Phu.

Round Loc Ton – 15 stars are Loc Trung, Doctor, Athlete, Kinh Duong, Dragon fruit, Tieu Hao, General, Tu Thu, Phi Liem, Hy Than, Sick edema, Dai Hao, Easter, Quan Phu, Da la.

Longevity Circle – 12 stars are Longevity, Moc Duc, Quan Doi, Lam Quan, Emperor Prosperity, Sudden, Sick, Death, Grave, Tuyet, Thai, Duong.

The astrological stars according to the month – 6 stars are left side, right on, Thien picture, Thien Giai, Dia Giai, Thien Rieu.

The stars according to the hour – 8 stars Van Xuong, Van Khuc, Pregnant woman, Wind fox, Earth space, Earth tribulation, Mars, Miscellaneous. The main position of the star Thien Khong is replaced by the star of Earth Khong by other factions, while the star of Thien Khong is peaceful after Thai Tue star and is in the same sign with Thieu Duong.

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The stars according to the day – 4 stars are Tam Thai, Bat Tu, An Quang, Thien Quy.

Tu Hoa – 4 stars are Hoa Loc, Hoa Quyen, Hoa Khoa, Hoa Ky

The peace stars according to Chi – 15 stars are Long Tri, Phuong Cac, Thien Duc, Nguyet Duc, Hong Loan, Thien Joy, Thien Horse, Female Flower, Peach Blossom, Breaking Destruction, Life Killing, Miss God, Guo Tu, Thien Cruel. , Heaven. Two Mars and Miscellaneous are the other sexes according to the time of birth.

The stars follow Can – 5 stars are Luu Ha, Thien Khoi, Thien riclix.comet, Tuan no, Triet no.

Fixed stars – 4 stars are Thien Thuong, Angel, Thien la, and Earth hammock. numerator < edit | edit source code>

The numeral chart is presented on Thien Ban, the locality. Thien Ban is in the middle, surrounded by Dia Dia with 12 palaces.

At Thien Ban, write the year, month, date of birth, gender, destiny and department (Phu cu, precious, miscellaneous, poor cuc ..). Way: Upper way, lower way, average way, extraordinary way…

The Zodiac consists of 12 fixed rays, named after the twelve chis, each reflecting an area, one side of a person’s life through the relationships of fame, money, friends, wife and children, happiness. Duc, parents, etc. The palaces in the area have the following names: Menh, Father, Phuc Duc, Dien Trach, Quan Loc, Servant, Thien Di, Tat, Tai Bach, Tu Tu, Wife, Huynh. brother.

Cung Cuong and Weak bow: For Men, Quan, Tai… are Cuong, For women, Phu… is Cuong.

The methods for determining the position of about 110 stars above the area are called “an sao”.

The meaning of the 12 signs of Tu is as follows:

1. Cung Mang and Than

Cung Menh is the main sign in the horoscope used to view the destiny of the person with the number. Looking at the sign of Destiny, we can get an overview of our appearance, character, fame, fortune, professional ability, short life, ups and downs, diseases or disasters in life. If you want to know more about each of the above aspects, you have to look at the combination with the related sign – for example, if you want to know exactly about the diseases or disasters in life, you have to look at the combination with the sign of Evil…

The Manh sign has a strong influence and is dominant from birth to over 30 years old, at this time the Monkey sign is already influenced but passively. After the age of 30, people enter the mature stage, the zodiac signs of Destiny weaken and become passive, the stars of the Body sign become dominant and dominate all activities. develope of man from that moment to his death.

However, this influence is inherited from the continuous process of human development, the Body Signs influence on the background of what has been created by the Destiny stars in the previous period as well as the influence. Faint remnants of Destiny in this period. Therefore, the ancients often used the Monkey sign to see the afterlife of people beyond 30 years of age. The two signs of Destiny and Body are closely related to each other as a unified whole in a continuous process of an individual, so they must be coordinated.

2. Maternal Palace < edit | edit source code>

Looking at the sign of Mother and Father, you can know a little bit about your two births and the long life of your parents through two Japanese stars – representing Father, and Nguyet – representing Mother. From the Patriarchal Palace, we also see about happiness in the family, the harmony or conflict between parents and themselves.

3. Cung Phuc Duc < edit | edit source code>

The Palace of Phuc Duc is the most important sign in Tu, having a dominant influence on 11 signs. A good lucky sign can increase the good influence and reduce the bad effects of the other signs.

Looking at the Palace of Phuc, you can know about the happiness, short life and prosperity in the family that affect you, from which to practice good deeds, sow good causes for good results in the next life. In addition, it is also possible to know about the sound of the family line. Cung Phuc Duc clearly said that cause and effect, his own karma, is the manifestation of the effect in the current life by the cause.

4. Cung Dien Trach < edit | edit source code>

See Cung Dien for a glimpse of his estate, inheritance, and home, along with acquisitions – inherited or created – and the extent of his enjoyment or destruction.

5. Cung Quan Loc < edit | edit source code>

Cung Quan Loc is one of the three main signs of Tu to know about his reputation, career, career prospects (success or failure) and his own professional abilities.

6. Bow Nobu < edit | edit source code>

Cung Nooc tells about friends, associates, superiors or people who help, good or bad, beneficial or not in terms of wealth or publicity. In addition, the Palace of No Boc is also a necessary condition to learn more about the palace of Phu The.

7. Thien Di Palace < edit | edit source code>

Thien Di is the opposite sign of the Manh sign indicating your external situation, the external social environment affecting you, the luck or help of outsiders. Cung Thien Di also has another meaning. is the image you want to be.

Because it is the opposite sign of Manh, Thien Di sign is his opponent (see also “Discourse on the opposite sign” for reference).

8. The Bow

See the sign of Aces for a brief overview of your general health condition, possible illnesses or harmful calamities that may happen to you in life. The Cancer sign also shows us the inner life of the person.

9. Cung Tai Bach < edit | edit source code>

Cung Tai is one of the three main signs of Life-Tai-Quan of Tu, which tells us in general about money, wealth, poverty, waste time and luck, ability to enjoy, and qualifications. use of their material wealth.

10. Cung Tu Tu < edit | edit source code>

See the sign of Tu means to know about your children’s path such as the number (more or less and male and female) the status of child rearing, whether there are adopted or heterosexual children and the compatibility between themselves and their children.

It is necessary to see the coordination with the signs of Destiny-Body-Fusion, the sign of Tu Tu in the horoscope of the spouse and the transmission between the signs and the horoscope to make a decision.

11. Palace of the Bride < edit | edit source code>

Looking at the Bridegroom, you can learn about marriage and happiness, marriage time, character and personality, the compatibility between you and your partner. In addition, the spouse sign also shows the tendency that the spouse wants to choose a life partner.

12. Palace of Brothers (or Palace of Bao) < edit | edit source code>

See the Zodiac sign for a general overview of the number and status of brothers and sisters in the family, harmony or conflict between siblings and themselves.

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The signs in the area are the place to delimit the status of the temple, the prosperity, the prime or the land for the stars.

The twelve signs also represent 12 rows of chi to determine the five elements of the zodiac.

How to make a numerator < edit | edit source code>

The numerology chart of each person is established based on the elements of the hour, day, month, year of birth (lunar calendar) and gender.

First draw a map, in the middle of Dia Dia, surrounded by Thien Ban and the palaces. The map must be large enough for to be above 100 Stars.

Enter the year, month, date of birth, gender, security and department, write in the Location.

Then identify the belts and write them on the Thien table.

Next, proceed with the numerator. The first is An Sao Tu Then there are the stars Tu, Thien Phu, Thai Tue, Thien Khong, Loc Ton, Trang Sinh, Hung Killing Star, Trung Tinh.

Finally, write down the minor fortune, the backups, the flying stars, and the di arc.

11 am to 1 pm is the time of the Horse (noon 12 is the main Horse). 11 pm to 1 am is the time of the Rat.

View Locations before: Five elements are born in the same life (Department of life, the palace of life is immense…) Yin and Yang Thuan Ly (Yang Nu is born in the sign of Yang…) is called the Good horoscope. The paradoxical yin and yang, the Five Elements of Concord is called a bad number

General interpretation < edit | edit source code>

To form a horoscope, needs to meet 4 elements: hour, day, month, year of birth according to the lunar calendar and gender. The way to set up the horoscope in general has principles, the order is quite clear, but in terms of interpretation, it depends on the level, chance and experience … of the interpreter that will There are different explanations.

When solving numbers, it is generally necessary to follow the correct numerical reasoning processes, understand the properties of the stars, understand the signs to see and the limitations in life to know, need to consider the stars in the universe. bow, conjunctive star, trine star, binary star.

Looking at a numerology chart, we can know information about the number of people, and the relationship with other individuals, through the Tai Sui Enter Quai magic. One of the distinguishing features between the Southern and Northern Phai is that the Northern Phai uses Luu Tu Hoa as the key to interpreting.

How to see the deadline < edit | edit source code>

See details on how to see the age in Tu

Studying the numerator, we can know the life limit of the number. In, there are different types of luck: 10 year fortune, year fortune, month fortune, day fortune, and hour fortune.

Great term, Minor term, Lunar term, Japanese term. There are also people who think: A good destiny is not equal to a good body, a good body is not equal to good happiness or a good life is not equal to a good body, a good body is not equal to a good term…

The more detailed the investigation in terms of time, the higher the level of inference is required. It’s easiest to watch the horoscope at the primitive level, personality in general, it’s harder to see the Dai Yun level, and it’s more difficult to be the Liu Nian level. Some highly qualified numerology researchers can accurately predict the exact date, even the exact time of the accident, through the numerology chart.

To interpret fortune by year, one must use backups and archivings.

In the interpretation at the fifth level of luck, there are three main techniques used: Liu Nian Dai Yun, Xiao Yun, Liu Nian Tai Sui,

There are schools that view the Year of Fortune, relying on to move the corresponding signs so that the supply of destiny coincides with the sign of luck. There are three main schools:

Luu Cung Menh at Luu Nien Dai Van, by Van Dang Thai Thu Lang, and most of the members of in Vietnam. Liu Gongming at Xiaoyun (but being criticized by some other scholars). Luu Cung Menh at the palace has Luu Thai Tue, widely used in Taiwan.

Up to now, there are many schools that do not agree on how to get lucky according to the month. According to , the lunar calendar is calculated from the small fortune, counting backwards to the month of birth, considering it as the Ti hour, counting according to the time of birth, considered as January.

There are many different techniques that need to be combined with the theories of Luu Cung to see luck, including the theory of Hanging star, Vibrating star, flying life cycle, Luu Chu theory, and Ky number theory.

Limit < edit | edit source code>

There are a total of 518,400 (60 can chi, 12 months, 30 days, 12 hours, and 2 genders) different charts in Tu Some people use this number to come to the conclusion that Tu cannot be used to explain the difference between people born at the same time.

Some people use the theory of the master star, the core star or in combination with other methods such as divination, horoscopes .. to overcome this limitation.

Famous people in the field of Tu < edit | edit source code>

Currently, there are a number of sects following such as:

The Ziyun School, in Taiwan The Zhongzhou School, in Hong Kong. Phuc Tong, Dong A in Vietnam

Position of the stars on the chart < edit | edit source code>

In the horoscope, the stars are considered based on their standing, including the three-pointed position (Japan is in the Snake, the Moon in the Rooster is in the zodiac of the Ox, called “Sun Nguyet in the wall” which is more beautiful than the Sun Moon. The bronze sign in the Ox and the Mui), the conjunctive position (the Japanese in the Snake projecting on the Manh sign in the Pig is called “Thai Duong’s projection of immense” or the way “Thai Duong Ty” is more beautiful than the Thai Duong Thu par), the second harmony (Gap Fold). a pair of vertical horoscopes, the Snake with the Body, the Horse with the Goat,…) and especially the Heaven and Earth People. The signs on the chart indicate the general state, but it is necessary to find the Heaven and Earth suit to see the true nature of the problems.

Three projections: Dan – Horse – Tuat, Snake – Rooster – Ox…

Zodiacs: Tiger – Body, Snake – Pig, Thin – Tuat…

The Nhi Hop, Luc Hoi: The stars are symmetrical about each other through the horizontal axis such as: Tu Luc Hoi with Cu Mon, Vu Khuc Nhi with Thai Am, Thien Phu Nhi with Thai Duong, Thien Co Nhi with Pha Quan Luc. Association of Thien General, Tham Lang and Thien Dong, and Liem Trinh and Thien Luong.

Comment < edit | edit source code>