I. Overview of the horoscope of the year of the Dragon in 2021 female network

The Horoscope of the Year of the Dragon 2021 shows that this year you will have a lot of luck. A favorable year in terms of work and money. Especially in September, the extra money is saved.

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Brilliant Thai Yin

September money left over to eat

October, eleventh deadline

Avoid those two months to heal yourself

This year, female network Canh Thin 2000 is blessed by the divine blessing to turn bad things into good. With God’s blessing, at the beginning of the year you should take advantage of big things, at the end of the year, you should go to the West to celebrate, this year will be peaceful.

II. Interpretation of the horoscope of the Year of the Dragon 2021 in all aspects

The horoscope 2021 of the female network of the year of the Dragon has the following developments:

1. Work, career

This year your number is very lucky. Owners of money and property will be prosperous, especially in September.

Year of the year in the year of the year of the Dragon, your female life is blessed by the Thai Yin Star. Women will develop strong careers, fame and fortune

This year marks many changes for you. Entering adulthood, you need to practice assertiveness, your career will have a lot of luck.

2. Finance

September money false balance, favorable work and career development. This month, the owner of financial accumulation will have a good amount of savings

In the year of the Taiyin Star, you are likely to encounter obstacles in November. This month, the winter period is easy to make mental instability, unbalanced mood. You need to limit risky investments that are easy to waste money

3. Love, family religion

The female horoscope 2000 shows that you are a rather timid person. If you are single this year, you will not have much change in your love life, you should open your heart more and learn to accept the other person.

In the house, there will be family conflicts between parents, siblings that bother you. You should not be too stubborn and ask others to please, everything will be smooth and the spirit will be more comfortable

4. Health

The health of the 2000 Dragon Woman in 2021 is not bad. However, you need to pay attention to the spirit, especially in November of the year. You should cultivate your own mind, do more good deeds to keep your mind happy.

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III. See why the term of the year of the Dragon is female in 2021

1. Online mirroring

Female network Canh Thin 2000 in 2021 Thai Yin stars for destiny. This star often brings you harmony, joy, luck in money.

At the beginning of the year, you should go to the temple, pray for peace and pray to Buddha. Every month on the 26th day of the lunar calendar, you should light 7 bows to the West to perform the ceremony. Sincerity will help you get more blessings.

2. Age limit

Term: Tam Khen

It’s okay to have a slight limitation

At the beginning of the year, pay attention to the right limbs

Advise anyone to pray wholeheartedly,

Praying to the stars to release the term, escape the circle of calamity

You are prone to health problems, especially bone and joint disease. More attention should be paid to nutrition and exercise.

In addition to the Tam Kheo term, you should also pay attention to vehicles and speed when participating in traffic.

3. The Four Pillars

Thien Loi, Dia Loi: This year is lucky in money, Canh Thin female network 2000 works far away or develops jobs with a hundred success. Thien Loi and Dia Loi just do whatever they can, with the help of their people.

4. Fortune

In the year of the New Ox, the female network Canh Thin 2000 year of the Ox Long Nguyet: Everything is favorable, the exam or the work situation is lucky. Many things that happened last year were stalemate or not favorable this year.

5. Solve the term star

Cultivating yourself, cultivating knowledge and always having a good mind is the best way to neutralize the term stars.

To solve the problem of Tam Khen, you should focus on your diet, increase your intake of foods containing a lot of Calcium, good for bones and joints, and Vitamin A, good for vision.

In addition, you should pay attention to feng shui, wear silver or brown gray bracelets to reduce bad luck and increase luck.

IV. Feng shui year of the Dragon female network in 2021

1. Age appropriate color

In 2021, to prevent bad luck from wrapping your body, you should use a feng shui stone bracelet or wear a Buddha face. They have the effect of improving luck for the owner, thereby increasing luck in work and daily life.

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The face of Buddha Manjushri Bodhisattva will be a lucky charm, a guardian for you to promote your capacity, maintain your stance, persistently pursue your goals to succeed.

Wearing a yellow, brown, and white feng shui stone bracelet like tiger eye stone, yellow quartz, white quartz… will attract a lot of luck in money, health and happiness to you.

2. Departure direction

3. Age of breaking into the house

At the beginning of the year, the owner of the Year of the Dragon should invite homeowners born in the years of the Year of the Monkey, the Pig, and the Rat to break into the house at the beginning of the year so that everything in 2021 will be favorable, have a lot of luck and fortune. business prospered.

IV. Interpretation of the horoscopes of the Year of the Dragon in the year of the Dragon 2021 for the female network

1. Bow of fortune

Stars: Phuc Duc, Guo Xiu, Dia Vong, Kinh Duong, Tu

This set of stars is about your feelings and family members having a bit of trouble hesitate. Your health is not good

2. Conjunctive bow

Stars: Thien La Duong, Hy Than, Shao Yin, Triet, Tuan.

This set of stars signals that the family has a lot of good news, the business has some obstacles, but perseverance will reap achievements.

3. The dual sign

Stars: Loc Ton, Giai Than, Phuong Cac, Bach Ho, De Vuong, Doctor.

This set of stars means about movement. This year, you can easily change your place of residence, where you are often attached or have a home remodel.

4. Zodiac sign

Stars: Thien Hy, Long Duc, Truc Phu, Lam Quan, Da La

The owner returned home with the support of the nobles, so the business was favorable, the good news came

BECAUSE. Horoscope developments of the year of the Dragon in 2021 by month of the year

1. Spring

January: At the beginning of the new year, reunite with family. This month everything is smooth, not much has changed.

You should see the departure date at the beginning of the year for convenient traffic

February: This month you need to focus on your friendships, which are likely to bring misfortune. More attention should be paid to speech.

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March: Money is there, but it needs to be spent a lot on necessary things. You also need to pay more attention in eating

2. Summer

April: This month welcomes many good news. Study and exam work are favorable. However, you should avoid going to places with waterfalls, rivers and streams.

May: This month you have a lot of luck, have a wedding or work has made great progress.

June: During the month you need to pay attention to the feelings of family members.

3. Autumn

July: This month is supported by you, fortune brings, everything is favorable, but you should not invest much or change jobs.

August: During the year, August is easy for people to talk bad about behind your back. Need to prevent petty people from making up stories to cause discord

September: This month you have a lot of money, but you also spend a lot, so you should accumulate and spend wisely

4. Winter

October: This month family and relationships are prone to problems, need to be calm and pay attention to words

November: This month you should pay attention to illness and sadness in the family.

December: In your home, there is a renovation, welcoming a lot of fortune, but the spirit has many things to think about.

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VII. Some reference information

1. Pham Thai Tu?

In the year of 2021, Canh Thin, a female cybercriminal violated the term Thai Tue – Breaking Thai Tue

2. Pham three ears not?

In the year of 2021, the female network of Canh Thin does not violate the term Tam Tai

3. Pham Kim long?

In 2021, the female Canh Thin female network does not violate the term Kim Lau

4. Pham wild snail?

In 2021, the age of the Dragon female network does not violate the age limit of Hoang Oc

See the horoscope of the Dragon year 2021 – Female network 2000 has sent readers an overview of the program of the Dragon 2000 this year. The above reference information is evaluated objectively, hopefully readers will apply positive things in life.

In the New Year of the Ox 2021, riclix.com would like to wish all readers a happy and prosperous new year, all things go well!