Horoscope for the year of the Tiger year 2021.

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You are looking to see what luck you will have in 2021, what fate will you have, how your career will be, what difficulties will come to you and how to solve those difficulties in the best way. Is your health fortune in this year worrying or not? What do you need to do, what is the direction of departure in 2021 to bring home fortune? All those questions, let’s find out with us through the following article The Year of the Tiger in 2021 – Male network 1962 and the following Departure Direction in 2021.

Horoscope of the year of the Tiger in 2021 – Male network 1962 and Departure direction in 2021

STAR:Van han: abstain from speech in February and August ANNUAL: Binh – Mang: Kim meets earth destiny is born : good – Thien can age: Nham meets Tan year is Binh

1. Overview of the year of the Tiger and the year of the Ox:

This year is a great sand, there is a divine authority, all good things find themselves, without losing opportunities, so remember that even though there are natural advantages and disadvantages, they still have to be distributed with people in harmony. This year, if there is a wedding, it will be a great benefit. The whole year was fun and good, but there were also some problems. At the beginning of the year, when encountering black buffalo in the way of doing anything, you should be careful. When the bad luck is over, there is nothing to worry about anymore, but this year you often have headaches. But thanks to God for the two words peace, without medicine, there is no need to be too sad

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2. In terms of diplomacy and employment

this year is your year of great sand, however, you are ruled by Venus so you need to be careful with your words, this year you are very easy to get entangled in controversies, more or less it can affect affect your work. You need to be more careful in your communication, please calm down before communicating to do something

3. Love

Love this year your love is always loved by many people and it can be said that this year will be a great year for you if you have a relationship for a hundred years.

4. Wealth

2021 is a relatively good year of fortune, try and be careful with your words in the first month of the year.

5. Family affection.

Your family life this year has nothing to worry about, loving families understanding each other will make everything easier and stick together. You can have more children or get married this year

6. Health aspect

In terms of your health this year, you will normally get sick, but if you cultivate virtue, your illness will not fly away, so you don’t need to worry about it. Keep your mind steady and calm

7. Star of destiny.

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You this year are ruled by the star Van Hon

That’s why the bad guy is very bad for the two and the eight words, which means February and August are very taboo. Therefore, the person suffering from this star should be careful with his words, in order to avoid adverse disputes leading to trigger lawsuits.

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It is only said that if a person suffers from Van Hon star, every month on the 29th day of the lunar calendar, use 15 candles (candles), fruits, tea, fruit cakes and burn 3 incense sticks, face the South direction and pray. : “Nam Phuong Binh Dinh Hoa Duc Tinh Quan”, will be somewhat lighter.

8. Good departure direction

After breaking into the house at the beginning of the new year, you can choose the direction of departure in early 2021. Some people leave right after New Year’s Eve to go to the temple, some temple ceremonies start on the first day of the New Year, some people leave on the 1st, 3rd, and 5th day of the New Year, depending on specific circumstances.

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The directions that should be released in the first 3 days of the New Year 2020 are the best in the Year of the Tiger

Horoscope of the year of the Tiger in 2021 – Male network 1962 and Departure direction in 2021

9. Age of house breaking:

At the beginning of the year, the owner of the year of the Tiger should invite homeowners born in the years of the Horse, Canh Ty, Tan Ox, and Dinh Tí to come and break into the house at the beginning of the year so that everything in 2021 will be favorable, have a lot of luck, full of fortune. home, the whole year business prospered smoothly

Hopefully, the above information will help you make the most and most reasonable plans for this 2021. To have the most prosperous and happy year.

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