The Virgo zodiac sign in 2021 predicts that the coming new year is a year where good and bad are intertwined for the lady of the year of the Dragon. Because of average business, bad finances, poor health and poor diplomacy. The new year, the owner of a year with many troubles and disputes with the lady of the year of the Dragon. Want to neutralize – overcome the bad limit in the next year, the lady aged 1976 can refer to a few suggestions of feng shui expert Duy Linh in the content of the horoscope 2021 year old female network below.

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Lunar age: 46 years old – Mang Duong Nu

Destiny: Tho (Sa Trung Tho)

Constellation of the Snake – the sign of the Owl

This commentary only applies to women, if you are a male born in 1976, please see Horoscope for the year 2021 male network.

I. See the horoscope for female zodiac signs in 2021

– Judging by the five elements of the destiny: People with the Earth par with the year of Earth are well supported – signaling a stable year with many advantages and few changes.

– Zodiac sign of the year of the zodiac in 2021 – Hung Tinh Ke Do: The owner of life has many troubles and prevents accidents in the coming year.

– The zodiac sign of the year of the zodiac in 2021 is Thien Tinh: a sign of having to watch out for disputes, troubles and accidents.

– Judging by Thien can: People who can Binh meet the year of Tan are supported, the owner of the new year has a lot of luck.

– Judging from the Dia Chi: People of the Dragon family meet in the year of the Ox, the year of the Rooster, and the lady born in 1976 next year has to be on the lookout for the bad news, the family religion has a sad story to bring.

– See the female horoscope 1976 in 2021 to determine the direction of the Good Departure on the 1st of the Lunar New Year 2021: On the 1st of the Lunar New Year, you should depart to Chinh Dong to welcome the Tai God. Head to the southwest to pick up Hy Than from 3am to 7am (local time).

II. Overview of horoscopes of the year of the zodiac in 2021 for female users

Predict the changes corresponding to each important aspect of the Dragon lady in 2021 as follows:

1. In terms of love and family in 2021

– Married: For married ladies, the relationship between husband and wife this year is very good, always warm together early in the evening. The family also has more good news to bring.

– Unmarried or divorced: If the lady of the year of the Dragon is single, the love relationship of the year 1976 in 2021 is relatively good, this year is also a good time to get married or find a soul mate like idea.

2. In terms of Health in 2021

The female zodiac horoscope in 2021 signals that the health of the lady this year will have many changes, the owner of the illness – the disease will take a long time to heal. Pay attention to prevent diseases related to poor blood circulation. In daily life, you should have a reasonable rest regime, avoid thinking too much, which can easily lead to illness.

3. In terms of business – mid-year work in 2021

The job is average but this year does not see a good opportunity. Therefore, ladies should not change jobs but should stay the same, business should not expand. For those who are active in career companies, this year’s promotion route is at an average level mainly from the effort that should be. This year’s lady’s diplomatic work is not good because going out has many disadvantages, so it also more or less affects the business of the lady of the year of the Dragon.

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4. Horoscope for female zodiac in 2021 in terms of fortune and money

Entering the new year, the financial luck is average, even though you can make a lot of money, you also have to spend a lot on business or family life. Therefore, the amount accumulated or left out this year is not much.

5. In terms of color, the lady was born in 1976

Arguing according to the five elements of the destiny and the five elements of the year, in 2021, the lady of the year of the Dragon should use white to strengthen and money for herself. Limit the use of blue master on business is hindered. Therefore, ladies when choosing costumes, feng shui items, etc., ladies aged 1976 should choose white, limit blue.

General horoscopes of the year of the zodiac in 2021 for women in all aspects of life: In 2021, in all respects, the lady of the year of the Dragon is not favorable. Only the financial aspect is favorable, if you have a reasonable spending plan, you will be able to keep more.

III – Essay on the fate of the year of the zodiac in 2021 for women

1 – See the horoscopes of the year of the Dragon female in the year of the New Year of the Ox

Zodiac sign of the year of the zodiac in 2021 female: Ke Do (Tu Tinh)

It’s so long and crowded

Farewell, I don’t want to see you

March-September storm

Pain in the ears, pain in the brain and pain in the body

Translation: Hung Tinh Ke Do belongs to the Earth Lord in terms of money, hardship, illness or accident. Watch out for stories of discord, sadness or unhappiness, there’s unlucky things in the house. The most taboo in the 3rd and 9th lunar month. However, when women meet the Ke Do drought and become pregnant, they are extremely lucky, the luck also affects the husband, and gives birth peacefully.

Lunar year of the year 2021: Thien Tinh (Bad)

Celestial is the average term

It’s not good to bring a sudden word of tolerance

Sky Star is not good

Going out and suffering from the stomach ache

Translation: Looking at the horoscope of the year of the female zodiac in 2021, the lady who has a drought, must pay attention to eating and drinking, to prevent poisoning, when going out, pay attention to her hands, feet and words. Pregnant women should prevent falls, if they are sick, they will quickly recover from being sick.

2 – Year of the Year of the Dragon Woman in 2021

This year, the lady with bad luck is Cuong Phong (Explanation: Dog is poisoned by wind): In 2021, the lady of the year of the Dragon will have many unlucky things, poor health, and not good fortune. Therefore, if you want to succeed, you must patiently wait for the opportunity to turn defeat into victory, business should stay the same and stay away from red-black games. Meet good friends, but beware of suspicions and quarrels.

3 – Discussing the horoscopes of the year 2021

In 2021, the set of fixed stars corresponding to the female horoscope 1976 in 2021 will have certain changes, thereby directly affecting the lady’s luck in the coming year:

– The zodiac has fixed stars: Triet, Thieu Am, Tuan, Hy Than, Thien La Duong – in your family welcome more good news. However, business is not good.

– The opposite sign has fixed stars: Suy, Tuyet, Kinh Duong, Phuc Duc, Dia Vong, Qua Tu – the owner of the house has a lack of air-conditioning, when going out, the lady also encounters many problems.

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– The second sign has fixed stars: Bach Ho, Thien Quang, De Vuong, Phuong Cac, Doctor, Giai Than, Loc Ton – signaling that 2021 will have a lot of good news about changes in accommodation or houses. improvement.

– The triad in the chart has stars: Truc Phu, Long Duc, Tu, Thien Hy, Lam Quan, Da La – this year there is a lot of good news to bring to the lady of the year of the Dragon, go out to meet your loved ones for help. help.

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Conclusion: Due to the influence of the not-so-good set of stars, the female zodiac sign of the year of the zodiac in 2021 is not favorable for all business, the work of the lady of the year of the Dragon is not favorable, and business is difficult. Poor health, prevention of diseases caused by poor blood circulation. In the New Year of the Ox, women and their relatives receive good news about good faith or marriage.

IV – Guide to solving bad luck

1. For the ruling star Ke Do (Tu Tinh)

If you want to solve the murderous spirit of the evil Ke Do and increase your luck, at the beginning of the year, you should pray for peace or retire every month or in the 1st, 3rd and 9th lunar months, prepare 21 lights to bow to the West. ceremony at 21 – 23 o’clock on the 18th day of the lunar calendar.

– The golden paper tablet says “Thien Vi Cung Phan Ke Do Tinh Quan”.

– Pray “require Thien Dinh Bao, the Great Holy Spirit, and the King of the Kings of Money”.

Ke – Do Tam Cuu Bi

These ten – eight days, the yellow flag is drawn

Huh – two bright lights

Right West is the direction, bowing to the sun

In the horoscope, the zodiac sign of the year of the zodiac in 2021 is female, you can also use white feng shui items and jewelry belonging to the Kim element to save money when giving the star Ke Do such as: white gems, white gold , silver, white hair quartz, … Or you can consider using ⭐ Sim feng shui age in daily communication so that all aspects from work, love, fortune … increase luck and convenience. .

2. For the term Celestial in the female horoscope 1976 in 2021

In order to limit the negative influence of the term Thien Tinh, before doing anything, the lady of the year of the Dragon should also consult everyone, ask everyone around for advice. Only in this way, we hope to limit contests and disputes. This year, everything must be guarded against the truth, who speak ill of people.

3. For the bad luck and fortune in 2021

– For bad luck, this year, in order to do anything, ladies must be patient and patiently wait for the opportunity, absolutely do not participate in games of chance. Along with that is maintaining good health.

– According to the female zodiac horoscope in 2021, the bad zodiac star set affects the lady’s family love the most. Therefore, in order to limit the evil, you should spend more time with your family and husband and children in the coming year.

V – The year of the year 2021 female horoscopes

Feng shui expert Duy Linh has a detailed prediction of fate for each month in 2021 as follows:

– Horoscope for January 2021 female of the year of the Dragon: In the early spring of the new year, after finishing the business of the lady of the year of the Dragon, she encountered many disadvantages and obstacles. Therefore, this month you should not invest a lot of money in business, business or business.

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– Horoscope for female birth year 2021 of February: Ladies born in 1976 must be on the lookout for vandals that cause damage in business, worry and think a lot. Beware of worries and worries that give rise to diseases and illnesses that adversely affect health.

– March 2021 zodiac prediction: Your finances are not favorable this month, there are signs of spending a lot on work or life. In terms of health, women should be careful to avoid stabbing knives.

– Horoscope April 2021: In April, everything is average, family feelings are stable, business is relatively stable. nothing good. Therefore, the financial and diplomatic aspects of the lady have not changed much.

– See the female horoscope for the age of 1976 in May 2021: Thanks to the blessings of the ancestors, this month, the lady of the year of the Dragon meets the sand, everything is smooth and there is nothing to worry about. You can take advantage of the opportunity to develop your career or expand your business.

Horoscope for June 2021 of the year of the dragon: In this June, the lady of the year of the Dragon must pay special attention to her health, to prevent headaches or poor blood circulation that is easy to get sick. It is best to have a plan for medical examination and scientific activities.

Horoscope for July 2021, female year old 1976: Lady born in 1976 is helped in business by noble people. However, women should pay attention not to invest a lot of money in business, be careful not to recover money or face difficulties.

– Horoscope for August 2021, the year of the female zodiac sign: The business of the lady of the year of the Dragon this month also has a few changes, but it does not bring luck, money or fame to the lady. Therefore, you must be very careful.

– See the horoscope 1976 in 2021 female network in September: You must pay attention to finances, should have a plan to spend and store money appropriately, to avoid wasting or loss. Your health is relatively good, if you are sick, you will recover quickly.

– Horoscope for female zodiac in October 2021: This month, ladies born in 1976 have to be on guard against sad things in the house. Pay attention to wealth, money, and carefully store it, in case it is lost or wasted. Your business has not changed.

– Horoscope of the month of November 2021 female: In the family, relatives receive a lot of good news, good news or good omens, the owner returns more people – more property. Like adding blessings – adding fortune to the house, good family feelings and happy spirit.

– Horoscope for female zodiac in December 2021: In December, the lady of the year of the Dragon will have fortune brought by others, so that the financial path is favorable and successful. However, you must pay attention to your own health, not because of workaholics that damage your health.

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⇒ Summary: The horoscope for the year 2021 of the zodiac sign shows that next year is an average year for the lady of the year of the Dragon. Instead of expanding your business or changing jobs in the next year, women born in 1976 should spend more time with their family and husband and children, in order to improve family relationships. Our horoscope predictions are for reference only, please share the content of the 2021 horoscope interpretation with your loved ones. Wishing the lady of the year of the Dragon a year of ten thousand peace and prosperity.