See the horoscope 2021 for the year of the New Ox for the 12 zodiac signs to help you capture good and bad luck, career success, business fortune, family love, good directions, lucky colors to welcome good and avoid evil. , deducting the term of the year.

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Overview of horoscope 2021 in the year of the New Ox

The year of the New Ox 2021 is the year of the Buffalo (Golden Buffalo – Lo Do Chi Nguu), belonging to the Earth element. Ranked 2nd in the ranking of 12 zodiac animals. The year of the New Ox is predicted to be a good year of good fortune for all ages.

Destiny: Bich Thuong Tho (Land on the Wall)

Buffalo Bones – Orangutan Crystal Hero

Ox (buffalo) symbolizes diligence, industriousness and hard work, is a reliable animal. Viewing the detailed horoscope 2021 for the year of the New Ox for each of the 12 years of the zodiac will bring information to readers about:

Interpretation of destiny, horoscopes of age in 2021 based on the following aspects: Love Duyen – Cong Danh – Career – Gia Dao horoscope, thai horoscope, horoscope calendar, first hexagram.

To receive a detailed explanation on the aspects of Love – Cong Danh – Career – Gia Dao… We invite you to read the detailed 2021 horoscope table for the 12 zodiac animals according to individual men and women online below:

Table of Contents Horoscope 2021 New Year of the Ox

1. The basis for viewing the horoscope 2021 in the year of the New Ox

2. Meaning of horoscope 2021 of 12 zodiac signs

3. See the stars for the 12 zodiac signs in 2021

4. See the age limit for the 12 zodiac animals in 2021

Horoscope 2021 New Year of the Ox Year of birth Men’s and women’s lives 1952 Nham Thin – Male’s Dragon – Female’s network 1953 Quy Ty – Male network Quy Ty – Female network 1954 Giap Ngo – Male network Giap Ngo – Female network 1955 At Mui – Male network At Mui – Female network 1956 Binh Than – Male network Binh Than – Female network 1957 Dinh Dau – Male network Dinh Dau – Female network 1958 Mau Tuat – Male network Mau Tuat – Female network 1959 Ky Hoi – Male network Ky Hoi – Female network 1960 Canh Ty – Male network Canh Ty – Female network 1961 Tan Suu – Male network Tan Suu – Female network 1962 Nham Dan – Male network Nham Dan – Female network 1963 Quarter Rabbit – Male network Quy Mao – Female network 1964 Giap Thin – Male network Giap Thin – Female network 1965 At Ty – Male network At Ty – Female network 1966 Binh Ngo – Male network Binh Ngo – Female network 1967 Dinh Mui – Male network Dinh Mui – Female network 1968 Mau Than – Male network Mau Than – Female network 1969 Ky Dau – Male network Ky Dau – Female network 1970 Canh Tuat – Male network Canh Tuat – Female network 1971 Tan Hoi – Male network Tan Hoi – Female network 1972 Nham Ty – Male network Nham Ty – Female network g 1973 Quy Suu – Male network Quy Suu – Female network 1974 Giap Dan – Male network Giap Dan – Female network 1975 At Mao – Male network At Mao – Female network 1976 Binh Thin – Male network Binh Thin – Female network 1977 Dinh Ty – Male Network Dinh Ty – Female network 1978 Mau Ngo – Male network Mau Ngo – Female network 1979 Ky Goi – Male network Ky Mui – Female network 1980 Canh Than – Male network Canh Than – Female network 1981 Tan Dau – Male network Tan Dau – Female network 1982 Nham Tuat – Male network Nham Tuat – Female network 1983 Quy Hoi – Male network Quy Hoi – Female network 1984 Giap Ty – Male network Giap Ty – Female network 1985 At Suu – Male network At Suu – Female network 1986 Binh Dan – Male network Scorpio – Female network 1987 Dinh Mao – Male network Dinh Mao – Female network 1988 Mau Thin – Male network Mau Thin – Female network 1989 Ky Ty – Male network Ky Ty – Female network 1990 Canh Ngo – Male network Canh Ngo – Female network 1991 Tan Mui – Male network Tan Mui – Female network 1992 Nham Than – Male network Nham Than – Female network 1993 Quy Dau – Male network Quy Dau – Female network 1994 Giap Tuat – Male network Giap Tuat – Female network 1995 At Hoi – Male network At Pig – Female Network 1996 Binh Ty – Male network Binh Ty – Female network 1997 Dinh Suu – Male network Dinh Suu – Female network 1998 Mau Dan – Male network Mau Dan – Female network 1999 Ky Mao – Male network Ky Mao – Female network 2000 Canh Thin – Male network Canh Thin – Female network

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1. Base for viewing horoscopes for 2021 in the year of the New Ox

Horoscope 2021 for the year of the New Ox is for 12 animals: Rat, Ox, Dan, Mao, Thin, Snake, Horse, Mui, Body, Rooster, Tuat, Pig. Interpretation of horoscopes is based on the following bases:

– Ancient horoscope 2021: The meaning of horoscope stars appears on your dual, trio, conjunctive, minor luck this year.

– Thai horoscope 2021: The meaning of the shift of the eternal nine-star system to the age of the male and female zodiac.

– Lifetime horoscope: Based on the content of horoscope interpretation for the life of men and women in the year of the New Ox.

– Horoscope 2021: Apply to see good days, beautiful hours, departure direction for 12 year old zodiac animals.

– Destiny star 2021: Each male and female age in the year of the New Ox will have a destiny star, which has its own good/bad meaning. The zodiac sign influences luck, fortune, opportunities, and changes in a person’s life.

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– Age limit according to 2021: Based on the heaven and earth chi to conclude which animal will face difficulties and challenges in the year of the New Ox.

2. The meaning of the horoscope 2021 of the 12 animals

– Predict future destiny, see horoscopes today, tomorrow, new week: The horoscope explanations in 2021 are information for readers to refer to, predict future opportunities and challenges of the future. me. Comment on the aspects of career, work, fortune, money, love, family religion, strength health, disease, ..

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– Activate good luck, reduce bad term: The bad luck of the year will be resolved in many ways if the reader understands the information about the term star, the zodiac sign, the celestial body, the age’s chi. Solving bad luck, activating fortune helps readers to be confident, strong, and achieve more success.

– See the horoscope in 2021, see the direction of departure, see the daily horoscope, see the weekly horoscope: Readers can find out more information about beautiful days, zodiac time, departure direction suitable for age in 2021 before carrying out major work. In addition, watching the weekly horoscope is also a method to grasp the future destiny.

3. See the zodiac stars for the 12 zodiac animals in 2021

In the Cuu Dieu Tinh Quan, there are 9 stars of destiny: Thai Duong, Thai Am, Thai Bach, Van Hon, Moc Duc, Tho Tu, Thuy Dieu, La Hau, and Ke Do. The 9 zodiac stars corresponding to the 9 stars of the earth are: Sun, Moon, Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Nam Cao, North Star, alternately rotate in turn. .

Fate, destiny, horoscope 2021 of an age will be influenced by a falling star. To know the details of your age in this year 2021, please learn more here.

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4. See the age limit for 12 animals in 2021

Horoscope 2021 shows the destiny of the 12 animals in the year of the New Ox as follows:

– The Three Ears: Year of the Snake, Rooster, Ox

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– Golden Age: Tan Ty, Quy Mui, Mau Dan, Binh Ty, Dinh Mao, Giap Tuat, Canh Than, Quy Hoi, ..