We often hear a lot about the word passion but not everyone knows what it is? How can it be recognized? Does passion bring success and wealth? … Let’s find out with Vieclam123 “What is the perfect answer to passion?” to answer all the questions above!

1. What is the concept of passion

?Each person will have a different concept of passion. In the most simple way, that is the passion, the desire to pursue to the same field. It is the motivation for you to give your best and make full use of your strengths and forte to devote to that field.

Many people confuse passion with infatuation. Passion is taking action, being able to sacrifice a lot of things for the field you are pursuing. Infatuation also originates from love but is more about enjoyment and rest. Both of these states bring you joy, however, passion does not produce results, while passion will make you strong and able to succeed quickly.

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The word passion consists of 5 letters: D, A, M, M, E. Each letter has its own meaning, expressed in English. Let’s go with me to analyze the hidden meanings in each of these characters!

D: comes from the word Definite which means to determine

A: comes from the word Advance which means to give

M: comes from Must do it which means to act

M: comes from more learning which means to learn more

E: comes from the word Enthuse which means infatuation.

The journey to success includes identifying your strengths, making decisions about your own passion, directly shaking hands and taking action, and constantly learning with passion. When pursuing it to the end, you will surely reap a lot of sweet fruits from that constant effort.

2. How to find and identify passion

?You will not be able to find passion if you just stand still, refuse to “move”, refuse to “sacrifice”. It only begins when you embark on a task and use all your abilities to complete it. In the process of working, if the job really suits your forte, you feel happy every time you do it, even though it takes a lot of sacrifice and effort. Then it means that you have found your passion, found a “reason” for your life.

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A lot of people go around in a vicious circle in search of their passion. Take a good look at yourself, what are your real strengths? Find a job that makes the most of your strengths and put all your heart into it. Surely then, the fire in you will burn, you will realize what you need, what kind of person you want to be?

Do you have a talent for pedagogy? Go find some classes! Put all your heart into preparing lesson plans, planning lessons, and using all your “fire” to impart knowledge to students. After a while, when the work begins to stabilize, you will find that the work is as necessary to you as flesh and blood, like breathing. At that time, you have already found and identified your passion!

3. Does passion bring success

?This is a difficult question to have an absolute answer. But one thing is for sure, when you have passion, your path to success will be much shorter. Nowadays, young people often pass on the familiar slogan “follow your passion, success will follow you”. This statement is true, but only in some respects. Let’s analyze it in detail to explain the relationship between these two things!

In reality, there is a lot of pressure for food, money, and so many people have to temporarily put their passion behind to make a living. One has to live first, then one can pursue one’s passion. When there are only two empty hands, what will you get for the days of pursuing it? Life is not always a smooth, red carpet path for you to fulfill your wishes. Therefore, before thinking about the above slogan, you need to define your thoughts clearly: the path from passion to success is not short. There will be a lot of sweat, tears, efforts and risks waiting for you ahead.

So how can passion bring you success? Finding it is difficult, but the way for you to succeed from your own passion is not easy. You need to have the standard to know how to plan and prepare the way on the journey to conquer your path. There is not only one passion, nor is there only one path to success. Life is diverse and always gives everyone equal opportunities. It is important that you yourself know how to seize opportunities, and know what you have yourself. When you “know you know me” your road to success will be much smoother.

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4. How to “keep the fire” of passion

?Before finding a way to “keep the fire”, you need to Do you know what your passion is?

Your life is only really fun and meaningful when you find a really suitable job. Of the time you have, the time spent at work accounts for the most. Therefore, when doing a job that you are not interested in, your whole day will go by almost without meaning, you can hardly find good ideas for work. Feeling depressed, but not daring to leave that job? That means you are holding yourself back from your abilities and passions. Finally, turning back and forth, you will fall into a vicious circle, melancholy and unable to find a way. So if the job doesn’t fit, don’t boldly change it. There are many job opportunities waiting for you ahead. Don’t hold back your passion for any reason.

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Many people have found their passion but are not brave enough to do it. You think that circumstances force you to go in a different direction, your parents force you to follow this industry, that industry, etc. It is you who decides your future. You can “pass across” some other professions and fields to gain more experience and have costs to cover the journey to fulfill your passion, but you do not have the courage to overcome all barriers. it’s your fault. By not accepting bets, you have thrown away the key to the door to success.

Someone once said: “The life of poverty is dirty. / Rice and clothes do not play with poets”. Life has a lot of things that make you worry, about food, money, children, … are things that make it difficult for you to let go to conquer your passion. So how can you balance passion and money? How do you keep the “fire” even though you’ve gone through a lot in life?

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First, you must constantly learn to reinforce your strengths. When you have knowledge, experience, passion, you will surely be able to conquer your ambitions and firmly hold the key to success.

Second, you need to clearly define your goals, and understand where your true passion is. Many young people follow the trend, when a certain profession is popular, they immediately think that it is their passion. After a while, you find it inappropriate, thinking that you have chosen the “wrong path”. Unclear thinking will waste you a lot of time. The fire of “passion” in this way will soon be extinguished, and you will find yourself struggling to find new paths without even knowing what you want. Build on your strengths and find your true passion. You need to know what you want, not follow the general trend.

The phenomenon of “both craving and boredom” is very common among young people. Of course, trying out in many different fields will give you a lot of experience. But be sure what you want to do? You will only be able to do a good job when you can really devote all your heart to it. When you have a soaring soul, good language skills, love freedom but choose an accounting job, what will be the result? By trying to follow the trend, are you wasting your time? Think seriously about your future directions and your true passion.

Third, to be able to “keep the fire” of your passion, you should learn from your predecessors to gain more experience. No one will succeed at first step. To make the filament, Edison had to try hundreds of materials? Sanders in his 70s can still be successful with the famous KFC fried chicken brand. Therefore, you need to be persistent and constantly make efforts, you will succeed if you still keep the “fire of passion” to the end.

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Hopefully with the article “What is the perfect answer to passion?” Vieclam123 can bring readers the most useful information.