I. Overview of the horoscope of the Year of the Snake 2021 male network

This year, the horoscope of the male network of the Year of the Rat 1965 is somewhat arduous, everything is not going as smoothly as expected. But fortunately, I still have the support of relatives, friends, and nobles, so everything is still resolved smoothly.

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If the gentleman gives the year to grasp the opportunity, he can reduce the bad luck. At the end of the year, the yoke decreased, and the destiny had some achievements.

II. Interpretation of the horoscope 2021 of the year of the Rat in all aspects

1. Work, career

Having a lucky year, the man born in the Year of the Snake this year should do everything carefully, slowly but surely, to avoid haste, leading to wrong decisions.

Fortunately, there is a solar star, so everything will go smoothly in the future. If you try, you will still achieve the expected success.

2. Finance

In 2021, your fortune is stable, so you can increase your income. However, spending should not be wasteful, if there is a consideration, a savings will be saved.

3. Love, family religion

Family life this year has not changed, everything is harmonious, stable, loving family stick together. Children are filial, pass high, achieve success, fame.

4. Health

Your health this year is somewhat declining, prone to headaches, fatigue. At this age, male network At Ty should pay attention to maintain his health, avoid stress, fatigue, overwork.

III. See the term of the Year of the Snake in 2021

1. Online mirroring

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You are ruled by Mercury this year

Mercury (Mercury of Prosperity) is good, but also horoscopes for April and August. The people who are ruled by Mercury in the sky are lucky and have sand, the fortunes of the year are sometimes difficult but there will also be favorable times, achieving the expected success.

2. Age limit

Drought Thien Tinh – Health declines, eating to prevent poisoning, going out to party should limit the use of stimulants and alcohol.

3. Solve the term star

Solving the bad luck is a method of reducing bad luck and banishing bad luck for the homeowner. The meaning of the term release forms is essentially to bring faith in luck to everyone, when we have a more positive and optimistic view of life, we will have the strength to achieve our goals. me.

Therefore, to reduce bad luck, the first thing you need to do is to improve yourself, mentally, lifestyle, exercise, .. to have a good physical strength, a clear mind. Please do many good things to help yourself and those around you. If possible, they should participate in charity programs and support people in difficult circumstances.

IV. Feng shui horoscope year of the Year of the Snake 2021 male network

Applying feng shui elements to your life also gives you confidence in luck and positive things. First, readers need to determine the age of 1965?

1. Age appropriate color

In 2021, to prevent bad luck from wrapping your body, you should use a feng shui stone bracelet or wear a Buddha face. They have the effect of improving luck for the owner, thereby increasing luck in work and daily life.

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The face of Buddha, Universal Life Bodhisattva, will be a lucky charm, a guardian for you to promote your own capacity, maintain your stance, and persistently pursue your goals to succeed.

Wearing green, red, pink, purple, orange feng shui stone bracelets… will attract a lot of luck in money, health and happiness to you.

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2. Departure direction

Good departure direction for Tet 2021 (Calendar 2021) for the male At Ty:

3. Age of breaking into the house

At the beginning of the year, the owner of the Year of the Rat male network should invite homeowners born in the years of Mau Than 1968, At Hoi 1995, Canh Ty 1960 to storm the house at the beginning of the year so that everything in 2021 will be favorable, have a lot of luck, full of fortune. home, the whole year business prospered smoothly.

V. Horoscope evolution of the year of the Rat 2021 by month of the year

January: Stable job, destiny to spend more time with family and relatives.

February: Money has a loss, because work generates many expenses.

March: There is a change in work, and there are helpful people to help, so everything is quite convenient.

April: Family has good news, but in work, you should not invest a lot of money during this time.

May: Should spend more time with the family, cultivate the relationship between husband and wife.

June: Business has problems with administrative documents, when you go out, you need to bring the necessary documents.

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July: Work progressed normally, but health somewhat declined.

August: Family has more good news, more people, more wealth, but money is wasted.

September: Work this month will face some difficulties, but relatives will help.

October: Departing for long distance travel needs to pay attention to their own safety, fortunately under the protection of the ancestors, they encounter a situation of aggression.

November: The destiny of this month has many party invitations, but it is necessary to pay attention to health.

December: Family religion lacks harmony, family members are easy disagreement occurred.

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See the Year of the Rat year horoscope 2021 – Male 1965 has sent readers an overview of the year of the Snake year 1965 this year. The above reference information is evaluated objectively, hopefully readers will apply positive things in life.

In the New Year of the Ox 2021, riclix.com would like to wish all readers a happy and prosperous new year, all things go well!