TPO – In the year of the New Ox, the Rooster year encounters favorable weather conditions, harmony, career advancement like a storm, love blooms, and welcomes a lot of good news.

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Overview of the Rooster horoscope in 2021

Horoscope 2021 shows that, in the year of the New Ox, the year of the Rooster has good luck, welcomes a lot of good sand, and even makes a breakthrough in many aspects.

It can be said that, in the year of the New Year of the Ox, the person will meet “Heavenly Time – Earth Benefit – Human Harmony”, when he has a prosperous and prosperous people, his striving is extremely strong. Profit, business or investment can win big.

Despite facing many challenges and difficulties, after all, career advancement is like a storm. At the same time, there are many promotion opportunities, good for both public and private employees.

In addition, the horoscope for the year of the Rooster 2021 also promotes predestined relationships, helping the family become more peaceful and loving. Singles soon settle down, couples receive good news about children.


In the year of the New Year of the Ox, the career of the Rooster people seems to be “uncovered from the clouds” but brilliantly successful, all great and small plans reap good results.

The candidates promote their natural talents, constantly strive to strive, and have strong ambitions for advancement. Accordingly, work efficiency increases, excellently completing assigned tasks, opening up many opportunities for promotion.

Even though there are times when there are objective difficulties from the market or the harassment of small people, the Rooster is still steadfast in his goals, alertly improvising, and obtaining convincing results.

In the prosperous New Year of the Ox, representing powerful people and helping elders, the path of advancement of the Rooster year is wide open.

Despite facing many challenges and difficulties, after all, the number one still stands on the top of glory.

But remember, success is not an overnight thing, it is an accumulation and long-term effort. So, never stop trying. When you have touched the glory, do not “sleep”, lest the short-term joy does not last long, self-defeating.


The age of the Rooster is inherently prosperous, very predestined with business, trade, material life is generally quite affluent, all money is available, not too tight in spending.

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In 2021, luck will increase strongly, so it will be much more prosperous than before.

Both Chinh Tai and Thu Tai prospered. Both primary and secondary income sources increased. That means, whether you are a salaried person or a self-employed person, an owner, an investor, etc., you can achieve your financial goals.

Accordingly, the way to make money and get rich is no longer as difficult as before. On the contrary, many new opportunities appear, it is important that the Rooster actively seizes and makes constant efforts.


The Rooster 2021 horoscope shows that there is much joy for the love story of the Rooster in 2021. In general, the family is peaceful, with little to argue or worry about. Or if a conflict occurs, the two sides also quickly reconcile, the family is warm inside and out.

Single people, even though they don’t have stars, have a harmonious predestined relationship, providing many opportunities to meet and meet the right people, and soon find the right person to live in peace.

Couples who are longing and waiting for good news about their children will be satisfied in the New Year of the Ox. The trust is very clear, pregnant women may have to touch the cutlery. If you intend to have a baby in 2021, you should be prepared both physically and physically so that the baby is born in the best circumstances.


The already good health of the Rooster is now more auspicious. While the few are sick, there are illnesses that doctors see doctors that heal quickly.

Especially for women born in the year of the Rooster, their health is improved, making it easier for them to get pregnant and give birth to children.

However, the number of people must not be negligent, lest they have an unexpected accident, a collision with a vehicle, a slight bleed, and injury to their limbs. Pregnant women need even more attention.

Detailed horoscopes in 2021 for each year of the Rooster

Horoscope of the age of the Rooster – Born in 1945 – Tuyen Trung Thuy

Good health, nothing to worry about. If the illness is also just a speaker, see a doctor to see a doctor to quickly heal. The number of participants is quite full of physical strength, freely doing what they want.

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Good fortune, improved pension, extra income or extra support from children. Relationships are stable thanks to good predestined relationships, a warm family religion, and obedient children and grandchildren are great spiritual joys for this zodiac sign.

However, whatever you do, you must be proactive and think more positively to succeed.

Horoscope of the age of the Rooster – Born in 1957 – Son Ha Hoa

In the year of the New Ox, people born in the year of the Rooster Dinh Dau were born in 1957, their fortunes had many positive changes.

The participants are supported by the nobles, so they can find potential cooperation projects, like-minded partners, and successful careers. But in success, luck is only a part, still mainly depends on your own ability.

As long as you take the initiative to take the opportunity for yourself, the day of change is not far away. Furthermore, being proactive helps You can reduce a lot of pressure, big and small.

The horoscope Dinh Dau 2021 has many positive changes in all aspects of life. If you are more proactive, better opportunities await ahead.

Horoscope of the Year of the Rooster – Born in 1969 – Dai Trach Tho

Entering the year 2021, bringing people of the year of the Rooster a year that promises a lot of success.

The work feels more convenient than before, there is more space for development and career advancement.

Wealth is also expanding thanks to the profits earned from cooperation projects. The luck of the people in the year is quite prosperous, the year of the Rooster boldly plots great things, will be supported both mentally and financially.

Moreover, the predestined in the year is quite good, the destiny is also able to meet friends with great help for the career.

The Rooster horoscope 2021 promises a lot of success in work and luck in money, it is worth the wait.

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Horoscope of the New Year of the Rooster – Born in 1981 – Thach Luu Moc

The situation of Semi-Hop into Kim Cuc brought many positive improvements in the career of the Tan Dau born in 1981. The project cooperated smoothly, with mutual support from friends and family.

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Finances in the year are also improved, gas sand brings many benefits as well as investment and business cooperation opportunities for you.

In addition, the New Year of the Rooster in 2021 still needs a certain initiative, positivity, to strive for breakthroughs in his career or the plans he is pursuing.

The horoscope of the New Year of the Rooster 2021 has the support of precious people, the support of friends and relatives, the stronger the career development, the stronger the financial stability.

Horoscope of the Year of the Rooster – Born in 1993 – Sword Phong Kim

People born in the year of the Rooster herald a year of many innovations and development opportunities waiting for them.

The career has many opportunities for advancement, which is beneficial to the items, cooperation projects, the counsel is guided and supported by you, so it is easier to succeed.

At the same time, in 2021, destiny has many opportunities to relieve mental pressure such as traveling, participating in entertainment or culinary activities…

The Rooster horoscope 2021 has many innovations, many development opportunities are waiting, it is worth waiting and experiencing interesting things.

Horoscope of the age of the Rooster – Born in 2005 – Tuyen Trung Thuy

The candidates have the opportunity to improve their academic performance and take exams smoothly in 2021. Some even achieve enough to study further and win scholarships.

A better year’s predestined fate helps me make many friends, quickly get used to and adapt to the new learning environment, and is wholeheartedly supported by teachers and friends.

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