In the 9th century, the world in a time of turmoil and turmoil caused the meeting of boys from different lands. Each boy with different talents and strengths, but all share the same dream of defeating Ohronch, the contemporary lord of the ancient dragons. Overcoming many difficulties and challenges, they finally found Ohiron’s hiding place, but unfortunately, they did not anticipate his strength, as a result, the whole team was seriously injured and lost all strength. Despite being heavily criticized, the boys still kept their faith in conquering their dreams. Once again they reunite at Kyoto Castle on their way to regain their lost strength to face Ohiron once more.

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More than 16 years of cultivation in Chu Ma Coc, re-exported with the sword and bow. The body is agile and the internal work is profound. Proficient in swordsmanship and archery, famous for his ability to shoot down two condors. The ability to show up and hide, come and go at any time without anyone knowing.

Coming from a mysterious village in Western Europe, at the age of 16, with a hammer in hand and a crossbow on his back, he set out to explore the world. God was born with divine power, incomparable courage. Symbol of courage and goodwill. An indispensable element when opening wars.

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Shadow Assassin with the advantage of agility, always hides in the dark, and specializes in using swords and darts to assassinate. Accumulating enough energy will finish off the enemy with a combination of sword and dart skills. In dangerous situations, there is the ability to create clones to distract the enemy. As the object everyone wants to make friends, you don’t want to be enemies.

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An avid follower of battles. Using dual blades and wands, mastering a variety of spells and skilled combat skills. Possessing a powerful wand that can petrify enemies, and summon a rain of meteors to attack on a large area. In addition to the ability to deal damage, this character class is also known for its ability to protect all teammates standing next to them by external attacks. An indispensable member of any team.