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Everyone’s life is arranged for the sake of fate, however, whoever it is wants to know how their life will turn out. All in all, we will be wondering what my birth year belongs to, which sign is in, which is compatible with what age par. Through the content of this article, fans, let’s find out what the people born in 1952 are and synthesize just enough horoscopes and feng shui elements that are superior to those born in the year 1952. People in the year of the Dragon.


2 2. What age or destiny is the year 1952? What is the destiny of 1952 3 3. what is the fate of the pigment and the number of the age of 1952?

1. What is the destiny of 1952, what age is it

?Notice the house for homeowners born in 1952

The male householder of the Year of the Dragon was born in 1952 and built a house in the West, Southwest, Northwest and Northeast directions. Those are the directions of the West, which will be extremely difficult for homeowners with the East.

5. What year is the year of making a house suitable for homeowners with the age of 1952

When looking at the age of building a house, homeowners born in the year of the Dragon in 1952 need to calculate so as not to commit five factors when building a house: Thai Tue, Tam Tai, Kim Lau, Hoang Oc, and Trach Age.

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Thai Tue: The folk concept that Thai Tue is the master star of a year, the first among the gods, makes the decision to act on the sand and evil of that year, so you should avoid offending Thai Tue, if you commit it, you will encounter bad things. People who have suffered from Thai Tue should pay close attention and it is best to avoid doing big things such as starting a business, building a house, marriage, family, business cooperation…and before doing anything, then It is also necessary to neutralize Thai Tue, avoid impatience leading to failure. Tam Tai: If you commit Tam Tai, the daily life environment will constantly have bad luck, business failure, job decline, and religious leaders. opaque.Kim Lau: If the homeowner’s age of housing violates the Kim Lau term, the family members will encounter disasters, work obstacles, and encounter many difficulties. It is the most important factor when looking at the age of a house because it is a specification that has been around for a long time. The Golden Age term is like a constant series, but people calculate it from many years, including: 1, 3, 5, 6 and 8. If the total age is added and subtracted 9, but the answer is the above series of numbers. then avoid standing up to worship the ground breaking ceremony.Royal House: Pham must limit Hoang Oc, the home of the host family will encounter many factors of physical health, destiny. Trach age: impact on destiny, life of his wife and children. The age considered to see the house is the mother’s age of the owner. Mother’s age = year of house construction – year of birth + 1.

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Thus, if people born in 1952 still want to avoid all three terms Tam Tai, Hoang Oc, and Kim Lau, they should choose to start construction in the year: 2018 (Mau Tuat), 2019 (Ky Hoi), 2021 (Tan Ox). ), 2027 (Dinh Mui), 2028 (Mau Than), 2030 (Canh Tuat), 2037 (Dinh Ty), 2039 (Ky Mui), 2045 (At Ox).

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